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Tony's TNT CC Tuesday 8-6 Recorded Link (Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U) - "The rate in Iraq is now 3.44" DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Tony's TNT CC Tuesday 8-6 Recorded Link (Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U) - "The rate in Iraq is now 3.44"

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Tony's TNT CC Tuesday 8-6 Recorded Link (Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U) - "The rate in Iraq is now 3.44" Empty Tony's TNT CC Tuesday 8-6 Recorded Link (Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U) - "The rate in Iraq is now 3.44"

Post by RamblerNash Thu Aug 08, 2019 12:33 am

Tony's TNT CC Tuesday 8-6 Recorded Link (Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U)


[CountryGirl59] todays call available on playback 559.726.1399...409029#


(Actual Intel Part of call starts around the 30-34 minute mark of call due to technical difficulties)

[FLPatriot59] call starting>>>>>>>>>>   t = tony | c = caller

T - Believe me, it will be worth the wait. Great info, great day. You guys are going to absolutely love this!

T - there is a VERY STRONG possibility we'll have an RV before we get this techinical issue solved.

T - Good morning, TNT! Man, that was a job making room for eveybody. I want you to know it was exciting last night, people staying up all night.

T - Last night I got a call that trucks were riding up and down the streets in IRAQ telling their people they would be int'l today, that they would assume their position in the world.

T - Got a call this morning they are waiting for the banks to open. In the mosques this morning an announcement made: this morning "will be a global force today, their economy and people will be the strongest in the world"

T - People in Iraq are buying everything today, AC's, cars, spending money left and right, buying everything off the shelves. Security has been placed at the docks to protect the ships. Driving to Kuwait and buying everything and bringing it back.

T - Their cards ARE int'l today and activated. We are waiting - it's our time. Still a media blackout. Bank people went in at 3AM this morning. Rates are "live" down to the teller window. They can see it as well. Bank in CA has actually asked someone to come and do this.

T - They were given a time and we're waiting, they're waiting. How long can they go with it being int'l there withouth it being int'l everywhere. It's already been 12 hours since they were told they are int'l. We are receiving this from citizens & govt' agencies.

T - it should be int'l here as well, tho it's not up to Iraq. The IMF has released it to them. We are waiting for something to happen here. Everybody has been told it will be today. That's the basic info - we're just waiting for sometime today, hopefully.

T - We're already 45 minutes past the time we were told. However, 1 bank has already someone to come in.

T - Again today, we are going to get reinforced about the 30 days today. I'm going to get info about the tiers, the highs and lows, etc. I was asked not to give out until the RV is announced. The rate in Iraq is now 3.44. Our rate will be significantly higher.

T - They're trying to take away all thoughts and emotions from the process and want you to go to the banks and CE right away.

q&a starting now:

C - would the upcoming 3-day holiday affect us in any way? T - no, it shouldn't affect us because we're just waiting for the announcement.

C - Can you tell us the teller rate? T - I can tell you this morning it was a double-digit rate.

T - I'm saving the text alert system to announce the RV because we will not have scheduled calls post-RV.

T - I have a list of the next currencies and that's what we'll announce post-RV.

C - I don't want to go to one bank but we have to have the dinar and VND separated. How can we do this so quickly? T - when you walk in the bank they'll let you CE a small amount. You decide which banks you want to work with and move it there.

T - you can negotiate the VND because I"m hearing they have a whole lot of room to negotiate.

PAM - I have just received a contact from our friend in Europe that the cards in Iraq are loaded and being used by the people there.

C - Are you familiar with the PP and your thoughts? T - Why would you want to mess up a perfectly good day? I can't wait to hear what excuse they're going to give after the RV. We've been hearing for years they would get paid before we get the RV. Remember, they said these PPs had to deliver 1st.

T - I cannot wait to hear what they'll say because the RV is already here!!

T - I'm thinking I'll be iin Atlanta this weekend and want to host an event during this cashout. We'll put that info on the board and let everyone know.

C - On another site they're saying it won't go until the 10th. Is that true? T - today is the 6th. Could they wait another 3 day? Since it's int'l now and they are announcing to their people thru loud-speakers on trucks that it's int'l. This is verifiable. How long can they keep it from the world?

[FLPatriot59] T - Agencies are saying we should see this today because there's no reason for holding it back. The rest of the world doesn't know. Security is guarding the ships with the food and lumber on them because that's what they need the most: food and shelter.

T - A whole country just got paid today. We're just 3-4M people. How long can they hold it?

C - regarding the bank spread, can we negotiate the UST spread? T - the UST spread is built into the rate but the bank spread is negotiable. They've been told not to let your money walk out the bank. They are to negotiate with you down to 0 based on your skills and money

T - I'll give you the tools to fight with. 4X will come out with the market rate and will be market driven.

C - what's to stop Iraqis from leaving there and coming here to buy more IQD? T - they can't leave the country legally with more than $10K, like us. They'll catch them and put them in prison.

C - Did you tell everything you know to Okie? T - yes. I want everybody on all sites to know: I don't have a problem sharing info with anybody. We're all supposed to help one another to get thru this. Okie asked me this morning if he should wait until after my call. I said absolulely not!.....

T - Let's get the info out there. I like Okie and I know he's trying to do the best he can. I don't have any problem with anyone else because I like to believe they're doing the best they can with what they're given.

