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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet Pts by AZhombre) 7/26/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet Pts by AZhombre) 7/26/19

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet Pts by AZhombre) 7/26/19 Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet Pts by AZhombre) 7/26/19

Post by RamblerNash Fri Jul 26, 2019 11:20 pm

·         Tony/Ray Mon (7/22) No Call………

·         Tony/Wed (7/24) ”what is Mike, Mike?: Ray explained “it’s hump day!” …Don’t know why people are upset when the rates on the screens are getting higher.  No rhyme or reason.  Heard Zim holding it up….Nothing Iraq is doing is holding it up.  Just waiting.  Every time they don’t do it go out and get you some more Dong…$49 can get you up to $2m.  When it does go, you’re going to wish you had.  Bank branches are starting to have an issue because more and more branch managers know this is real.  Managers and tellers are going out and buying, spending $49 to change their lives.  Good news is we’re still alive.

·         Tony/Fri (7/26): It’s Friday!  Update of “J” and his family.  11 days of mourning. Hopefully would like to have the family here for you guys.  Ray/no updates since last call.  T/we know bank personnel are still on standby.  Our bank contact told us as of Wed had 10 days to get this party started.  Did hear it again this morning from a different source.  Told everything is done and completed at banking.  Treasure source said waiting for a go.  Iraq told us in June they would have an international card by July.  Makes sense.  Didn’t have it the first week of July.  Article came out and now have an international card they could use.  Some people think that rate could come out tonight or over the weekend.  It’s now official Iraq has an international travel card.  Can’t guarantee anything.  They all think it could be over the weekend, could be Tues morning.  Rate is still climbing.  Nobody knows what it’s going to finalize at.  Everybody on standby, probably high alert after 5pm.  Our guy who was supposed to get the $40 m, didn’t.  Here’s the good news.  We had 2 guys do contracts on multi-million-dollar houses and cars.  The bank told him to go ahead and complete the purchase and they would back it.  Go ahead and do it, we’ll put up the money.  Be excited it’s being done!  The escrow is in 30 days anyway.  They’re sure the money will be in his account.  All we have to do is let the celebration begin!  Exciting weekend.  Wait, our committee guy said his bank was also giving him money to purchase a bank on his own.  For 2 days, 2 people being funded by banks because they know it’s going!

·         Q&A: https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65744997/questions-for-ray-cc-072619/

·         NewMoney28:  Have you gotten any update concerning the person who had an appointment to possibility exchanged dong? Ans: R/no update.

·         Jiminkc:  1. Zimbabwe – Has there been a decision made on exchanging it? If so, will it go at the same time as the other currencies?  2. What are the updated rates you said were rising while we wait?  Have you asked different banks about what is included in their structured payouts? Who is requiring the structured payouts – the UST, Pentagon, Banks? Is the number of years negotiable for older citizens? What are some Other details, so we are not caught off guard?Ans T/yes it will go at the same time.  How can they let the Dinar and Dong go, and next wk/month let the Zim go?  All the same time! I haven’t asked banks.  We’re going to wait until they make the announcement.  We’ll talk to you before you make it at the bank.

·         Heartlight2: Follow up from my Wednesday questions about Canada & contract rate, you said it made you remember something you wanted to ask “HIM” assuming you meant that person was in Canada can you tell us if you contacted that person, and if so, are you willing and able to share now what it was about?  Ans: I would share but can’t remember.  Sorry!

·         Red:  Q1. A couple of calls back one of the callers gave you a question that reminded you of your contact in Canada you’re going to contact them and it seemed rather urgent will you share that important information with us at this time?  Q 2. A few weeks ago you mentioned one dollar for this M if we had a humanitarian program for the United States and two dollars for this them if we had a humanitarian program or Zimbabwe, is that still the rates that are available?  Q3. Are the investments through the IMF still available to us and do you still believe they could pay us 10% per month on our investment?  Q4. Will the wealth managers/ investment advisors at all five top-tier banks be aware of these IMF investments and be able to hook us up?  Q5. a few weeks ago you reported to us that the banks were given the green light to go at will, since the bankers are staffing their exchange centers regularly and they have a green light to go, what pray tell could be holding them back?  Ans: Zim 11cents, 22 cents, $2 if humanitarian project.  We should get the additional info on how we can get involved.  Can’t tell you what each WM knows at each bank.

