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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/23/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/23/19

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/23/19 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/23/19

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jul 24, 2019 10:24 pm

Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  This is sort of an interesting time because what is so strange is information we get is compiled. We get a few different viewpoints on it. We try to get a consensus of information that makes sense and allows us to kind of have a true bearing really where we are.  What is so strange is forever we thought this is about Iraq. Iraq is the lynch pin.

Iraq is this. They are a key component in this, but they are one of 7 countries in this that are revaluing in the first basket or first offering which is the preferred terminology.

What is interesting about what is going on about is the Iraqi Dinar had a rate that came up Sunday night in time to trade it on the Chinese markets, and they usually start there in Hong Kong, Beijing. Then work its way over to Zurich trading going on there, Dubai, India probably some trading there. Then it makes it way over to London, and then over to the United States where it is traded.

​It kind of makes it way from east to west.

Bruce:  What is interesting about Iraq is that the rate would be flashing which means it is not tradable and not truly visible except with the strobe light which does work in which you can kind of see what the flashing rate is. The point is the Dinar has been coming from not every other currency except Dinar to okay the Dinar is flashing and every other currency is there and it is fluctuating. 

There is fluctuating which is a good thing. Then there is flashing which is a bad thing. You can’t do anything if the currency indicator or the rate itself is flashing. It would flash. Then all of a sudden it would not be flashing and we would have fluctuation of the rate of the Dinar would come up. It would come up for 2, 4, or 6 hours and then it would come back to flashing. Then the next day it would come back up again.

Bruce:  I think it is all a way to do 2 things. 1) The CBI of Iraq the Dinar basically is being connected to all the platforms it needs to connect to globally as part of the QFS, Quantum Financial System.  Now, with that happening we had yesterday that there were only 3 more platforms for the Dinar needed to connect to between 1:30pm yesterday afternoon and at Midnight last night.

​I thinking okay that is a pretty good window for all the platform connections. It can complete anywhere from that time of 1:30pm to midnight, and perhaps it did complete. However, today the rates were on the screens. I am sure they were fluctuating and being traded upward, and they want them to be traded towards the higher end where the Dinar supposed to start.

Bruce:  It was interesting 2 or 3 days ago.  Many of you been in this a long time. Remember when we had the United States Chamber of Commerce meeting in 2012 where Dr. Shabibi, the head of the CBI at the time, spoke and he spoken very good English. He spoke to a press audience, and there were some people in there that were part of this whole scene that we are in. One of the gentlemen asked Dr. Shabibi about specifics about the rate that the Iraqi Dinar could support. Dr. Shabibi said at that time in 2012, that the Iraqi Dinar could support a rate of $16.00 It was like What? What are you talking about?  Now, really that is a fantastic rate.

Bruce:  I believe if they are trying to get the rate higher. I do not believe the last time we looked it was anywhere near that, but it was being traded upward. We know that the Dinar because it is gold back, it has a good value, and it will have a good value. It is interesting 2 or 3 days ago that the video of Dr. Shabibi speaking about the true value of the Dinar back in 2012 about what it would be not what it was then, but what it could support when it goes internationally live.  He was speaking to a US audience who he was referring to the rate we might evidently see. What I think what is interesting about it is that video has surfaced on YouTube the last couple of days with some prominence.  I think that is interesting because I remember hearing about it when it was actually happening and actually seeing it, I believe online in 2012, and then of course, being able to see it as a reply on YouTube back then. Here it is 7 years later and it has kind of made it to the forefront again. I think that is interesting.

Bruce:  Now, what is funny is that the Dinar is up. It’s flashing. It is up and fluctuating and flashing. It is sort of up and then back down. Is there more connectivity to it that needs to be complete or else why would it be up today and let’s say at noon it went down for 6 or 7 hours? I do not know if it is up or down right now meaning on the screens fluctuating, but I know it was off for at least 6 or 7 hours today.  I do not know why. I will say this. The platforms that some of the groups one in particularly, Core 30 out west, it is based solely on the Dinar. That initial Core 30 Group out west is based only on Dinar. So, if the Dinar is fully on the screen live and tradable, then that program can go forward. That Group Paymasters could probably begin and go forward.  Unless it is live, happening, and stable, fluctuations are okay. It is showing the actual effects of trading, up and down. Up a little, down a little bit. Up a lot, down a lot. That is what happens in the Forex world. 

Bruce:  Here is the point. I have a theory. This is only my theory. I believe that some of this flashing of the Dinar is absolutely manipulated. It is not Iraq is not ready. They have been ready.  We haven’t been ready for them to go live. The US and in some cases some of the countries aren’t really ready. Now, I think everything is about ready now. Even yesterday, we had one more thing, and I am going to talk about that in a minute. My theory is that the Dinar flashing will stop, and the rate will be live and fluctuating when everything else is ready for this to go.  Because let say you are a banker or Redemption Center person, and you are supposed to go in and you supposed to take appointments, and you do exchanges and all of that. Then you look at the screen and the rates are not there, or the Dinar is gone, or the Dinar is flashing. How could you do it?  You can’t go through with your exchanges if you can’t see what the rate is supposed to be.

