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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by Azhombre) 7/24/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by Azhombre) 7/24/19

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by Azhombre) 7/24/19 Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by Azhombre) 7/24/19

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jul 24, 2019 10:17 pm

·         Tony’s Wed (7/17): …Please do me a favor and take the time to send his wife Vanita and two sons a thank you and let them know how much we appreciate Jitendra. Please send flowers, cards, or something and let them know how much we love them.

·         Tony’s Fri (7/19): …Info is simple.  Banks had mtgs yesterday, 6 o’clock told it was a go.  Update mtg at 3 and 4 am, it’s a go.  Everybody on standby, high alert, can’t leave town, must report in immediately… Tier 4 should start later today or sometime tomorrow…  Goal to do the “internet group” within the first 10 days!  As of yesterday, they are saying the Zim is going.  Been hold-up since Mon…We’ll know the rates, possibly the dates, either today or tomorrow, maybe after the markets close. Was supposed to go on or after 7pm last night (Thu 7/18).  Didn’t go. That is the news.  All of it.  Wait and see what happens,

·         Tony/Ray Mon (7/22) No Call………

·         Ray/Sun am chat:  Are you one of the “best of us” or are you one of the “rest of us?”  Are you ready to walk into your season???  Are you ready for your miracle???  Are you ready to pay it forward???  I feel seasons everywhere.  The sun’s about to shine… I feel blessings in the air!!! Are there any more dealers offering layaways? Hmmmmm LOL.

·         Ray/Mon updates: 7/22 5:41 pm tweet: We have been waiting to get some updates about the banking situation.  I was told the 800# could come at any minute last night.  Everyone is in position.  I will let you know if I get the update, if not we won’t have a call today.

·         Tony/”what is Mike, Mike?: Ray explained “it’s hump day!” We waited all day like Ray said.  Late Sun night received call 800#’s were coming out.  Everybody went in.  Home on Sat, called in Sunday and Monday.  Nothing happened.  Last night got a phone call.  This time get ready!  Didn’t happen.  Are on high alert.  Northern part of country have them at their desks.  Mid-west they have 1 hr to get there.  Can’t talk, etc.  Already to go.  Don’t know why people are upset when the rates on the screens are getting higher.  No rhyme or reason.  Heard Zim holding it up. Last week was worked out, changes by the hour.  Nothing Iraq is doing is holding it up.  Just waiting.  Every time they don’t do it go out and get you some more Dong.  You know the rate and contract rate.  $49 can get you up to $2m.  When it does go, you’re going to wish you had.  Banks are dealing with one situation of their own making.  Branches are starting to have an issue because more and more branch managers know this is real.  Managers and tellers are going out and buying, spending $49 to change their lives.  Good news is we’re still alive.  The money is there, bank people are still there and don’t know why they’re not going.  Still waiting.  Nothing has changed.  Procedure the same, rates going up!

·         Ray/TNT members, you’ve been on this ride long enough to know if something bad is going down or up, we will let you know.  Future “past members!”  Get’s people worked up.  Not going to do a call just for sake of doing a call.  No justification doing a call sometimes.

·         Q&A: https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65732294/questions-for-ray-cc-072419/

·         Vandutch: Greetings from the Netherlands!  I have a friend who sold his co and bought a small castle in France. (dream to live like a king in France).  Saw him and he looks terrible.  Not healthy at all.  What’s your advice for people who suddenly have money to party every day?  Consume as much as you can and as fast as you can.  Are we ready to take care of our body and mind after the RV?  Any advice?  Ans: T/life choices.  Friend who passed away.  He worried all the time.  Stressed all the time caused him to have a heart attack!  Tony smokes 2-3 cigars every day, partying at the club, etc.  When people get money, they have 2 options:  People are going to stress everyday fearful everyone is going to take your money away from you.  I got some money, put it away and let it benefit you or you don’t.  Some are going to try and get your money because they know you don’t know what to do with it.  Accounts, Lawyers, Investors, etc.  Happens to professional athletes all the time.  10 billionaires that went broke!  Trusted somebody else, worried, partied.  Up to you.  Everybody can be calm if you have a plan.  Live with your money’s money!  All I want to do is double my income by putting my money to work for me.  Learn how to say NO (world’s most powerful word in the English language).  $500k, $1-2 m will be gone in no time!  Plan on how you want to live your life.  Not going to climb into a shell hiding.  

