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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by 11/19/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by 11/19/19

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by 11/19/19 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by 11/19/19

Post by RamblerNash on Thu Nov 21, 2019 10:03 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 11-19-19

Transcribed By WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – It’s Tuesday the 19th and you’re tuned in and listening to The Big Call – thanks for tuning in and listening whether live or on the replay – we appreciate you and look forward to having a good but fairly short call tonight

I think we are looking really strong right now - Now, let’s go into the intel portion; I’m just going to check and see what we’re looking at – Ok, we’ll go over the top of the hour just a little bit but we won’t go too much

What we’re hearing is some different things, some amazing things; for example we actually had some times that looked pretty promising for the toll free numbers yesterday (Monday)

Now, we didn’t get them yesterday - we had some times – we had a nice window – we had a specific time – but … it wasn’t to be – so.. we go back to work and say “okay, what is going on” “what is happening that we can literally know is going on” --

You know, today is Tuesday - what – we’ve had 5 days since the last call – there are things that are happening – I’ll tell you one thing that really happened – and this was yesterday (Monday) which was Monday -- We had major tranches again moving around again for different purposes – We had one of the larger groups received half of a billion dollars –to begin the payouts to their members –

We had 4 sextillion dollars in another tranche that was moving to the 24 hundred paymasters of the other groups so that they would have the funds to begin at least with partial payouts – if not full payouts –

I am not quite sure that’s enough really for sextillion – and that means you’ve got a million billion trillion quadrillion – each time add three more zeros – quadrillion – quintillion then sextillion -- that’s quite a few zeros out there –

And then we also heard that the Zim platforms are getting ready to get cranked out – right alongside the exchanges and the redemption of the Zim – maybe a day or so later but we had 12 sextillion dollars moved and I am only making the assumption because of where I believe that was going - It could have gone to Zurich or Berne (?) Switzerland -- B E R N E – another financial center in Switzerland

So, we know that there are 11 different Zim platforms in the United States but my understanding is that they will be paid out of Berne Switzerland

Now, those funds , my understanding was that they went 7:30 PM Eastern last night to either Zurich or Berne – where ever it was to handle those platforms -- So they are right behind the groups out of Reno and really very much parallel to what is happening out there –

We know that there are people that have been notified if they have loose currencies to come in and set appointments to do that as well out there and I know that activity is going to take place today tomorrow and Thursday out West

That all tells us things are really moving things are moving along -- The other thing is we did hear something from one of our international sources that came from the Far East – the expression was hang on tomorrow – all your dreams will come true

Now I don’t want us to get too overly excited about that – but it is a pretty cool thing a cool statement to have our dreams to come true tomorrow

Let’s just say this – does that mean numbers come out? Does it mean that number come out and redemption starts? – It could be numbers only and we don’t have a time for that exactly – So we’re not really sure exactly but it’s a good statement to think that our dreams are about to come true

Now, some people think that the design for this to happen is before Thanksgiving – I would agree with that but today is the 19th – Thanksgiving is the 24th - that’s 9 days away -- I believe the plan would be for us to be complete with our exchanges by around Thanksgiving -- I’m talking about the group 4 / Tier 4 not public

I think that is doable - they believe they can get most of the Zim in 4 or 5 days – Now there will be some stragglers / people traveling / people in the hospital – things like that – that would prevent immediate redemption or exchanges to take place for some people –

But overall – I’m not going to go to next week – I’m not going to Thanksgiving or before Christmas or by Christmas – I’m not going to go there – That’s not what I’m hearing -- Other people may be hearing that but not me and we’ve got to the point where that information that we gain from certain of our banks have completely sealed off

Nope, we’re too close and it’s too sensitive to talk about X Y Z – and that’s a great indicator - sure you want to hear what’s going on – sure you want to know what’s happening here and there but you know, sometimes, when you’re this close and it’s a sensitive area – they don’t want leaks – you just suck it up and say you know what -- that’s a good sign - that’s showing us how close this really is okay –

And then we heard also that the rate -- now remember this we have 209 countries and all of those currencies are on the front screens live – they are all on the screens in essentially a ready to go mode – all countries – so I’m excited about that -- in other words are we waiting for anything? The only thing we are waiting for is the perfect timing for this to release –

We think the treasury has given the green light and then it’s up to the military or so called Pentagon to release when its ready - we know they have extra security in place for our group tier 4 -- and we know that we are going to be starting with that security in full force

There have been so many clean ups on isle 3 - isle 4 isle 5 etc for weeks now and there have been a lot more …… let’s say ankle and wrist bracelets issued recently – so there’s a lot going on guys behind the scenes – a lot !!

Some of it we are privileged to know about and some we are not -- and probably it’s better we don’t – it’s probably better in some ways we just know what we know and we go with it -- you know .. we go with that

So…. We’ve got the funds in place -- we know that the redemption staffs are ready to start… you know it’s going to be a big shock to them just like it is to us when the numbers come out because look how ready they have been to get started at the redemption level -- you know for months and months they’ve been given schedules to bring them in – they’ve been home – bring them back in -- conference calls -- you know …… video calls -- all kinds of stuff -- nationwide --

This is going to be quite the thing when it comes through for us and I’m saying its close -- I’m not going to call it – Will all our dreams come true tomorrow (Wednesday)????

I think all of my dreams would come true if we got the toll free number and either start tomorrow (Wed) or the next day (Thurs) – Tomorrow for the numbers maybe – Thursday start – Its possible – That might be what we’re looking at -- it very well could be –

I know everybody is excited – you know what? I know It’s hard to stay excited – I know it’s hard to stay in the moment without losing hope or losing faith but I’m going to ask you to understand what Sue’s message was earlier about God’s own time being the best time and all of us staying in faith for that -- and being available for that time to come through

We are in great shape - I believe the public start might be Dec 2 -- We’re looking for some -- ughh to be honest with you we’ve been on the gold Standard since 11 pm a couple nights ago –

There are some things that are happening behind the scene and we just want to get this thing – and I think it will probably be announced to the public when the public starts and I think that’s when everything is going to get announced and that’s going to be the first couple of days in December

They want to give us 8 or 9 days to get our exchanges in -- Zim redeemed -- and I think we are good to go

So --- everything is ready as far as I can tell – certainly they’ve funded everything to take care of the Zim platform and take care of the groups so I think we are looking very strong

Alright guys thank you everybody for tuning in and listening and lets just wait and see where this goes –

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