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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 12/3/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 12/3/19

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 12/3/19 Empty Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 12/3/19

Post by RamblerNash Wed Dec 04, 2019 10:25 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 12-3-19 Transcribed By WiserNow Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – It’s Tuesday Dec 3 and you’re listening to The Big Call -- We’re happy you could join us all over the globe - thanks for listening in everybody again - and I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and a mini holiday break – since we did not have a call last Thursday on thanksgiving we gave everybody a little time off – so here we are a week since our last call – Okay, let’s talk a little about where we are and where we’re going – We are really at a crossroads tonight with the information that we have had over the last 3-4 days – really – it just never stops – I mean somedays that they are just non stop on the phone with information and calls and some days it slows down a little bit – thanksgiving was a little slower but it picked up Friday and Saturday – Here’s the basic reason – what is going on – there are things called “event triggers” – and these are releases – these are things that have to happen and this started at midnight – I believe it was Friday night midnight and it was going to go all the way through today (tues) and is going all the way through today – 27 different factors – different items of protocol What’s interesting about it is – started out kinda slowly - got 1 here and 1 there and so on – we’re tracking these – to see how many were done – how many are left – and as of this afternoon (tues) we only had 2-3 left to go The theory is that once these triggers – these event triggers are complete – which we think will complete tonight - then we should be golden and we should be ready for our notifications – Our particular notification that you and I are looking for is a toll free number that I would receive by phone and then be able to put that out to everybody who registered on our website called The Big Universe.com and also for the community to get those out so that people can see it while their looking up other sites What’s interesting is I mentioned this I believe last Tuesday’s call - their intention – Wells Fargo is in charge of the email releases for Tier 4 – and we can call it Tier 4B that’s us – They have amassed over 400,000 emails that appear to be valid /active from the Treasury and probably a few of their other sources for people who have purchased currency – And they know basically who the Zim holders are unless they have been gifted – And what’s going to happen is 80-90 % of the people will get the toll free number by the Wells Fargo email I can’t tell you exactly when that’s coming out but I believe it could come out about the same time I get my toll free number - maybe it goes a little ahead of me – maybe it goes at the same time – It’s hard to say – and it really doesn’t matter to me which it is – My role in getting the number out is primarily for people who are Big Call listeners – and people that don’t have an email or have been gifted who are listening to the call and they just don’t have an email because they did not use one to purchase any currency because they were gifted the currency to begin with Now in those cases the email is not going to do them any good – What would help though if they are registered on our site and they get our email that’s going to go out – and also if they go to our website and see where the number is on the home page which is where we will put it – as soon as we get it – So – that’s going to carry a lot of people who are not listed already with an email address – So that is happening -- and the event triggers are taking place – and we think the final event triggers is going to be the release of the toll free numbers – and it may possibly be the release of the numbers and it may be the release of the emails with the number in them – Now, what I have understood was that the groups that are based out west – they are in the position now where they should have – they may not have completely but they should have liquidity - they should have been notified with their account information to at least be able to see their accounts – that’s about as close as we can tell right now = and they’re supposed to be able to access and have liquidity – I don’t know if it will be today or tomorrow (wed) but I feel good about that and everything we’re hearing through the redemption center staff is that they’re ready to go late tomorrow morning and quite possibly receive calls that we would generate from the toll free number to set up appointments very late morning around lunch time or beyond tomorrow (wed) – that is the latest information that has come in Now you know that what those on the Big Call can’t do is to guarantee it or call it – and I would be remiss if I tried to let you guys know that it’s absolute because even though when the question was pose “is there anything that could slow this down or stop this – the answer has been an emphatically “no” – this is it we’re going In other news – the trade deal with China – I believe is an accomplished fact – which could be announced as early as tomorrow (wed) and we have the USMCA trade deal between Mexico/Canada and the US – which my understanding that could be announced Thursday or Friday – So, we’ve got a very busy news week I think coming with those good things coming hopefully starting tomorrow (wed) and we also have good news regarding clean up taking place even as we speak - there’s still more clean up taking place and I don’t think it’s going to be over any time soon From a security point of view everything is lined up and ready for us - We know that the Army is basically calling the shots - we say the Pentagon but it’s basically the army calling the shots – We know that Pres Trump has been very busy flying hither and yon – not only a surprise visit to Afghanistan for Thanksgiving but a little side trip to Iraq and a few other places like that – And on his trip over to Great Britain I believe he was on the phone probably with China trying to put some last minute touches on the trade deal So we know that trade representative and Treasury representative have made their way into Reno to take care of last minute negotiations and sign offs over there and I think as a result things started to push through for us Now, as far as we’re not going to do rates - we’re not going to talk about that – we’re all fine – we’re all set in that regard – and I just have a feeling that we’re going to be moving through here and going ahead and setting our appointments up fairly soon I would say things could be happening from a notification point of view even tonight and overnight – Now I’m saying that primarily for emails - I don’t know that I’m going to get a call at 2 or 3 in the morning with a number – I don’t see it – but – could I get it in the morning ? – yea - I think so – could it be mid morning ? yea-

But, like I said guys this is what I’m hearing from several sources that are very positively pointing toward this type of time line – What’s really interesting is that we are down to just a couple of event triggers to go – and that’s it –
As far as we know there’s no receipts that have to be picked up anymore now – there’s nothing that has to be done except notified  by email or calling a few of us in the community wth the toll free number – then it’s all over – it’s all over
Now, what are we going to do on The Big Call? We’re going to meet – we’re going to have meetins of advisory groups – some leadership groups – I will be reporting to you with an email blast and possibly a podcast – along with that – that you can listen to – A Celebration Call --  that could happen – maybe Thursday night – if we have this – same time maybe a half hour call - 
And then as far as getting in touch with you after we meet and get these ideas formulated  and we’ll be in touch – In the mean time  you guys need to get ready
I would say guys we are really at the finish line – I believe we are there – I’m not going to call it as much as I would love to – but I’m going to say that everything is looking very very good –
We are getting this from a number of sources – so let’s go with this – let’s see what manifests - let’s be ready – and we’ll be in touch by email with a link for a podcast
Everyone have a wonderful night tonight – I’m excited - let’s have a week like we’ve never had before – Let’s all believe for the finality of this -- Good night

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