·         Sandman: Is it possible the political football no one has discussed is the reason for the month of what we feel are delays?  Does TNT feel something is seriously out of whack?  Ans: A lot of political footballs.  Don’t see it tied to any of them.  Don’t see a lot about issues with China.  What is holding it up?  The only thing we’re hearing is Zimbabwe.  Resolved, not resolved.  Going without it then give us all this money?  Too many people know about it.  Be more specific and I’ll discuss it with you.

·         Heartlight2: Regard Canada & the contract rate:  1) Were the Canadians included in “We are the people” fight for the right to be involved in this RV?  2) Do you know if Canada was allotted a certain amount for the “contract rate” or is it just 1 large pool for everyone and is our CAP the same or smaller than USA?  3) Is there anything else you can share about Canada’s exchanges?  Ans Tony/absolutely! Included in agreement I made. I was going to give you the number of the amount of people getting the contract rate.  We should all be able to get it.  The 10k out there won’t.

·         Jiminkc:  Regarding the one bank with multiple rates for each currency:  1) Is it still saying that’s what they’ll do?  2) is it still the only bank saying it?  3) What are the latest rates for them and from other banks?  Pls talk slowly, or repeat them so I can write them down?  4) Have there been any changes to Exchange procedures?  Ans: Yes.  When they’re saying those rates, our guys are saying these are the rates they’ll use.  One says using 3 rates, another saying 5 rates.

·         Cutebwoy: Per the CBI actions in the direction of the delete the zeros project and the education of the process to the people, do you think the CBI is waiting for the new governor to be in place in Sept before we start seeing articles again from them in the news media?  Ans:  No!  I don’t believe we’re going to have to wait until Sept. They wouldn’t have gone as far as they did to wait until Oct to do it.  Banks bringing people in, paying, SKR’s liquid by Mon.  Not

·         Larry1: Do you know if there is any regulation supporting the ruling with the IRS on no taxes on the exchange?  Ans: Still don’t have any regulations.  Bank and Treasury saying no taxes.

·         Papacrackers:  We keep hearing banks will only pay contract rates for all currencies up to a certain amount (ie. Dinar $10m).  Why couldn’t I go to another bank and do the same thing over and over again to get the Contract rate for all of my currencies above the 10m?  I have 40m Dinar.  I go to 4 different banks to get the contract rate 4 times.  Ans: Supposedly if that’s the agreement/rule the Treasury will deny it.  If you thought it was a good idea, why did you expose it here.  Now they can make changes, rules, laws so we couldn’t do some things we could do.  Don’t put up a billboard.

·         Crileyhome: The banks have plans to have the Internet Grp exchanges completed within 10 days of scheduling appts.  How many people did they estimate in the Internet group?  Ans: I don’t know how many they anticipate.  Whatever it is they think it will be done in 10 days.  After that it will be a longer slower process at the banks.

·         Ify: Could you explain more about the “buddy system” concept proposed/discussed?  Ans: Ray, have a Dinar buddy.  If you miss a call, your buddy can help you.

·         Blackbird:  Any info whether we can go in with currency in hand and come back with our “lay away” currency to exchange at contract level?  Of should I wait until I have all currency in hand, but risk contracts prices are exhausted and used up?  Ans: I would try to do my best to get whatever it is on reserve.  Borrow the money.  Get your reserve in.  Wouldn’t count on going in and schedule a follow up.

·         Live Callers:

·         404 Good question Lady!  C/rates?  T/just said going higher.  C/same source saying today?  T/same source twice, and a different source.  C/Ray update?  R/waiting for further info.  T/wait, we don’t know what.  R/member who had pending Dong exchange and banker said he had a new rate, so come in!  C/Bankers buying?  T/only people who can’t buy is people at call centers.  2 or 3 branch managers find out this is real, and they call other branches, goes like a wildfire.  Protected for 10-12 yrs. is now being exposed.

·         574/AZ?  C/Political events good obstruction?  T/Not going to be a big announcement.  350m people and few watch the news.  World not focused on this.  We have 10m in Dinarians. None of this stuff effects it.  Not going see parties in the streets, etc.  Go to an office bldg. for appt times, and life move on like it always has.  Something else is affecting the RV, nothing in the public.

