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Post by Jayzze Sun Oct 06, 2019 9:57 am

do you see whats going on? Iraq is having a mini civil war that very easily turn into a major one.in reality the Iraqi citizens are finally realizing that iran is running their country thru the goi. they realize this is why the people are getting no where and maybe just maybe they can rid themselves of the Iranian influence once . at best you might see a new gov for all. I realize this is a major undertaking since billions of dollars are being stolen from Iraq and going to the goi and iran. I get a big laugh when the gurus keep saying anytime soon you will see an rv/ri. you have to be a freaken idiot to believe this .you wiil be lucky if a new gov is formed in a year then everything else might fall in place. I would suggest you buy a metal container and put your dinar in it just in case you ever might need it.
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