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70 billion dinars to implement 65 schools in Wasit DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

70 billion dinars to implement 65 schools in Wasit

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70 billion dinars to implement 65 schools in Wasit Empty 70 billion dinars to implement 65 schools in Wasit

Post by claud39 on Mon Jul 29, 2019 7:12 am

70 billion dinars to implement 65 schools in Wasit


70 billion dinars to implement 65 schools in Wasit 16482

Economy News Baghdad

The local administration in Wasit announced the transfer of 65 new model schools for implementation distributed among the general center and districts and districts of the province at a cost of 70 billion dinars, while the allocation of more than four billion dinars as a first payment for the restoration of 130 schools.

The Governor of Wasit Mohammed al-Mayahi said in a statement quoted by the newspaper "Sabah" official and briefed by "Economy News", "The Contracts Department in the Office of the province announced 65 schools model of different capacities of 9 rows and 12 rows and 18 rows, as well as multi-purpose halls and scientific laboratories Fully furnished at a cost of 70 billion dinars. "

He pointed out that "the amount allocated was 36 billion dinars and was increased for the establishment of model schools integrated infrastructure according to designs in developed countries," stressing "the approval of the provincial council on the new financial allocation to build these schools."

Al-Mayahi explained that "the schools were distributed between the center of the city of Kut and the districts and districts according to the actual need of 20 schools in the center of Kut and seven schools in Essaouira and six schools in Nu'maniyah and four schools in the neighborhood and four schools in Azizia and three schools in each of the Liberal and Zubaidiya and Shuhaimia and two schools in each of The areas of the master of martyrs, Sheikh Saad, Dujaili, Mufikia and Bashira and one school in Badra, Jassan, Zerbatiya, Hafariya and Dibouni.

He pointed out that "the announcement of the projects was done in cooperation between the Contracts Department in the Office of the Governorate and the Department of School Buildings of the Directorate of Education," noting that "the cost of building new schools amounting to 70 billion dinars comes within the allocations allocations development regions after the launch of financial allocations for the annual budget.

He added that "there are 48 new schools within the budget of regional development projects reached completion rates to advanced stages and work to complete them, while the number of schools implemented within the projects of the Ministry of Education 46 schools and work stopped because of the financial crisis and now Wasit province in the process of re-work after the decision The Council of Ministers to allocate funds and restore the work of the companies that implement them. "

"Four billion and 500 million dinars have been allocated as a first payment for the renovation of 130 schools over the next two months, and the completion of their work will be completed before the start of the new school year," the governor said, stressing "finding solutions for the ministerial schools within the steel structures that are still pending. Solutions ".

He stressed that "the province's administration decided not to refer the construction of schools or any other project for all construction companies that did not succeed in the stages of implementation of the previous and showed defects after that," pointing out that "the province is seriously seeking to end the suffering in the logistical support of the Department of school buildings and strengthen the department with engineers and expertise Technical ".

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