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Post by BinderBlooded Wed Oct 12, 2011 6:31 am

Binder Blooded here. I have been an investor since 2005. The Dinar is not my first Rodeo with a long shot investment. One investment was linked to the Middle East with ambitious plans to build refineries and storage facilities. These investors are a secretive bunch that are few and far between just like us. While the investment remains viable it is far form fulfilling its' projected potential. RP (Refinery Project) had its' own Guru. Emails were sent out at least weekly with an occasional conference call. He usually had unbelievable information he want to share but couldn't because of those darn confidentiality agreements he had agreed to. We were lead through a menagerie of Middle East names and customs. An individual or group would express desire to enter into contract with us only to have a family member or tribal leader throw a wrench in the process or just as progress would intensify Ramadan would come around and stall everything causing the process to restart at the beginning. Once we thought we had attained financing for the RP only to have bankers in Switzerland gum things up. Other oil companies and producing nations got the eventual blame for that one. I can not began to remember the number of dates and deadlines that expired unfulfilled. Staring to sound familiar? So what is coming next for the Dinar? If present events continues to parallel my past experience Shabbi will suffer a traumatic health event such as liver failure requiring a transplant! His recovery will require a minim of 45 days. On the brighter side for the RP the Dinar is also fueling renewed speculation of a funding source for the RP. Why am I bothering you with all this? Simple, the Guru's have had enough next Tuesdays', Wednesdays' and Thursdays'. The speculations, AKA Sources or Intel, are sounding too familiar. A contractor friend with a transportation company in Kuwait assures me we have a sound investment but we are a long way out, possibly years from fulfillment. How about this, if there is no RV by Halloween then all the Gurus take their masks off and we have the big reveal. We knew who our RP Guru was from the start, we just didn't realize how skillfully he misrepresented the facts and we knew him face to face. It is more than concerning what inventions or distortions are created while hiding behind a "Handle". Gurus, Halloween is on a Monday this year!

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Post by Guest Wed Oct 12, 2011 7:48 am

yep the thousand mile an hour elevator has crashed several times and today is most likely no exception. Its all rumor, comjecture and opinion until the money is in your hands.


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Post by tport Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:13 am

Now this is an interesting post. BinderBlooded has 2 posts and one is the above post. He states he has been in this investment since 2005. With a story like this, a prudent person would have made the decision to sell his dinars by this point based on the history of such ME investments. I guess his point is that enough is enough concerning this type of intel and it is high time to expose the intel sources that continue to feed the investment field with un-fullfilling information. The problem is that the oil industry is filled with scam artists (this is a fact!); so his story is really no surprise to me. However, the currency industry in which the USA had a direct hand in creating the dinar situation today is NOT similar in any way shape or form, other than perhaps the story mentioned above. It is not even close to being enough for me to change my opinion on this investment. Too many countries are involved in this through the IMF and other global financial organizations. So IMO, there is no correlation to the BinderBlooded opinion and what we know about the dinar investment. This investment will see "the light of day" unlike 80% of the oil ventures. Just remember, if the oil project is so good; why do they need your money for investment?

"There are only two things that are infinite; the universe and the stupidity of mankind, and I'm not sure of the former!"
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Post by Blue Dahlia Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:02 am

I appreciate your opinion.. Thank you bunches!

Blue Dahlia
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