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Economy of Iraq .. and Abdul Mahdi DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Economy of Iraq .. and Abdul Mahdi

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Economy of Iraq .. and Abdul Mahdi Empty Economy of Iraq .. and Abdul Mahdi

Post by claud39 on Sun Aug 04, 2019 12:35 pm

Economy of Iraq .. and Abdul Mahdi


Economy of Iraq .. and Abdul Mahdi %D9%82%D9%84%D9%85-1

Books / Abdul Jalil Al-Zubaidi ...

It seems that the plan of Mr. Adel Abdul-Mahdi is to inject money in the market and increase the purchasing power of the individual in the hope of activating the outputs of the activation of wealth and therefore positively reflected on the living situation and well-being of the citizen ..

The increase in salaries, the inclusion of new salary categories, and the expansion of loan categories and the increase of the beneficiary groups, are positive measures in this direction.

It seems to me that Mr. Abdul Mahdi (presumably) that the citizen has the skills in the field of employment and investment and that he will invest the added money in small projects, through additional income or through loans and ultimately will contribute to the citizen to activate the movement of the private sector and maximize investment in small projects that revive life And improve the lifestyle of the individual and the appearance of the city.

As an example: The simplest aspiration of any official is that the citizen contributes to solving the housing crisis through the use of funds and loans in the construction of housing and thus raise part of the heavy burden on the government, knowing that the capital of the Iraqi private sector is the most fearful and reflected in modern history Thus it invests in the real estate market which is safest anywhere in the world ..

Mr. Abdul Mahdi's plan is somewhat similar to that of the British government after the second war.

Britain and before the national wealth distribution plan began, plans were put in place to modernize the industry and activate the private industrial sector. Plans were also made to expand agriculture and increase food production in the UK and in the colonies.

And recently saw a documentary program talking about direct and indirect media and propaganda programs developed by the British government after the war and its goal to improve and develop the taste of the citizen and push him to adopt new patterns and methods different in his daily life and in his clothing and in his handling, including the method of speech from the refinement of Watchett and Prestige, The details of the individual's behavior in order to inform him that he is coming to a new stage.

** Unless it is considered

Unless the Iraqi planners consider that:

+ The Iraqi individual suffers from ignorance and the lack of economic culture, including the culture of operating the money, in light of the psychological feeling (over forty years) turned into a negative instinct towards consumption, indicating that 750 thousand Iraqis (and during the past months) took the money and traveled to Iran, Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, And Azerbaijan spent there on tourism !!!

++ The banking institution in Iraq is repulsive and not attractive and distrust it and do not trust, neither the state nor the citizen ..

+++ Lack of government awareness in education on investment and small industries (similar to the Turkish experience in 2000).

The backwardness of the administrative system of the Iraqi state
The collapse of the Iraqi private sector as well as the flight of investments and capital abroad.

The absence of national media and the absence of national media strategy and the absence of rules and laws that control the destructive media discourse which adopts despair and despair and spread misery, fear and intimidation, according to precise plans prepared by scientists and experts employed by the media financier !!!

In the end, I think the plan needs to be reconsidered, and we must return to the strict central system in the distribution and direction of wealth, as well as in the adoption of central development plans, after the failure of chaotic liberalism in Iraq .

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