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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by 10/29/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by 10/29/19

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by 10/29/19 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by 10/29/19

Post by RamblerNash Wed Oct 30, 2019 10:47 pm

I would like to talk a little bit about where we are right now  from an intel point of view – Here we are – its  Tuesday -  5 days since our last call  last Thursday - yes a lot of things have happened – especially behind the scenes –

and I’ll tell  you this – you know – just when you’re  thinking  all the countries are set  -- and  lined up you find that yeah all but 2 or 3 and by that I mean  from a perspective of being Basal 3 or Basal 4 compliant – for the GCR to start –

there are 3 countries that needed to do that – and that was Turkey – Syria - and Iran – and you say “Oh Boy here we go” – No they got it done – they got their compliance  and they had a time which they needed to get it done  which was noon yesterday (mon)  Eastern time   - and they had to send their information  to the world bank  Laos   so that was 11 pm yesterday  Monday night Laos time –

They made it  they got it done  and they’re all set as far as we know that’s  the last  of anything regarding any specific countries – Now, what’s interesting about that is we’ve talked about the fact there is one offering -  they’re not going to do a second third or fourth --  like we had been told - 

They said “no” we’re bringing them all out at the same time -- and right now  with the last 2 countries I mentioned Turkey & Syria -  we are looking at 100 currencies coming out  with some form of change

Now, what’s interesting is we had 21 and now we have 23 currencies of those that will be going up significantly -- at least 6 % or more - and in a lot of cases we know of those  that are going up quite  a bit more – That is where we stand on those  - and we had that ready to go  as a result of those last 3 countries  becoming Basal 3 or 4 compliant  by yesterday noon Eastern

That’s a very big piece of news  -- Another piece of news was in regards to President Trump having spoken with all 23  of those countries finance ministers yesterday and that was a very positive thing to have him do that so they are all prepared  to get going and to get started  --

And you know we’re very close as Bob mentioned Friday the first of November – Now what is so significant about the first as I mentioned previously that is the date that has been selected  to bring out NESARA and  GESARA  for many hours of information to inform us about what those 2 words mean –

That’s happening on Friday from what we understand 7 ½ hrs worth – I don’t know how it’s going to come to us  - my instinct would be that it’s going to be on television to an extent  and probably online – who knows – who knows how they’re going to bring it out - 

We’ll find out – That, as far as I know is still scheduled -- ready to go  that will be positive - what’s that going to be like? – Well,  I believe we should have  a mention of us -  the United States returning to  the Gold Standard  to back our currency  they may talk about the new dollar being the USN or USTN  - but it should be noted that it is Gold Backed -  and should an announcement be made  about the remaining currencies of the world also being either gold backed  or asset backed -  in some way shape or form –

That will be a lot of it right there – and then there’s also  obviously there’s going to be some discussion about how we are entering into  a time of   Debt Jubilee  - and we should have some explanation about what that is

I don’t want to go into it now  because it’s going to be a little difficult to determine but it should reflect  the return of interest that we paid from going back a ways – could be on mortgages -  credit cards – car  sells -  and financing  - many issues could be – from what I understand refunded to  us  under NESARA –

Whether they talk about the new tax plan or not, meaning getting away from personal income tax and going toward a consumption tax on new items or believing that is also a  part of NESARA  and should be brought out at some point

So, there’s a lot happening from that point of view coming up in just a few days

Now, what else is going on that I find very interesting is…. that ….. there’s a significant number of people that were given travel vouchers to travel to Zurich by private jet to be able to do Zim redemption  and other bond redemptions  in Zurich   - and that happened yesterday and today and my understanding is  they all need to be there – this is all over the globe not just here from the US – from other countries as well  - they all need to be there by 9:15 AM Zurich time tomorrow morning  in place – ready to transact  business

Now, you know we’ve got a  6 hr time difference between Zurich and the East coast – so that would be 3:15 in the morning tomorrow East coast time and you can take your own time zone and make it work

Now, why do I bring that up - what’s so important about that  - my understanding is when those transactions  take place that we should be on a [parallel track – ready to start approximately alongside of those transactions

