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Mark Zerfoss (aka MarkZ): "We are waiting for reports from all over" 7/29/19 AM DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Mark Zerfoss (aka MarkZ): "We are waiting for reports from all over" 7/29/19 AM

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Mark Zerfoss (aka MarkZ): "We are waiting for reports from all over" 7/29/19 AM Empty Mark Zerfoss (aka MarkZ): "We are waiting for reports from all over" 7/29/19 AM

Post by RamblerNash Mon Jul 29, 2019 10:24 pm

Q:  Much has been said over the weekend. has this finally started? I pray!!!

MZ:  No bad news this weekend…..Hearing from Zimbabwe that they want everything done by mid-August. They want the big bills off the street and destroyed. So that kinda gives us a timetable to look for and why they are pushing hard to get this thing out of the door.

MZ: WE are hearing that the money is positioned for 4a and that they are finishing up with 4A to get 4B out the door. I am very confident that we are close.

MZ: Its still too early in Reno and I need to talk with paymasters and get specifics today . We are waiting for reports from all over so I plan to have another stream at 5pm est today

MZ: I hear some people claiming this will all be done between now and the 8th, and some claiming it will be done between now and the 12th……most agree it is starting this week and at any moment now.

Member:  If 4A is being done...they should have rates

MZ: I don’t know anyone who has cash yet.

Q: Any news on the Grand Jury?

MZ: It may take a couple weeks to get the jury picked….don’t expect any updates until then. There is no rushing this one.

Member:  Big arrests happening this week Comey or Clinton??

MZ: I did hear we will see a lot of arrests/indictments happening this week…..

Member:  ​DECLAS is being prepared to occur as the death penalty was timely reinstated while both the Epstein case and Mueller charade continues.

MZ: I was told they could not arrest any congressman until they were out of session…..They all just went on vacation….so that is why I am hearing the arrests will now start.

Member:  Most sources are currently remaining silent in regards to the RV. The private currency redemption phase is expected to begin by the end of the month as the RV was launched on July 22nd.

Member:  Judy Shelton Tweeted over the weekend, "Get ready for the World Economy's best Week of 2019". IMO, Consider this to be a "Rumor" unless proven otherwise.

Member:  Judy Shelton tweeted that this is the economy's biggest week of 2019 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-07-28/the-world-economy-s-biggest-week-of-2019-as-fed-prepares-cut

Member:  Frank 26 days Iraq is article 8 just have to announce it

MZ: I consider Frank to be one of the best sources coming out of Iraq.

Member:  IMF has declared that Iraq is now article 8 ready to go

Member:  IMF declares that Iraq is now fully article 8 time to revalue


Q:  Any CMKX or Omega news??????

MZ: Many people are unfamiliar with CMKX:  CMKX is a stock ticker for CKMN diamonds . Here is a your tube on how there was a short and why there is a payment due for CMKX:  Everyone should watch this video.


Member:  Thank you, Mark. Blessings on your week and research. Timing is everything - "Trust the Plan".....

Member:  Question Mark: Is Stage Set? WOW: “Get Ready for the World Economy’s Biggest Week of 2019“ Says @JudyShelton Note: Cats’ Away, Mice Play— Steven Mnuchin to China Trade Talks. Attention on Fed lowering interest rates. Then Judy Shelton seems to go on to explain in other tweets the impossibility of the current system working plus the Global Interconnected Consequences of One Player’s Actions in current Fiat System. Also other articles do the same: JPMorgan: We Believe The Dollar Could Lose Its Status as reserve currency

Member: Trump just signed the 911 victim compensation fund.

MZ: Wonder where all that money will be coming from? Hmmmmmm

MZ: Going to be digging for news all day. Will be talking to contacts out west and in Iraq and Europe today.......will have more news later.......  See you at 5PM EST.

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