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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Jiminkc) 7/17/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Jiminkc) 7/17/19

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Jiminkc) 7/17/19 Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Jiminkc) 7/17/19

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jul 18, 2019 2:21 am

Still here, but not for much longer. We have some news to tell you, some good things to tell you.

I told you about J.M. our good buddy (webmaster for TNT that passed last weekend). He recorded every call we ever made for our museum, up to yesterday’s call. He has downloaded our entire site after every day, all the things placed in the Forum, so we could have it for history. 10 years of calls, he did that. He digitized all the letters you have sent in to and from Congressmen so we could have it for Posterity. He spent a lot of time doing that. His wife is on the way back from India. I will give you his name, and his wife’s name, and I would appreciate you sending them a card of thanks for all he has done: Vanita Parmar, Jitendra Parmar.

We have been trying to stay in contact with our contacts and people with their money pending. Everyone is in their locations and have been hard to get hold of and were had to get hold of Monday evening and Tuesday. They are still processing people. Yesterday, what we got is that they were getting ready for you guys. Today, we got that everybody should be liquid by Friday. That should be completed. We don’t know when the start day or the start time is. They are saying that by Friday, this thing should be full bored – people being liquid, people starting to go to the bank, by Friday. Should be done by Friday, or should be going to the bank by Friday. I got that from 3 different banks – everything is in motion – and they can see it aaaalllll the way down to the branch levels, as of yesterday. Branches know about it. Exchangers at the bank level were excited yesterday. They know about it and say it is “in motion.” Everyone, supposedly, should see it by Friday. The other thing we are looking for is the Gazette. Supposedly came out today, and we are looking for an amendment to be in it that is what we want to be in there. Should be, but we will wait and see if they make it public, or what time they make it public.

That is the basic info. The guy that got the $40M-$50M was told he would have the entire balance by Friday. Instead of the 48 hours, we were told that any transactions would have immediate access to 10%, and should have full access to all of your entire balance in 24 hours. That is all the additional info we have.

They are still on standby, on alert, today. They haven’t been locked down, yet, but that may come. That is where we are at.

(Jiminkc: After the call, I checked with Tony. No change on the ZIM information [rate or if it will be exchangeable] from the last call.)

Sacksh – I have a trust account in 2 banks. Should I split the currency and deposit the blessing into both or deposit it into 1 and then transfer? Will there be any tax repercussions? R – First off, there is a difference between a trust having a bank account, and an actual trust account. So, I am not sure which one you are referring to. If it is a trust that has a bank account, and another Trust that has a bank account, if those two are not connected the right way,moving money from one to another would be a taxable event.

Tony – restated the name and address of the Parmar’s.

PilotJim – Please clearify, call the 800#, you are assigned an exchange center perform your exchange and so forth.

Q: are the 800# from the banks?

Q: are the exchange centers operated by the banks?

Q: if yes to the above, the how does one choose a bank by calling the 800#’s? T – yes, and supposedly in the exchange centers, which are set up by WF, they are supposed to be neutral and you can tell them which bank you want to exchange with.

Sjt1950 – To follow up on the 800 number program. if I moved from NJ to FL and I still use the NJ phone numbers (mobile) will they think I am in NJ and refer me to a NJ bank/center? R – you might get routed there, but the minute you give the zip code, then they will pick up that you are on the wrong exchange, and transfer you to the one you need to be, based on the zip code.

Janport – when at the bank should I ask for 2 to 4 % compound interest rate daily or weekly? T – shoot for the stars, land on the moon. Ask for it all and see what you end up with. I seriously doubt – like 100% – they will give you interest, compounded daily. Maybe one of the investments, like Platforms, or IMF, but not the banks. You can ask.

Crileyhome – We have heard that the banks are taking care of their “documented, high volume exchangers” first then the Dinarians will follow. Since they have it documented, how many high volume exchangers are they processing and if there is an estimated time they will finish this group? T – no idea.

NorthernWhitebear – Which banks and exchange centers Are in Canada? R – you will find that out when you call the numbers for Canadian callers.

Cutebwoy – question per contract rates, if lets say I have multiple different currencies [dinar,dong ,zim ,rial, afghani  ] and I go to exchange is it possible for me not to get the contract rate for any one of the currencies even if I asked because I presented all my currencies at that exchange ,meaning they may look and say to themselves, but not to me, that this guy cannot get the contract rate because he will end up with too much money from this process ,is that a possibility ,or is it better to only present one currency at time of exchange if going after contract rates . T – asking me to read their minds. We have been told you can ask for the contract rate and you are supposed to get it. Some banks will negotiate it. We don’t know how they will deal with you. I can’t tell you they will tell you they don’t have any more to give you. Be Professional, be prepared, knowledgeable and ask for the rate. Don’t try to control the uncontrollable.  R – if they ask a question, be honest. Tell them how much currency you have. Answer what they ask; don’t volunteer a lot of stuff.

