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Post by DTConcerned Fri Oct 14, 2011 5:38 pm

Hi all,

Yes, I am new to this site sorta. Let me start by saying kudos and thanks to those trying to deliver intel as valid as they can get. I do not call them Gurus, the term is a good term, but does not apply, "information gatherers" applies and fits much better. Walk down the street in any city and ask people what their government is doing with their money and you will get as many different answer as people you talk to. So you change your approach and only ask businessmen and politicians and you may get less variety, but they will all be canted to what the personnal agendas of the individuals care about and can still totally contradict. Now, try the same thing only get the information from people who do not speak your language or follow your customs. Not such an easy task and just for fun lets toss in circumstances changing from one minute to the next and you might be getting close to what these folks are trying to sort through.

That said, Smoke and Mirrors, why would I start out with that as teh title of the topic?

It is a reference to what magicians do to conceal what they are really doing from their audience. We go throughthe punchlist for an RV and it sure looks like everything may really be in place already, possibly as far back as June 30th, or not. Iraq owns their airspace, everything is full steam ahead business and international relations without money? Why didn't contractors pull out in July? Can everyone really afford to keep building Iraq with no money? GOI, officials doing the tap dance and side step. The global financial reset is waiting on Iraq? Europe disintegrating financially because of the delay?

Who is to gain from the delay?
US Economy is sloppy and sliding all over and looks like things are bad, but our stock market is going up again, our potential GDP is gong up, but this is all happening rather quietly.
European banks are pushing the brink of collapse, China economy is ok, but dependant on the US consumer to survive and their interests are building closer to home financial resources. It looks like everyone needs this to happen as soon as possible? Well perhpas Brazil doesn't care, I don't know aboutteh South American economies, they may not need the booster shot.
But wait, JP Morgan, Chase is not sufferring, but their influence and control will step up if the european banking system collapses and they bail it out? BoA is not sufferring, they have been bailed out internally(you have to have at least one controlable competitor to keep from being an illegal monopoly)? Is it possible this is all being delayed because there are big money players jockying for position to get yet more of a payoff from the economic ripples? Are we all watching the smoke and mirrors (Iraq) of a bigger magic show setup to polorize economic power? Are we just dancing with the collateral losses and gains?
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