Now, that should mean that we get our toll free number   - probably since it’s supposed to be a daytime event – I think sometime tomorrow – maybe by lunchtime we should have it and have it available to put out

Now I’m only giving this to you as I got it – this is what I’m being informed would be the case – now as you guys know there have been things that have caused  delays  - there have been reasons why we didn’t go  - we are in a continuous pattern  of indictments  being unsealed and arrests being made  and that’s just what’s going on  -- they’re cleaning up on isle 3 and will probably continue for a while

Another thing happening is these large tranches of funds we had …. Try to get a feel for this number ….  What is a sextillion – sounds sexy doesn’t it --- a sextillion is a 1 followed by 21 zeros --  that’s a lot of mullah

Well, guess what, just 2 days ago there had been 7 of those  -- 1 sextillion dollar tranches  put into the system – the first four  of those for tier 4  -- the 5th was put in for tier 4 in Nesara and so on and so on –

Now, this is hard to imagine but my understanding is there will be a total of 153 1 sextillion dollar tranches  , French, meaning transfers,  ok, so that is a lot – and I don’t know where we are but if you think of it those will occur between  what’s happened about 4 days ago and January 5 –

That is moving a lot of money into place – between now and January 5 to have a total of 153 sextillion dollar tranches  moved into place – So that tells us this is a very big deal obviously,  with the global currency reset  with  us going in  for our exchanges on our currency and redemption on the Zim Bond –

I could tell you that when it comes to what I understand now you obviously know when you get into the redemption center or the exchange locations which might not be handling some – but when you go in – if you have currency like dinar/ dong/ rial  -- all of that  what you want to do is exchange those funds into new US dollars  USTN will be available immediately at the time of your exchange

Now when you go in with Zim – the Zim redemption will be available to you and you can take up to 20% - although I don’t know why you would but up to 20% available to you in 24 hrs  So that would be the next day

Now if you have other currencies the suggestion has been that you take the proceeds from Dinar /  Dong / whatever,  and put those in a separate account or accounts apart from your Zim

I look at it like the Zim is going in the mother load account with one bank and the currencies Dong/dinar/ etc  are going in another bank or possibly 2 banks in separate accounts – That’s just how its been explained to me – That’s how I personally plan to do it  -- You know I’ve looked at the Zim as the God account for humanitarian project s  and that’s how I’m looking at it  - You guys do what you want to do

I really feel that what we’ve got is if you have rial or Afghani  my understanding is you can bring it in – you can do an exchange because there will be rates  - there is a rate on the screen now – and you can do the exchange then or you can set up  a multi currency account for those 2 currencies – if you have them  -

You can ride them out and be paid a level of interest while in the account and at a later time make the exchange into USTN -- if you do a multi currency account  with rial and afghani - those are the only 2 I am aware of – that you can do that with

We did get some rates and we believe everything is moving up slightly just like we thought and they’re going to be fantastic so you don’t have to worry about those at all

Obviously if you have projects and you do a good job with your presentation on your projects you would be entitled to get a higher rate on the Zim and that’s all I’m going to say about it

You’ve heard me talk about  what that rate would be in the past so that has not changed I think really is for this information I heard yesterday and today to be true and to come through for us and we are golden

You know I cannot legitimately  call it and I’ve told you many times that we’ve been very close as you know,  and again today  tonight is one of those times – My understanding is when the bonds are hypothecated  - transacted tomorrow in Zurich we should be in  “go mode” – So let’s see what happens with that

Now I told you I would put the 800 toll free number out – I understand it’s going to be out already  on a couple of the most sought after currency sites – so I may not even need to do that but I will have it out on the landing page – the home page of  Big Call Universe .com and we will be doing an email blast to those who have registered to be on

I think we are all ready to have a good night’s rest and see what tomorrow brings – there’s not a whole lot more I can say – we are in a fantastic preparedness mode—I want everybody to consider if you are happy with where you are on your presentations on your project, on knowing the actual process of the redemption centers, then you’re all set –

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