PAPITO3891424 – Doesn’t all Tier 1 like Bank of America, Citibank or Wells Fargo have their own 800 currency exchange number already For existing Currencies?  If so then we will need a new number to call or receive on RV day? T – I am distracted, getting texts and other things. I think you can call their numbers, and tell them what you are trying to do, and they will refer you to the number you should use. Their number is for their regular callers, so they will redirect you.

SunStar – 1) Can family or private foundations invest in annuities and stocks…. R – yes, as far as I know.

2) If yes to question number 1, can foundations transfer annuities or stocks into an trust… R – for what purpose? I am going to say no.

3  Any news reports on Iraqi TV or in the mosques that you can share… T – No new reports from there. Only thing we hear this morning is there is a supplement to the Gazette and we are trying to find out exactly what it said. Nothing on TV, etc. pertaining to us.

9 ball – Tony, did you get answers to the questions you had submitted to the banks on Monday’s call? T – I didn’t get the answers. They were difficult to get hold of. They have been told not to talk, they are hearing info is coming out because they are listening to this call, so they are even stricter on it. We got last night it is being processed, they are getting ready for you, and this morning, everything is in motion, be patient, everything should be live by Friday. R – we did send a tweet out Monday night about the high expectancy of a live rate and we were trying to get confirmations, and that the cap for the contract rate had dropped down to 10m from 20M.

True4ever – I’m not going for the contract rate, I’ll be waiting for greater later. So do you think that I should schedule 3 days out from the time we receive the 800#’s, or schedule, go in, and try to negotiate a higher rate with a sooner appointment? What would you do? T – First of all, understand this. There is no greater later when you are talking about the contract rates. The Forex rate will never be greater than the Contract Rate. We weren’t going for the contract rate because nobody wanted to be restricted by the NDA the UST was putting out. Our information is they are no longer doing that. The banks will use their normal NDA. So, why wouldn’t you go in and get the contract rate, if you can get it. Now, if you can’t get the contract rate, and if you want a higher rate, then, yes, if it comes out at 3.65, it will be greater than 3.65 later, when it goes to Forex, and the Hedge Funds and everybody else find out that it is real, and that jumped to it. And, that is only going to be for a short period of time. In the beginning, go in and ask for the contract rate. If they say no, or say it is gone, then you wait for later, after it goes up on Forex. Don’t mistake the two.

Tony – about the cards and letter. Yes, his house is in Foreclosure. Yes, he was struggling through life. His wife is from India, has two sons. Hoping this is done by Friday and we can provide them with what they need. Just send flowers, cards.

360 – if what you are being told is how it will be, and we won’t know that until we are there, if they say we will have the money in 24 hours, then they would have to verify currencies onsite. Will the exchange centers have the machines to do that? T – for the most part will have the machines, and for the most part will verify onsite. When I give you info, it doesn’t cover 100% of all of them. I can’t speak for all of them. But, you will have the guideline for what is to go on and be able to adjust to what happens there.

C – there may be a waiting period for the authenticity of the currency? T – some smaller areas will have to send it out, so it will take it 48 hours, where someone in New York will have it verified in 24 hours, for the majority of people.

850 – the Monday tweet about the limit going down to 10M dinar. I that the $28.50 or one of the different tier ranges rates you talked about a week ago, the $6 and $8, and so forth?  T – it is on the 28.50, but he didn’t know about the other rates, in between. He is in charge of a couple exchange centers. I will still go in and try for the full 20M or 30M, but if that 10M is the real, then that is all I will exchange, and the rest, someone else is going to exchange.

C – amendment to the Gazette, in reference to the rate change, or budget? T – looking for something to pertain to us. I have people looking for it.

610 – Gman in PA. Can we set up a Go Fund Me page to them? Would it be detrimental to them? T – someone asked me that, yesterday. They are proud people and didn’t want to do it without their mother’s permission. They don’t want people to know they need money. They are proud people and may not want everyone to know. If they are willing, I will let you guys know.

865 – 404 – also was interested in the change to the 10M level. Why was that done? Benefit more people, or there is less available? T – they didn’t say. Again, it is from ONE bank. I don’t know what others are doing. I have a Tier 2 that says there is no limit. I don’t know how it was divided between Tier 1 and 2, or how different banks are allowed to make that call. I say, GO FOR IT ALL.

C – The exchange centers – what level of alert? T – officially on stand-by. Some are on location there, not at their regular job. Some still can’t talk on their phones. (There is a relay system in place.) Restrictions on what they can say. They are frustrated that it hasn’t gone.

C – given what is given to you, are you thinking Friday’s call will be a regular or Final Call. Can you tell us what to expect on the Final Call? T – with the information, getting geared up for you, the Internet Group, WManagers telling us as of this morning all the SKR people should be liquid BY Friday, and everyone saying BY Friday you should see something, so this should be our last regular call. I don’t know what they will tell us for the Final Call. I hope they send us a site to give to you. We will do a call and give you info that can be freely given. I know our contacts will be busy processing people. We will give you what we can, while we can. If there is a single 800, I will tweet it out to you as soon as they say I can. Anyone wanting more info will have to wait for the call, give you what we can, do a Q&A, then head for the bank.

