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 "A Few Thoughts about Mr. Cottrell" by PNW 7/18/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"A Few Thoughts about Mr. Cottrell" by PNW 7/18/19

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 "A Few Thoughts about Mr. Cottrell" by PNW 7/18/19 Empty "A Few Thoughts about Mr. Cottrell" by PNW 7/18/19

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jul 18, 2019 2:34 am

Just a few thoughts as i look over this post and what Mr. Cottrell said. It’s been kinda disheartening to be honest. 



“If this would have worked everyone of us would have lost out except the cabal and the whales whos have private exchanges are already set up.”

I find this incredibly hard to believe that an entire world plan set up over a decade ago could have failed at the hands of a single man claiming to be Cottrell, a well known public figure, surrounded by high rank military brass. No offense at all to anyone and no disrespect to Mr. Cottrell. I simply find it hard to believe such a scenario could logically happen. US intelligence would have been all over this meeting having anything to do with Trump verifying every single person involved—especially the central figure, Mr. Cottrell. Come on. How can this be possible?

Mr. Cottrell even admits to his surprise they failed to recognize the imposter.


“They [the Chinese entourage] then went to Cleveland Ohio and had a sit-down with Trump where he was for a rally that night…..…At that meeting was the Chinese waiting to give me lots of gifts to sign, 2 Army Generals, A rep with the Army who represents the new Republic…someone to verify I was the real Michael Cottrell , , A US treasury rep, and the fake “Michael Cottrell” I am curious how they did this because there are photos of me all over….”

In my humble, and very possibly wrong opinion, they would not have missed it. Impossible. 

Mr. Cottrell later admits they have not caught the imposter to his knowledge. 

How is this possible? 

The entire world financial shift hinging on one person, who was not recognized by the most connected intelligence in the world...and the imposter is possibly still at large? The US intelligence can follow anyone anywhere. They can read a page of the bible on the moon. Any cell phone any money spent is all traceable now. Nobody in the connected world is outside it. An imposter of Mr. Cottrell would have to be connected. Any activity is easily monitored, and nobody can escape this. Not the cabal. Not even the wealthiest in the world...like Jeffery Epstein for example. 

“Q: did they catch the Fake”Mr.C”

MC: We do not know as of yet….but I am happy to say as the result of this fraud scenario….the Golden dragon has issued new gold certificates that are in the states to deliver to me personally”

Also, Mr. Cottrell has stated the new certificates are already in the states to be delivered to him personally. So I’d say that puts a short time line on this. So if no reset this week, where does that leave Mr. Cottrell’s story?

I want nor wish any quarrel with anyone. I’m only triangulating his claims and offering opinion. 


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