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Guru Frank26 says - They Have a DATE DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Guru Frank26 says - They Have a DATE

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Guru Frank26 says - They Have a DATE Empty Guru Frank26 says - They Have a DATE

Post by Ponee on Sun Sep 15, 2019 7:37 pm


IMO I honestly don't think the Democratic Party wants the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar...I don't know if they're doing anything to stop it cause they can't...I don't think the democrats want Donald Trump to bask in the glory of what's about to happen...They represent the United States of America.  I want them to work in unity with the Republicans but the jealously is so vicious and it's so wicked IMO that it's causing this rip.  This tear.  And based on the things I "think" I know politically we're not being supported for this by the Democrats...

...I will tell you this with confidence, the visual aids of the new small category notes and fils are coming out this month of September.  The visual aids are coming out this month.   ...a little while after the visual aids IMO they will lift the three zeros and a little bit after they lift the three zeros they'll introduce the new small category notes or at the same time when they lift it they will do it all together...the moment you see the visual aids is the moment I say goodbye...


...the Central Bank of Iraq said that their intentions are to come out 1 to 1 internally in their country.  

With that said we have a foundation...Do these guys have a date?  Or are they waiting for something?  

IMO they have a date.  It's been kicked around like a tin can down the street at least 3 times that my teams know of.  I pray to God that whatever date they have selected for the reinstatement does not get influenced...
...their pattern is always to wait till the last second to do something.  But between now and the last week of September IMO is a good window to do what they showed them in the visual aids.  It's no secret.  The CBI is telling the citizens we're giving you purchasing power.  The citizens know it.  You know it.  It's no secret...everything is on course.  We're alright...



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