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Broad criticism facing the new Iraqi pension law DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Broad criticism facing the new Iraqi pension law

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Broad criticism facing the new Iraqi pension law Empty Broad criticism facing the new Iraqi pension law

Post by claud39 on Sun Nov 24, 2019 7:00 am

Broad criticism facing the new Iraqi pension law


Broad criticism facing the new Iraqi pension law 17980

Economy News _ Baghdad

The new pension law passed by the Iraqi parliament on the impact of the popular demonstrations that have been raging in the country since the first of October last, has drawn wide criticism, despite the provision of new jobs. Experts considered that this law is unfair to some of its paragraphs, but for narrow political and partisan accounts was adopted in a formula that takes into account the interests of factional or partisan.

The previous law allocated about 100 billion Iraqi dinars per year as salaries to what is known as the jihadi service in reference to the period of opposition to the regime of Saddam Hussein, as well as setting allocations for political prisoners and others ...

The law, passed mid-week, was part of a package of government and parliamentary reforms in response to protesters' demands. The government says it will create tens of thousands of jobs for the unemployed.

According to a statement by government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi, the new law stipulates that "the retirement age shall be 60 years of age, after it was 63, with the exception of university professors, doctors, judges, legal advisers in the State Council, and pilots." An employee who has completed 45 years of age and has 15 years of service shall also be entitled to retire from the age of 50 years.

The new pension law has been criticized by lawmakers and officials, where member of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament, Ahmed al-Jubouri, that "the law has many exceptions set by parliamentary committees oversaw the amendment of the new law, and without those exceptions to the number of degrees to be provided by the law to 500 A degree, "referring to the exclusion of various segments of the new law such as political prisoners.

He stressed in a press statement that "the new law reduced the retirement age only three years, in general, the exception of the same old categories that were taking more than a salary and include politicians and families of martyrs and military, in addition to the judiciary," noting that "the lowest pension will be 500 The second issue that I think is important is to provide more than 200 thousand jobs distributed to all ministries and state institutions. "

Iraqi economist Ali al-Alwani stressed that the new law has a lot of advantages in improving the income of the family and the provision of employment and cutting privileges for some segments, but at the same time is not enough and can be considered patchwork.

He told Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed that lowering the retirement age does not mean providing new jobs as much as replacing jobs by speeding up the employee's retirement. He pointed out that the state will have to pay a pension up to half of what he was paid, and the new employee wants a full monthly salary, and thus the state did not contribute to the adoption of a new financial or administrative plan or did not solve the problem from the root, by supporting the productive economy for example to create jobs .

He considered that the first and last solution to the unemployment crisis is to support the market and the private sector and investment and encourage work and not continue to stuff employees in the departments without interest, after the number of employees overflowed the need for the country in some institutions, and reached record levels.

Al-Alwani explained that determining the minimum salary of the retiree is positive, and cutting privileges and allowances granted in the past years within the interests of partisan also positive, but still the law in terms of economic or financial at least needs a lot to be complete and up to a degree that can be convincing.

For his part, Bader Al-Ziadi, a member of the Bloc, said that the law is currently an important step because it will provide many job opportunities, which is a demand for the demonstrators, adding that reducing the retirement age means an opportunity to replace young people and new energies. Unemployed young people have the right to be employed. "The law gave the government flexibility to issue certain instructions it deems appropriate."

On the other hand, legal experts said that the pension law provided certain privileges for the political opponents of Rafha camp during the rule of Saddam Hussein. Legal expert Tarek Harb told Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed that "the law made the monthly salary of those covered in Rafha a million and a half dinars per month, so that the family of them will be composed of a father and mother and three children seven and a half million dinars per month."

He added, "This salary exceeds any pension paid by the minister and the deputy and those with the highest military ranks and judicial degrees and university presidents."

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