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How the Meta 1 Coin scam worked...pretty clever actually.. DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

How the Meta 1 Coin scam worked...pretty clever actually..

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How the Meta 1 Coin scam worked...pretty clever actually.. Empty How the Meta 1 Coin scam worked...pretty clever actually..

Post by Carl Spackler on Thu Aug 08, 2019 2:43 pm

I think I understand  how Robert and Dave were running the Meta 1 coin scam. If you recall, Dave and Robert revised their story over time from “having” art to having “art under contract”. Well, if you read the fraud court case that’s half true- the contract called for a $37.5 million down payment for $125 million in art that Charles Trois DID actually own. While that slime ball Bobby Dunlap claims to be this jet setting gazillionaire, we all know he was BS artist with no money. So, with that in mind the scheme was simple- TELL people Meta 1 DID already have the art, work hard to market and sell the coins to come up with the down payment of $37.5 million for Trois at Dave’s scam workshops. 

Problem is, I think things were going OK until December 2018 or so,  when many on this site, OOM and on YouTube started calling out the scam. Recall how FURIOUS Dave was with near weekly lawsuit threats? No doubt the contract gave these idiot scammers a certain time to come up with the $37.5 million down payment and probably 3 other equal payments at or by certain dates. According to the trust filing in AZ, they had about $4 million or so  in the trust– not bad for a TOTAL Ponzi scheme! Of course that mattered not as they were well short of the amount Trois had asked for and they agreed to in writing. No doubt Dave and Robert begged for extensions and recall how the coin “doubled “ in value in May? Odds are it was a desperate attempt at more sales to hopefully placate Mr. Trois. If you watch Dave’s videos he says several times people calling the scam a scam were “wreaking havoc”. Yes..yes we were. The YouTube video regarding the Meta 1 coin SEC investigation has more  views ( over 3,000) than most of the Meta 1 coin videos! No doubt thanks to this web page, OOM and Youtube videos their sales were taking a hit and Dave was desperate resorting to libel lawsuit threats. He was VISIBLY angry for example on the March 6th video!!
While Booby Dunlap has filed an appeal in Texas, he will no doubt lose it. The questions are, when the order to pay $25.5 million is reaffirmed by the court what will Bobby, Dave and Meta 1 do? Also, there could be criminal charges as it was fraud per the court. What happens then?  Lets hope these scammers see prison! DON’T EVER GIVE UP! KEEP ON THEM!!

Carl Spackler
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