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Private sector retirement

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Private sector retirement Empty Private sector retirement

Post by claud39 Tue Jul 23, 2019 8:25 am

[size=36][rtl]Private sector retirement[/rtl][/size]

Monday 22 July 2019

Private sector retirement 980-Alsabbaq

Abdul Hassan Al-Shammari 

The search for government jobs is a societal culture stemming from perceptions that the future of the employee is guaranteed by his pension after the end
 the service.
This approach in ideas is intended to be effective treatments, initiated by the responsible authorities, which have the task of social security, and to find mechanisms to ensure the elderly a decent life, and here can benefit from important international experiences in this 
Many people of working age do not accept the job in the private sector with certain occupations, because there are no future guarantees, especially since many of them accept to work in simple occupations when there are guarantees 
If this requirement of "retirement" in the private sector makes many citizens work in any profession in the hope of obtaining retirement and maintain an acceptable standard of living 
 And that we achieved this will equal the work in the private sector with work in the government sector and will not see the citizen's demand for a job in
 The state.
We will also see in the case of providing real employment opportunities in the private sector with retirement .. The transition of the government employee to work in the private sector We must all work to amend the law of retirement and social security or change some articles in the law of social insurance and the privileges include all the people.
We will touch the transition of the government employee to work in the private sector, when we all work to amend the law of retirement and social security to have special privileges and includes all professions from the simplest to the owner of the plant and the company and owner of Bastia and the place of the individual and the farmer and farmers and are all covered
 By law ...
Thus, the budget provides a huge amount of money through work in productive factories and farms whose final revenues are resources in the budget, and thus can provide services and build the nation on the basis of
Here, a joint committee of the Ministry of Labor, employers and workers, other than unions that have not been able to change the status of its members, should be set up, and workshops should be held within the Ministry of Labor or at work and production sites for the purpose of listening to their proposals for the program to be integrated.

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