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Iraq signs electricity transmission contracts with «Gulf Linkage» DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Iraq signs electricity transmission contracts with «Gulf Linkage»

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Iraq signs electricity transmission contracts with «Gulf Linkage» Empty Iraq signs electricity transmission contracts with «Gulf Linkage»

Post by claud39 Mon Sep 16, 2019 8:42 am

Iraq signs electricity transmission contracts with «Gulf Linkage»


Iraq signs electricity transmission contracts with «Gulf Linkage» Rc_156861246930_23

The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity announced yesterday that it has entered into a contract with «Gulf Linkage», a subsidiary of the Gulf Cooperation Council, to establish two transmission lines of electricity - high pressure.

The latest contract with the Interconnection Authority, in addition to other contracts signed with major Western companies, is part of a strategy followed by the Ministry to reform and develop its electrical system, which has suffered a lot of deterioration in recent years, which has affected the situation of people and the country in general, and exposed the Iraqi authorities to criticism Citizens continue to protest, as homes and most sectors are poorly equipped with electricity.

The Ministry of Electricity said in a statement that «Minister Louay al-Khatib signed a contract with the (Gulf Linkage), a subsidiary of the Gulf Cooperation Council, to establish two power transmission lines - ultra-high pressure 400 kV. She added that «(Gulf linkage) will bear the cost of the construction of the two lines, which will be a length of 300 kilometers, divided over two distances, inside Iraq 80 kilometers, and inside Kuwait 220 kilometers, are linked to the Iraqi national system; Gulf on the other ».

"It is hoped to import 500 megawatts as a first phase, which will be processed after the completion of the two lines before the summer of 2020, and at competitive Gulf market prices that will be differentiated after completion," the ministry said.

Iraq has for years imported from Iran through four lines, and also imports dry gas to run some power plants, to reduce the country's deficit in the field of energy.

 "Iraq seeks to be a promising energy market through two phases, the first is networking with the Gulf and importing 500 megawatts by the summer of 2020, and the second is to be a link between the Gulf energy system and the European system," said Mossab al-Mudarras, director of information for the Ministry of Electricity. .

The teacher pointed out that «networking is a context followed in most countries of the world and not related to the amount of energy production produced by this country or that, the goal of energy exchange and control of production and distribution processes, so we find that the Gulf system is linked to a unified system, despite the adequacy of domestic production for each country, And so in Europe and the rest of the world. ”

"The ministry is working according to the road map it has developed for the development and rehabilitation of the energy sector, and this plan is focused on the use of major international companies in this area; such as (General Electric) of America and (Siemens) Germany."

Regarding the volume of electric power produced and the subsequent production ceiling targeted by the ministry, the teacher revealed that «Iraq is currently producing about 18 thousand megawatts, including the importer through Iranian lines, and the ministry targets the ceiling of 30 thousand megawatts during the next three or four years».

In addition to the contract with the «Gulf Linkage», the Ministry of Electricity, announced yesterday, in a statement that «entered into a contract with the consortium of German companies (Siemens) and (Orascom) Egypt, for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Baiji gas stations I and II, Salah 10 generating units, as well as the rehabilitation and installation of power transmission networks (400 kV) and (132 kV) of the two plants ».

It added that this contract «will add 1690 MW to the production system after the entry of these stations to the service, which was destroyed by the ISIS gangs, and that the contract represents the first phase of the agreement with the company (Siemens) Germany, and will be followed by a number of other contracts, It includes the production, transportation and distribution sectors. ”

Also, the Ministry of Electricity, announced yesterday that «(GE) signed an agreement with (MAS) Holding Company for the generation of electric power to raise its total production capacity to 4.5 MW to add 1.5 MW to the Iraqi power grid through the development of the third phase of the power plant (Bismayah "The largest in the country."

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