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Samsung Electronics: Iraqi market is one of the most important strategic markets in the world DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Samsung Electronics: Iraqi market is one of the most important strategic markets in the world

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Samsung Electronics: Iraqi market is one of the most important strategic markets in the world Empty Samsung Electronics: Iraqi market is one of the most important strategic markets in the world

Post by claud39 on Sat Sep 14, 2019 2:40 pm

Samsung Electronics: Iraqi market is one of the most important strategic markets in the world


Information / Baghdad

During an interview with Al-Maalouma with the operations manager for the mobile sector at Samsung Electronics Mashreq Al-Arabi, Muthanna Naji Al-Mohsen, who has a strong representation in Iraq , we were able to shed light on many important topics, and we were able to get some details of the company and we provide to readers To enrich their information and awareness about the Samsung brand.

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[*]Samsung is one of the most popular brands in Iraq and the Middle East in general in the field of smart devices, what does this indicate?


“Samsung is one of the world's leading companies, and its strong presence in the region is a significant addition to the success story of Samsung in the world. The region as a whole and the Iraqi market in particular, which the company was keen to provide the best levels of service to its consumers. ”

Samsung's primary goal is to provide the latest innovative products that keep pace with the lifestyles and workings of the Iraqi consumer and meet their needs. What is behind Samsung's keenness to provide devices that are not only devices connected, but connected devices that perform practical functions and smart non-traditional.

On the other hand, the spread of the “Samsung” brand, which has been ranked as the sixth best brand in the world, also demonstrates the efficiency of its strategy and plans related to various aspects of its work, including the marketing aspect, which is carefully designed whether it relates to the stages of sale or communication with The public, consumers and customers or related to the partnerships and cooperations that the company believes and seeks to expand its scope for the benefit of all parties concerned.

“At Samsung, we are always keen on supplying the Iraqi market with the latest products as one of the most important markets in the region; We are delighted to announce the launch of a TV specially and exclusively for the Iraqi market, and consumers and the media will be provided with more details about this product soon. ”

“The Iraqi market is one of the most strategic markets for us at Samsung in the region, and it is a promising market for us. The Iraqi market is witnessing significant growth in all sectors in general, and the electronics and technology sector in particular, and this is an incentive for us to strengthen our operations and our deployment in Iraq in general. ”

“We are constantly striving to provide the Iraqi market with the latest products to meet the needs of individual and institutional consumers in the world of telecommunications, audio-visual, digital home appliances and information technology.”

“This sponsorship came from Samsung as part of its corporate social responsibility strategy in support of the sports sector in general and the game of football in particular, as it is a sport that occupies a special place in the hearts of millions in Iraq , the Arab region and around the world, which at the same time need to address the challenges. faced in Iraq , and we hope to serve our sponsorship of the tournament Iraqi efforts to lift the ban on capital courts after lifting all of Erbil, Basra and Karbala by the international Federation of Football "FIFA", through participation in the success of its establishment, which in turn contributes to the re - Alomj D Iraqi football and create a foothold again on the local and international sports arena, which involves many positive effects. "

“We see this tournament as a golden opportunity to connect with more than 45 million football fans both in Iraq and in the region who support their national teams, and further enhance the presence of the Samsung brand in the events taking place in Iraq .”

“I am happy to say that the Iraqi demand for smart and advanced devices produced by Samsung is very large in the Iraqi market. This demand is not limited to a specific product, but extends to our various products and solutions, which indicates the Iraqi quest for the acquisition of smart and sophisticated technology, both for home and business, and this is proof of the importance of our solutions to meet their needs. Finished 25 h

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