·         SunStar: 1). Tony, have you had any contact with any of your store vendors in the US or Iraq, any updates you can share…? 2) Any currency vendor updates or news you can share… 3) Any dinar rate news on the Gazette.  Ans: Supposed to be a vote on their new governor.  Travel Card went thru and is official.  No news articles on new governor.

·         Skinman:  what year and denomination of Afghani banknotes will we be able to exchange?  Ans: R/1k notes accepting.  1993+

·         Nicole19:  You were wondering the origin of the expression “Mike Mike”.  It originated in WW2 when the military was trying to establish short term radio communications, particularly with walkie talkies.  In those days everything had radio tubes and was battery powered.  Not the most reliable.    Mike Mike was simply something easy to say over and over until such time you finally got a response back.  This continued through the Korean War and Viet Nam.  I don’t know about today

·         9 Ball: After all the meetings, if the Zim decision was in our favor, why is the committee member still saying it is a no-go?  Ans:  They still don’t believe it!

·         AZhombre:  I’m buying more Dong after the call. Going to take it with me on a much-needed family get together. If we have an RV by the time, we all meet, I’ll give each of our adult children one 100,000 Dong and say: Don’t lose this. You’ll be very disappointed losing $45k! Then they’ll finally know their dad wasn’t nuts! My question: As of today, Fri 7/26/’19 what the latest rates for are 1) Dinar? 2) Dong? 3) Zim? and 4) Rupiah?  Ans: R/all the same.  T/47cents, becomes $45, you’re still right and a nut!  A lot of you are going to see it.  Money doesn’t make you any smarter, it’s just going to make you a rich dummy!

·         Nikkiwoo: What are your thoughts on the IMF feedback in that the Dinar will remain pegged to the USD? Ans: supposed to tied to the basket.  We’ll know what exchange rate.  Do think it will be pegged to the basket.

·         SusanaC: Banks given 10 days to get this process started.  Liquid yet (SKR’s)? T/no.  Preparing to do it.  Should happen within 10 days, another guy says by Wed (31st).  Banks are going to put up the money.

·         Live Callers:

·         916/Sacramento, CA. C/Tried to buy more Dong, and wouldn’t let me!  T/What did they say?  C/told “we can’t sell it right now”!  Normally they would do it from the computer and couldn’t get it to come up at Chase.  At Bank of America they said they weren’t selling it!  T/What did they say this morning?  C/haven’t checked.  T/was texted “I bought Dong!”  Travelex will give you all they can!

·         208/ Boise City, ID.  C/think it will happen by end of month?  T/yes, they said by end of the month last month also!  All saying everything is done.

·         850/Tallahassee, FL.  T/Treasury guy expected it last month!  No proof if done in Iraq.  Doesn’t matter all has been completed.

·         281/Houston, TX C/Iraqi private satellite banks in the USA?  T/Iraq has branches in US.  I haven’t seen any, nor heard of anywhere.  There are private banks. Tony has one 3 blocks from his house, never sees anyone there.  C/how do you qualify for a private bank.  T/business people, $5m accounts, etc.  China has private banks here.  What’s the purpose of having 50 private banks over here?  Iraqi US citizens traveling 5 hrs. to bank?  I don’t see them anywhere.  C/heard not operating yet until it goes live, then we’ll start hearing more about it.  T/Not going to hear anything about them.  The rest of the population doesn’t care.  China banks in LA, NY.  C/wants to convert US dollar to Yuan.  T/WF has multi-currency accounts.  Going to go by regulations, reporting to IRS, Treasury, etc.

·         617/ Boston, MA.  C/who is this “Mr. C”?  T/nobody!  People think he runs everything in Reno, he’s going to flip the switch, demand it’s done, nobody going to get paid until he gets paid first.  He’s nobody!

