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Al-Hashemi reveals a huge breach in the Central Bank of billions of dollars with "whales" DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Al-Hashemi reveals a huge breach in the Central Bank of billions of dollars with "whales"

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Al-Hashemi reveals a huge breach in the Central Bank of billions of dollars with "whales" Empty Al-Hashemi reveals a huge breach in the Central Bank of billions of dollars with "whales"

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jul 31, 2019 11:38 pm

Al-Hashemi reveals a huge breach in the Central Bank of billions of dollars with "whales"

Al-Hashemi reveals a huge breach in the Central Bank of billions of dollars with "whales" Story_img_5d41fb40a0a9b

2018/7/31 23:34

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Member of the Commission on Integrity Parliamentary Khalid al-Jeshmi, a major breach in the Central Bank with whales "worth billions of dollars.

"The Central Bank recommended a decision by the Council of Ministers to reduce the rate of 50% of the interest of loans to influential businessmen for the past years," Al-Gheshmi said on Al-Furat satellite channel.

He pointed out that "the existence of documents for loans in amounts of {575} million dollars and there are 18 loans of this size in the amount of not less than {250} million dollars," noting that "the total borrowers (20} people of the Commercial Bank of Iraq in previous years in the time of {Hamdiya dry} And billions of dollars. "

"These are the whales and are supported by senior state officials and political leaders, which is financial corruption," he said. "For years, traders have not paid the interest rate or the assets of their debt. When the current director wanted to push them to pay, he was put under pressure and threatened to resign. And accountability to yield to some unacceptable things "

"The Central Bank has formed a committee and come out with these irresponsible and unjust recommendations. These traders have become billionaires after they were nothing," he said.

"The Central Bank issued a recommendation to reduce the benefits of influential businessmen two days ago and we received yesterday, and the first was the central bank to give housing loans at a rate of 2% for citizens," he said. "The book refers to the decision of the Council of Ministers issued because of the financial crisis experienced by The country and the war on the urging of this decision for companies that have committed with the State contracts to implement projects and provided them with facilities and teams in the currency because they were severely damaged because of the suspension of their projects and the State then did not have sufficient liquidity to finance projects and even reduce the loans.

"But according to my own information, these 20 influential people went to the director general of the Commercial Bank and asked him to reduce the benefits based on this decision, refused to reduce their debts and told them literally that they did not include this decision; so he resorted to the Central Bank and obtained a decision in their favor, "These [20] have a strong back from the politicians known and leaders in the state and have a partnership in the Kurdistan region and one of these powerful traders responsible for holding cars Interior corrupt."

"All of them are whales of corruption and want to delay loans at the expense of the people's money. The governor of the central bank, Ali Al-Aalak, should not take this step and issue a decision to reduce the benefits of corruption whales to 50%, estimated at more than one billion dollars for previous years."

"The loans received by influential businessmen exceed the $ 5 billion," he said, pointing out that "the Anti-Corruption Council has not dealt with them until now, noting that many loans were granted guarantees are trivial," expressing "regret that not taken appropriate action by The federal government that applies the laws on this issue. "

On the hosting of the ministers of finance Fouad Hussein and oil Thamer Ghadhban and the head of the Office of Financial Supervision explained Geshmi "today was hosted by the Minister of Finance and Oil and the President of the Office of Financial Supervision on the background of the delivery of oil region to the federal government, and whether the current government and finance committed to the budget law and did not pay the dues of the region only after Delivery of oil and came the answer of anger with the letter (we have no control over the fields of the region and Mosul and Kirkuk). "

He noted that "Ghadban during the hosting session that the region exports {461} thousand barrels per day across the border crossings and 150 thousand barrels per day smuggling, that is, the region produces daily more than {600} thousand barrels per day and amounts if counted on {50} dollars per barrel One, the amount obtained will be {12} billion dollars a year, all go to the province of the region. "

"The head of the Office of Financial Supervision in charge of monitoring the accounts and revenues collected in the region, he also stressed that {institutions and the government of the region was prevented from submitting the required documents or control of its resources and exports abroad)," adding that "the President of the Office of Financial Supervision filed a lawsuit against Territory and waiting for the answer. "

He stressed that "the Minister of Finance did not deliver the amounts of duties, taxes and fines imposed in the region and customs fees to the treasury of the state has been disbursements of the region of {4} trillion and {500} billion dinars, and remained for the province in the budget only {5} trillion dinars without access Of which one dinar. "

On the subject of the presidency of the Commission on Integrity Parliamentary Committee member said "a month ago elections were held for the chairmanship of the Commission and 3 candidates for the position in the first round did not receive any of them an absolute majority, and went to a second round did not get {Ali al-Saghri and Ahmad Mashhadani} an absolute majority or a simple total number Members of the Committee and they are 23 deputies, "stressing that" the Chairman of the Integrity Committee is the MP Hisham Suhail oldest until the election of the new Chairman of the Committee. "


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