·         301/ Germantown, MD.  C/next best guess when it’s going?  T/we don’t know.  They turn in their phones every day.  Tues, Fri are great days.  If it happens in between I’m happy. Iraq has done everything they said they would do.  Wasn’t Iraq’s their fault if didn’t, weren’t allowed to.  C/treasury source says:  T/banks ready to go 3 times and stopped.  Something to do with the Zim and agreements.  Figure it out how to solve that.  C/just day-by-day?  T/they put new codes out the 1st of the month, secondary codes out.  Not going!  Last 3 wks. bringing people in.  Saying money will be in the bank.  Money not there yet.  Guy who did a contract for a Bentley and the money is not there.  People went in and exchanged, and they are still waiting for their money to be liquid.  Go buy some more Dong today $49m for $2m.

·         360/Vancouver, WA.  C/worrying causes heart attacks.  Everybody is a great new day!  Negative leads to frustration!  I believe you’re going to be as you are now.  W more cash more worries, etc.  Bought Dong as a “hedge”. Told a grandson, “hell with buying a golf club, buy more Dong and you’ll be able to buy a golf course”.  Tax advantages if we participated in city, state, national projects?  T/yes, make interest and help your community at the same time.  I doubt 95% have had worse times than I have the past 10 yrs.  Enjoy the moment you can.  So many people have passed.  Do you have enough?  At some point in your life you’re going to wish you had more.  If Bill Gates and Murdock (billionaires) say they’re not making any more money, then I know I have enough.  Until then buy more, you will wish you had this opportunity again.

·         214/Dallas, TX. C/Tony call your person and have them flip the switch!

·         509/Spokane, WA.C/Lagarde stepping down a good thing?  T/don’t know effect on our RV.

·         610/Gman in PA. (TNT shill. Ad removed)

·         281/Former Houston, TX grandma. C/if you could go visit family, go visit. Do they have a limit on the Dong?  T/no!  While we’re on the ride, I’m going to keep collecting. T/call and ask if they have it.

·         510/Oakland, CA.  Deborah /going back to Galveston, TX. to catch a cruise.  Have extra money to get back quickly.

·         870/Jonesboro, AR. Do we need an EIN# to get a trust?  R/recommend it.  C/buy more Dong?  T/yes!  The rate of return is greater than the Dinar.  Everybody can figure out how to come up with $50 to come out with $2m contract rate!  Your 15 yr old kid could come up with $50.  No person shouldn’t be selling currency because they aren’t licensed to do it.  Banks and exchanges will see it cheaper!

·         972/Danny in Dallas, TX. C/Banking question.  T/when you do your exchange the person you do your exchange with is going to set your rate.  Make sure you exchange with a wealth manager if you have a lot of Dinar.  They aren’t going to exchange you and then give you a higher rate days later.  What you leave with is what you’ll get!  Private Banker or Wealth Manager is because of the volume you have.  They want to send you to the right location.  C/do we tell them we’re looking for the contract rate?  T/all they are supposed to ask you is for basic info.  Tell them so you make sure.

·         Tony/Still waiting.  They are on high alert.  That’s where we want them to be.  Don’t despair, just go buy more!  Take advantage of the opportunity at hand.  If nothing happens, we’ll see you on Friday.

·         Interesting Recent Comments & Questions (a few of AZhombre’s picks):
    • R/members created 21 pgs. booklet. tiny.cc/prep4xchange w worksheet.
    • R/Contract rate won’t be fluctuating.
    • T/Still must dial 800# with a 5k note, can’t just walk into the bank to exchange it.
    • T/Have a plan for what I shared. You can expect 1-2% fees, probably less.
    • T/Are those 13 (banking seminar) events on the same day? R/yes. (see web site).
    • T/Heard you can get contract rates on all the currencies I’m going to try on mine!
    • T/You with millions are going to be able to negotiate. (it’s how you negotiate).
    • T/Iraqi Dinar will be higher than the Kuwait ($3.29) Dinar. Within 15 cents range.
    • T/From another source we have 30m people with Dinar. 5m new millionaires!
    • C/2nd basket: Russian Ruble, Indian Rupee, China Yuan, Mexico Peso, Norway Krone, Swiss Franc, Australia Dollar, and Pakistan Rupee.
    • Former Rates; Dinar: $3.50, $3.63, $4.43, $28.50. Dong: $0.47, $1.00, $1.37, $2.23. Zim $0.22 – $0.33. Afghani $2.39. Rial $3.24. Rupiah: $1.08-$1.30
    • Updated Rates (7/05/2019) Dianr: $3.65, $4.47, $6.00, $8.00. Contract rate $28.50.  Dong: everybody can get $0.47, $0.56, $0.87, $2.27 and contract rate of $6.00.  Zim: $0.11, $0.22, Contract rate of $0.35), & Rupiah: $1.05, $1:08, $1.25.

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