Bruce:   I think it is the way so that the banks and Redemption Centers have a way to say we are not quite there yet and blame it essentially on Iraq even thought it is really not Iraq’s fault.  That is what I am getting to. That is my theory.  This is more ready to go from an Iraq’s perspective then we realize, much more. We make it look like they are not ready or it is something with their government, or they have to pass this or do that. I am not buying it. I am not buying it for a minute. It has been ready and they are ready to go. They have interconnected the CBI and with other trading platforms around the globe. For example. The IMF needed to be connected to it. AIIB needed to be connected to it. I am sure there were other platforms and exchanges that needed to be connected to the new CBI to get the new information about the new rate. I think that should have been completed last night by midnight. Is it I can’t say for sure, but I think it is close if it is not.

Bruce:  Now, let’s go back to the one more thing. What was the one more thing that needed to happen yesterday? We found out that there is continually some clean up and some security issues that are going on. Some of you may have seen something yesterday on Bloomberg that referred to an issue that the President has referred to “Draining the Swamp”.  That is what has been happening really since Sunday at 5am in the morning. There has been a lot of cleanup on Aisle 3 been going on relative to the DC area. Let’s just say it that way. Now, this cleanup was 75% complete by about 3am this morning, but that last portion maybe be completed tonight, maybe overnight, maybe tomorrow. We do not know how quickly it can happen, but we do know that it has to happen before we get started. I do believe there is a possibility for us to move along pretty quickly once that cleanup is complete which is close. It should be very close by tonight.  Maybe it is an overnight thing. Maybe it happens by morning.  I do not know, but I know we are right there.

Bruce:  The only other thing that is interesting is there has been a time frame that we have heard about for 3 days now. It is 11:55pm to 2:18am EDT.  What that could be?  Could that be the release time of everything going of certain groups and SKRs paying out and everything rolling forward?  That was my guess anyways.  It could be something different, but that was supposed to be 2 nights ago. It didn’t happen that we know of. Last night it didn’t happen that we know of. Could tonight be a different game from 11:55pm to 2:18am?  Maybe so. Maybe this whole thing goes overnight. Maybe not. I just telling you this is a theory. This is what I am hearing. I am not calling it. I am just giving you the information darn close what I am hearing. That is exactly what I am hearing.

Bruce:  So, the point is even though the rates are still flashing on the Iraqi Dinar, that could change in an instant.  Then the Redemption Center staff could be called in. Redemption Center Staff and I believe this could be true all the way across the country, were on 24 hour call this afternoon.  So, that tells me that they know it is imminent. They know it can go at any moment, and they could be called to come in 35 to 40 minutes to be ready. To be ready to go. We know the Redemption Centers will be helping in the appointment setting process for Zim holders. When we call the 800 number that I will gladly bring you people when I get it, we will be connected to an automated service initially.

Bruce:  Then I believe when they hear the word Zimbabwe or Zimbabwe bonds or Zim that will trigger us to be connected to a live person which will be in the Redemption that we indicated by the zip code that we have entered in.  If that is the case and that is how it will work, then you will be speaking to people at the Redemption Center that you will go to exchange your currency and redeem your Zim.  So just keep that in mind. You could be talking to your end exchange person or your redemption person when you set your appointment. I am excited about it. I am excited about the possibilities. I believe there has been good information that has come in last night, yesterday, today to point to this completing in one sense or another. When someone says there is one more thing, and that is what we had yesterday-one more thing.  For security purposes there is a lot to this for the security to be there nationwide which it is set ready to go, and the security to protect us. Afterwards that is going to be a very important thing for us to look into with our bank people, with the family office we put together. Family office is one of your very top priorities when this goes and when you come home and life has changed for you and your family.

Bruce: That is pretty much what I wanted to share with you tonight. Let’s be in faith for this. Let’s be in faith with timing. I know a lot of you guys have been in this longer than me, and I have been in this for 15 years.  I get it. Some of you guys have been in it for 2 months. You don’t have a leg to stand on.  You really don’t, but the point is it is going to happen for all of us at the same time. This is like the parable of the workers. We are all going to get it together regardless how long you have been involved with this currency investment. Lets pray this out. You guys get some sleep. Let’s see what happens.  Thank you so much for being here tonight. We love you and we will be in touch with you by email after this all goes with numbers on the Big Call Universe website: bigcalluniverse.com, and also it will come in a mass email from that site.  We will be touch with you post exchange process with the information about our projects, and how we are going to move forward together.  Thank you everybody. Let’s call it a night. Shall we? Good Bye. 


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