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Will "Bolo" Ever Realize The Gurus Are A Scam? 10/4/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Will "Bolo" Ever Realize The Gurus Are A Scam? 10/4/19

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Will "Bolo" Ever Realize The Gurus Are A Scam? 10/4/19 Empty Will "Bolo" Ever Realize The Gurus Are A Scam? 10/4/19

Post by RamblerNash Fri Oct 04, 2019 11:32 pm

I’m drowning and shouting for help! Please someone hear me ..

I’m treading water and my legs are about to give out ..

I know how to float but sharks are nearby ..

In the Marines, they taught us these things ..

How to survive in such a situation ..

I must confess I never was given the opportunity to practice such in real life ..

But to describe my current circumstances, this is how I feel at this point ..

I’m listening to The Big Call replay as I type this just to remind me this is real ..

This RV/GCR is real!

I believe all that are here and participate here believe this is real ..

As a trained military veteran, especially one that was trained in counter-intelligence ..

All military operations have the built in element of deception ..

This has always been so since the very first operations recorded in human history ..

As Bruce reiterated this past Tuesday evening, we (the RV community) are fortunate ..

To have the information that has been provided to us to date ..

As someone who was granted a top secret clearance in the past ..

I know this all too well ..

It is difficult to relate to an individual for help outside of the RV community ..

Even family and friends ..

Especially that they don’t have the context of this RV/GCR ..

You tried to the best of your abilities, but to no avail ..

This RV could pop at any moment ..

We know this from how many sources to date?

Whether it be Bruce, Tony, Frank26, Markz, Dan/Camdoc, Holly C., Becky (Oootah), N. Fleming, various unnamed contacts/sources in Zurich, London, and Reno; etc ..

The list could continue with your own additions ..

However, if you have been given a deadline of 4:00PM (CDT), Friday, Oct 4 ..

It is one thing if the circumstances were that you would be evicted from residence ..

That has already happened to me ..

It has happened in Oct. 2004 (foreclosure) ..

It happened in May 2013 (apartment eviction due to loss of job) ..

It happened in June 2017 (sale of home that provided residence at the time) ..

And it is about to happen again at my current temporary residence (circumstances similar to above) ..

This is so difficult to describe and communicate in written form in this provided forum ..

I have three (3) immediate needs to ask of this community ..

Some more immediate than others ..

1) Pay a bill of $500 by 4:00 PM (CDT), Friday, Oct. 4 or lose remaining possessions in storage to auction .

Crazy thing here is that if I had access to said storage unit, I probably could sell most of contents (furniture, appliances, electronics, golf clubs, etc.) I could probably cover that bill with that sale ..

Materials things that can be replaced in the future with said RV earnings, and probably of much better quality ..

But some things in said storage cannot be replaced with all the trillions available in the world ..

Like books given from your father (deceased Lutheran pastor); your Dress Blues awarded to you over 40 years ago that you wish to be buried in ..

Personal papers that no amount of insurance money, or RV proceeds can compensate for ..

And other things of memorable value (i.e photo scrapbooks given by your mother) like the above that future proceeds simply will never substitute for ..

Even more crazy to think of, is that you had possession of a motor vehicle that although not roadworthy ..

It had enough value to sell (even for parts) to cover said bill .. (details too complicated to discuss)

But you had to abandon the vehicle and is probably lost to date with no recovery .. (again, complicated details)

Forgive me, I’m doing the best I can given current circumstances ..

All the same, as I type this, I’m crying out to God Our Father ..

Hoping someone will hear me ..

A pastor’s son who would go to said father in this situation ..

But he is not available as in the past ..

You are 60+ years of age, and you are crying inside like a terrified teenager ..

I’m in the Houston/Conroe area at present ..

Cheers and the Lords Blessings to all,


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