T - there are peeps out there who are trying to take advantage of people. But the majority are trying to do the right thing. Somebody called me last night and asked me to verify. I called DC, NC, TX, Kurdistan, Baghdad and less than 15 minutes I verified it was true. That's how we're supposed to do.

T - I'm not Okie's only source of info. He still has to go and verify it with his guys.

C - on Recaps it said the rates for the lowest tier would be $11 or higher. T - yes, what we're looking at this morning is definitely higher. I know you don't believe in the 30 days, but you go at your own risk. The rate was changed because they want to get people CE'd.

C - without compromising anything, can you share what the next step should be - what's holding it up on this side? T - shouldn't be anything holding it up at all. When they went thru the streets telling the Iraqis they are int'l last night, that should have been the end.

T - the bankers can see the rates on their screens. They just don't have the authority to process a transaction. I should know more when I get off this call.

C - is the RV just in Kurdistan? T - no, it's throughout the entire country and we verfiied that this morning.

C - what's going with Maliki? T - I haven't talked with anyone in Fallujah yet. The M situation is under

C - Are the banks intentionally holding this off from us? T - no, the banks want this for us so they can fill their coffers. They're not the ones holding this off. People at the UST have given the codes to the banks. It has to be operating or their cards wouldn't be working and their cards wouldn't.

T - we've been told CBI has released it, so they're not holding it back. It has to be the IMF or the US Gov't holding. Must be something else going on we don't know about.

T - yesterday someone in Switzerland with an SKR whose funds were released yesterday and his account is active. So we're hoping we'll see it here today, or sometime this week. They can't keep it secert indefinitely.

T - if the Gov't wanted us to be poor, they would have changed 13303 to make sure we never could have the dinar.

C - VND rate? T - this morning it was at .92

C - received a call from a wealth manager at WF who apparently jumped the gun & wanted to set up an LLC for me. He gave me his name and everything & apparently I'm on a list there. Said they'd call me when he had authorization. T - don't know anything about it.

C - you mentioned last week that the VND had a back-rate we could get. Can you share? T -I will post-RV. They're all supposed to go at the same time. The VND actually might have been a better bet than the dinar.,

C - heard VND could be $3. T - could be over $2

t - chit chat about family, vegas, ETC....

C - I have reserves in another city that expires on Thursday. Can I leave today or do you think I'll have to wait? T - hopefully you'll be able to go today. Don't know how long they can hold off & we should know more today than yesterday.

T - just looked at the board and there are 11,000 people on the board! Not bad for 1.5 months.

C - you don't think we'll have to negotiate the rates? T - no, they're making them so high so you won't have to stand in line going to many banks comparing rates. Everybody should be happy enough with the rates.

C - Question about the bank groups, my trust, etc. I've been reticent about joining people joining groups. The person who set up my trust said people who are in groups may be considered by the IRS as a group of investors. T - I'm not sure, but with the 11% tax that could be true. I don't know.

T - none of the banks or exchangers are paying me anything. I'm just trying to give you the best info so you can make good decisions. There may be hidden things you may want to look at before you decide.

C - if the banks are trying to level the playing fields, is there a reason to go with a group? T - the banks weren't trying to level the playing, that was the UST giving the banks more authorization and flexibility.

T - I have a bank that said they'll give me $8 on day 1, no matter the rate, or $3 over street rate no matter what. Then last Sat/Sun new bank procedures said you can't do that. They've raised the rates so high it's ridiculous.

T - we know about where they are going to be in their rates. There is a floor and a ceiling and they have plenty of room. I know the top rates won't last more than 30 days. They're talking about double-digit rates.

T - we know about where they are going to be in their rates. There is a floor and a ceiling and they have plenty of room. I know the top rates won't last more than 30 days. They're talking about double-digit rates.

C - My daughter has her own dinar. Can I CE hers with mine? T - it's probably better for her to CE separately from her. Otherwise you'll pay gift tax.

C - if we're doing an exchange with a dealer, is that considered a buy/sell instead of an exchange with relation to taxes? T - they are doing something different for the 11% to be applied because none of the other banks are doing that. Read the fine print.

C - have the bonds been cleared up, whatever that was? T - I don't know anything abou that. C - is the celing over $18? T - I can tell you it's under $20.

C - a rumor is that Congress is trying to slip in a bill that seals their tax returns for 50 years. T - could be but don't think that's holding anything up.

T/C - asking questions about LLC, corps, gifting letters, etc. - seek professional advise!!

T - the bank will try to become everything to you. That's their goal.

FLPatriot59] T - good news is that they're spending money like never before. Everybody is trying to buy whatever they can. People are in fact at the banks here, we just have to wait and see. If something really good happens you'll get a text. Enjoy your day!

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Tony's TNT CC Tuesday 8-6 Recorded Link (Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U) - "The rate in Iraq is now 3.44" Empty Re: Tony's TNT CC Tuesday 8-6 Recorded Link (Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U) - "The rate in Iraq is now 3.44"

Post by Captain259 Thu Aug 08, 2019 9:14 pm

AND ALL OF TONY AND RAYS READERS ARE SAYING-------------AMEN-----AMEN-----BECAUSE THESE TWO GUYS ARE ---------------------------------FULL OF SHIT----------------------ALL BULLSHIT----------------AMEN----------------

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