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My Ladies Email To Zig: Re: Delete The Zeros 9/2/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

My Ladies Email To Zig: Re: Delete The Zeros 9/2/19

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My Ladies Email To Zig: Re: Delete The Zeros 9/2/19 Empty My Ladies Email To Zig: Re: Delete The Zeros 9/2/19

Post by RamblerNash on Mon Sep 02, 2019 10:12 pm

Hi Zig..

Thanks for the link but I think I'll pass again. I'm not really trying to be all involved in the dinar stuff again. I guess there were a few articles recently that caused a frenzy and I had an email explosion from long time followers asking me if the nonsense the usual gurus were sputtering was true.

it was actually just easier for me to make a post than write individual emails. I put all these links and examples out few years ago too. In my opinion it's really just a common sense issue. Some folks have it some do not. Iraq is not in a vacuum and the biggest pill to swallow is the one where we finally have to admit to ourselves that we were just foolish and uneducated and gullible and dazzled by bull**** to think we would be millionaires overnight. Factually speaking the real money in the dinar has been being made by many gurus and Jesus praying pariahs over the past 16 years. That is one trade I was definitely on the wrong side of..LOL But i do have a conscience and some moral fiber I guess and do not see myself taking advantage of the unknowing in the name of Jesus.

Zig, the facts remain the same they are in black and white and date back for decades. Those who choose to accept what deleting the zeros mean will be able to make a plan. Those that do not will be most likely jumping off bridges either way I do not want to debate the issue with anyone. the facts are there the history is there and it will not be rewritten for Iraq.

Thank you for the invite Zig it is much appreciated and I wish you and members well going forward.

Thanks ....Mary

Zig, one more thing...I am not saying there is no money to be made with the dinar, and I'm not suggesting anyone get rid of it or sell it or whatever, I am simply saying there will not be overnight millionaires, the currency has a value and when it is excepted internationally there will be a trade to be made and the current value will be leveraged at an institutional level and a private level for those holding enough. I mean isn't that what is done with currency trading every day?

currently the dinar sits at 1190 if the value raises against the dollar to even 1130 1140 1150 that is a good day in the currency trading arena.....

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