951 – exciting news. Question for Ray. Did you talk about the bank wanting us to sign a Trust, and the banks aren’t our friends? The question is, what is a Skeleton Trust? T – some idiot tried to sell you trusts, and that you can’t exchange until you buy his trust, or that the bank won’t exchange unless you set up a trust they can be in charge of. Who does that make sense to? They want your deposits. That is the stupidest mess I have ever heard of. He’s just making money selling you trusts. Write down the name of that person, then call the bank and ask if they require a trust to do business with them.

R – I have no idea what it is. Ask the bank about it.

303 – my scenario. I have zim, dinar, and dong. If I go for a contract rate on zim, do I have to invest in a project approved for use in Zimbabwe? T – that is what we were told. I know people who exchanged in the last two weeks who were given .35 without a Humanitarian Project. Supposedly, with a project you can get up to $2.

C – what is the contract rate on dong? T – 2.27.

C – is there an incremental rate from the basic to that contract rate, like for the dinar? T – .47, to 2.27,and as high as $6 for the dong. We got those from someone VERY HIGH in the bank, but not part of the exchange. People at the exchange say, .47 and 2.27, not the $6.

C – any restriction on who gets access to the NDA? T – it is the bank’s NDA so they have control of it.

C – should be well underway by Friday? T – that is what I was told, well underway, all SKRs liquid by Friday.

336 – can’t get on the website.  (something about N. Carolina – an event there? Probably one in Raleigh) T – we will open the site to people who want to go to Las Vegas, and the smaller locations. I am footing the bill for it. It is about enjoying each other. Probably 10,000 max for Vegas. We will post the sign-up after this goes through. People that contributed to the site will have preference.

423 – a week or so ago, you sent a text that we would know where we stand by a certain day. I had a physical reaction that night. And when you said it would be done by Friday, it happened again. We have never had a massive amount of money to deal with. Is there anything we can do? T – I am a conduit and pass info we get. I can’t control it. You cannot, you cannot put everything into this. I put pieces together. You should have controlled excitement, until Friday, and then, even more so. All this anticipation and excitement will turn to fear for many, who won’t know what to do.

C – do you think this time is different from that last one? T – yes, and it could have and should have gone through. It is actually scheduled now – and Ray put out rumors of a live rate last Monday – and they have a plan for it to go by Friday. We have people at other sites than the exchanges, that know it is live, except to the tellers. When they know, we are next.

C – they had to reeducate people, then a glitch about hooking up the banks, then they have to do their Whales. T – for months we were told there would be a slow rollout. Last week, Monday or Wednesday, it was supposed to go live, and the banks could go when they wanted, and they did, with their large share holders, who they knew would leave the money in the bank, and benefit the bank. Those people didn’t need the money. As they finish them, they say they are getting ready for you guys. What does that mean/ This morning, they are saying, by Friday you should see it.

C – 10M dinar ceiling? T – one bank said that. I am still going in and try to get 30M, 40M.

C – do the banks secure it that it can’t be stolen from our accounts? T – they have all the devices, all the processes. Don’t put your password and login on your computer, or let your card be copied at an ATM that someone put on there? The banks have cyber security, but it is not 100%. They protect and insure it as best they can. I am pretty sure you are protected if it is the Bank’s fault, but not if it is your fault.

C – you said to get a laptop and use only for communication with the Wealth Manager. T – that is true. I will delete all other programs. I won’t visit another website besides my bank account.

818 – last year, you mentioned when we meet with the WManager and have an appointment, and exchange, we should immediately transfer to a new account so no one would see it. Do you still suggest that we transfer it to a new account in a day or two? T – I said to do that because they hired a bunch of tellers and employees to do your exchange, and I didn’t want them to have access. When I get the WM, I will open a new account, and have him stipulate he will not let the bank use it for any of their partners, and they need to contact HIM before they contact me. That will cut down a lot of what you get.

C – you may not see a WM depending on how much you have? When we go in can we just set up another account on our own. T – you can, but then someone else knows what you have in that bank. Whenever you meet with a WM, that is my plan.

C – you would still move it over before moving it elsewhere. T – I will move it after I meet the WM. If he is who I want, I will stay with him. If not, I will get another WM.

C – fees? T – I guess we talked about it. They decided not to charge outlandish fees. I had a guy doing transactions and they gave him two scenarios, one with 7% and one with 15%. He now said they are not charging him any fees.

C – based on any amount? T – based on HIS amount. You can expect at least 1%-2%, or less than 1%.  We have heard that. The banks are in this to make money. You can negotiate your fees, based on how much you have, and say I don’t want to pay that unless you raise the rate you will give me on Interest on my accounts from 7% to 8% a year. Now we can talk if you want to do that.

C – is there a cap on the dong for the contract rate? T – I was not given a cap.

C – Chase question re: Abbott-Downing? T – they are for clients with WF and for clients with $50M and above.

Wrap up. All we can say is good info. Everyone is getting ready, could take off anytime, but we should be in motion BY Friday, SKRs should be liquid. If it is by Friday, we will have a different call, if not we will be here.

R – whenever it happens, whatever happens, we will update you.

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