·         703/Arlington, VA.  C/What bothers me is a lot of people come on here and ask questions who are doing petty crap!  If you don’t like what you hear, get off the call.  R&T/liked what she had to say!

·         765/Muncie, IN.  C/What’s your gut feeling?  T/within the next 7-10 days.  Maybe by end of the month.  Banks don’t go this far on lock-down or standby and it not going.  Like the cards have gone international.  We’ll see if it happens over the weekend.

·         251/Mobile, AL. C/heard this happened before with Kuwait?  T/yes.  A lot of people didn’t know about it.  The rich got richer.  Because it’s dragged on more people are involved.  C/Dong; $47 for a million, keep in checking or savings?  T/where you get the highest interest rate.

·         615/Nashville, TN.  C/a wk ago the banks said they wanted to do the $5m accnt people.  Did that happen or was it just an excuse?  T/happened, like the guy with $40m w SKR’s.  They thought it would be done and helping us.  They are quiet, phones monitored even at home.  Bankers threatened last wk. losing their jobs!  C/should the Dinar be in separate accnt or not?  T/During the Obama Admin Treas Dept told me to separate them.  This admin says no taxes anywhere.  C/keep the Dinar separated from the others?  T/yes.  Bank is going to say it doesn’t matter.  I’m going to separate mine because the Treasury Dept guy knows more than me.

·         707/Santa Rosa, CA.  C/politicians exchange did get paid?  T/yes.  C/wants to discuss why it didn’t happen on Mon.  T/We know it didn’t happen because somebody didn’t give them the “go”.  C/discussed Zim last week that stopped it.Why do they keep telling you it’s going?  T/that’s what we’re being told.  Agreements in negotiations.  BIS, IMF, Treasury, World Bank all involved.  C/says his contact in London, top position, hasn’t heard of this.  T/call Abbot Downing now and talk with their top bankers and they haven’t heard of this.

·         574/South Bend, IN.  C/Lady Songbird, requesting the reggae Birthday Song.

·         610/Gman in Allentown, PA. (TNT shill. Ad removed)

·         704/Charlotte, NC. C/crazy sibling that listens to the crazy idiots.  Talking about HSBC.  Not tier 1 bank, but a 3!  Worked for WF, Wachovia.  T/HSBC owns 30% of WF.  BofA didn’t want the general public coming to them.  

·         Tony/ Everybody is on standby.  Worse case somewhere in the next 10 days!  Because the travel cards went yesterday, we could see something happen on Sat.

·         Interesting Recent Comments & Questions (a few of AZhombre’s picks):
    • R/members created 21 pgs. booklet. tiny.cc/prep4xchange w worksheet.
    • R/Contract rate won’t be fluctuating.
    • T/Still must dial 800# with a 5k note, can’t just walk into the bank to exchange it.
    • T/Have a plan for what I shared. You can expect 1-2% fees, probably less.
    • T/Are those 13 (banking seminar) events on the same day? R/yes. (see web site).
    • T/Heard you can get contract rates on all the currencies I’m going to try on mine!
    • T/You with millions are going to be able to negotiate. (it’s how you negotiate).
    • T/Iraqi Dinar will be higher than the Kuwait ($3.29) Dinar. Within 15 cents range.
    • T/From another source we have 30m people with Dinar. 5m new millionaires!
    • C/2nd basket: Russian Ruble, Indian Rupee, China Yuan, Mexico Peso, Norway Krone, Swiss Franc, Australia Dollar, and Pakistan Rupee.
    • Former Rates; Dinar: $3.50, $3.63, $4.43, $28.50. Dong: $0.47, $1.00, $1.37, $2.23. Zim $0.22 – $0.33. Afghani $2.39. Rial $3.24. Rupiah: $1.08-$1.30
    • Updated Rates (7/05/2019) Dianr: $3.65, $4.47, $6.00, $8.00. Contract rate $28.50.  Dong: everybody can get $0.47, $0.56, $0.87, $2.27 and contract rate of $6.00.  Zim: $0.11, $0.22, Contract rate of $0.35), & Rupiah: $1.05, $1:08, $1.25.

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