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Mark Zerfoss (aka MarkZ): "redemption centers are sitting there waiting...twiddling their thumbs" 7/17/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Mark Zerfoss (aka MarkZ): "redemption centers are sitting there waiting...twiddling their thumbs" 7/17/19

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Mark Zerfoss (aka MarkZ): "redemption centers are sitting there waiting...twiddling their thumbs" 7/17/19 Empty Mark Zerfoss (aka MarkZ): "redemption centers are sitting there waiting...twiddling their thumbs" 7/17/19

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jul 17, 2019 11:02 pm

Mark Zerfoss (aka MarkZ): "redemption centers are sitting there waiting...twiddling their thumbs" 7/17/19 2018-010

MZ: I feel very good and very confident this morning

MZ: The facts are no new rate in Iraq yet this morning…..

Q:  did anyone become liquid in Zurich?

MZ:  In Zurich they are still expecting to be liquid later today

Member:   I can confirm mark´s Zurich intel we are on stand by

MZ: We were told some Gold certificates arrived yesterday and some had to be picked up in Hong Kong…..they should be arriving here soon

MZ: a number of intel people in Reno are saying tonight is the night (I don’t believe Reno anymore- but hope this time they are right)

MZ:  The very large group in Europe is expecting funding later today

Q:  Mark, Any news on Redemption Centers....Are they on high alert...?

MZ: My contacts at redemption centers are sitting there waiting...twiddling their thumbs.

MZ: I am still being told that there will be redemption centers all over ….should be one within 50 miles af almost everyone.

MZ: President Trump is speaking tonight……may be worth watching.

Member:  Big Rally tonight in Greenville, North Carolina. Lots of great things to tell you about, including the fact that our Economy is the best it has ever been. Best Employment & Stock Market Numbers EVER. I’ll talk also about people who love, and hate, our Country (mostly love)! 7:PM

Surprise Visit from Michael Cottrell-About minute 14:00

Michael Cottrell:   Hello everyone ….spent a long night in anticipation waiting for deliveries that didn’t happen….lol

MC: Lets go through these “fake” Cottrell rumors from this weekend, which I find fascinating. I was actually very happy when I heard about it because finally somone called their bluff….

To recap- I was on with Mark on June 28th  , July 5th and on Tuesday July 9th…I was asked if  I would be willing to talk with the Chinese……through Mark.  

 I was gotten in touch with the Chinese to talk to them….i said its OK if Interpol agreed

Then we had the interview on July12th (on Marks stream) when it got interesting …That morning in the Republic report by Judy Byington was a alleged statement that I had signed off on the RV and that the US Treasury was on top of the situation…

On Marks stream I then went through the outline of the Gold treaty protocols . and how nobody in their right mind would deposit gold in the current banking system.

Later that evening I was called by a John Hammond who, out of the blue, asked if I was involved with the committee of Reno…I guess there is a group of  32 intel providers in Reno who put out intel.  I said no – I was not affiliated with them……as far as I’m concerned they were all BS.

Now on that Friday I was inundated with stuff from the Trump campaign about having a sit down dinner with President trump in Cleveland Ohio…I don’t like Cleveland….. which leads up to some interesting events.

As we know the Chinese went from Reno to DC last week …From Mark we know that the Treasury was delaying their rep to go talk to this group…..…they then went to the Army and the Pentagon and then had a conversation with Trump…possibly on the phone…..

They then went to Cleveland Ohio and had a sit-down with Trump where he was for a rally that night…..…At that meeting was the Chinese waiting to give me lots of gifts to sign, 2 Army Generals,  A rep with the Army who represents the new Republic…someone to verify I was the real Michael Cottrell , , A US treasury rep, and the fake “Michael Cottrell”  I am curious how they did this because there are photos of me all over….

Apparently this fake guy had all kinds of fake documents..and the guy who vouched for the fake Cottrell may have been someone in Ohio  who wanted to beat me up at one time for things I have written or said in the past.   They had stolen my name and did a lot with it.

At this meeting on Friday the Chinese presented the fake Cottrell with a gold certificate worth $4.5 Trillion dollars…which coincidentely is the amount Wanta was supposed to get when he and Bush Sr. were going to do a reset that never happened.

The deal went down last Friday…they signed off on the gold certificates, they deposited the gold certificates and all went well….they also received many bags of gold dust worth about 50 Billion dollars. Which I believe was in some custodial location. 

Why would they do this?????We know the corporation US is about out of money as  of Sept. 2019 and the proceeds feom this fake deal  would keep them in business for a long time….past the 2020 presidential election…... Mnuchin has been in front of congress already asking to raise the debt ceiling. 

Someone in the US Treasury  commited a fraud against me and the People of the United States of America last weekend.

Fraud is the intentional deception resulting in injury to another. Fraud consists of misrepresentation and concealment non-disclosure of material facts

So this fraud was against me and you….all of you.

So last Friday  the Chinese presented gold certificates to the fraud MC….he signs them…he deposits them with the Treasurys help, treasury unlocks xyz codes…..

Well, the codes were not released….only the funds from the $4.5 Trillion gold certificate was released.

Well Interpol started checking into all this and They found out Friday afternoon that I was still at home talking on the MarkZ call when all this was happening….They monitor all my calls and realized what was happening and that the correct codes had not been entered for the reset.

Interpol told them that this other guy is a fake

With the QFS The transaction was stopped on Sunday night ….and arrest warrents were issued to gather up all these people. .

IMO The deal was put together for the US treasury and others to get lots of money for the current US corporation to stay in business until after the 2020 Presidential election

What did the USTreasury have to gain by using a fake Michael Cottrell….So who commited this fraud and how did the generals let this happen….who is the rat at the US Treasury ???

If this would have worked everyone of us would have lost out except the cabal and the whales whos have private exchanges are already set up.

Remember the gold was not released in this scam….it was just fiat money at this point. ...we do not have gold backed dollars until the correct codes are entered.

Q: did they catch the Fake”Mr.C”

MC: We do not know as of yet….but I am happy to say  as the result of this fraud scenario….the Golden dragon has issued new gold certificates that are in the states to deliver to me personally

MC: So what happened with this fraud actually allows Interpol the capture of more bad guys

MZ: There is a rumor that Mueller got caught fleeing the US with a lot of money/dinar and got arrested
MC: All these people have been shadowed for many years by interpol…there is no where for them to run…...if they tried to escape….they were caught

MZ: Does the fraud go as high as Mnuchin???

MC: Yes…I believe the senior officers at the treasury are as guilty as the Bushes

Q: Root question - Are we back on track now?

Q:  when mr c releases the gold ,what makes the treasury or fed do the right thing and do the RV

MC:  When the correct codes via laptops are entered ..Interpol will zero out fiat and derivatives…. at this point all treasuries will become responsible to Interpol….anyone tries anything illegal and they will get arrested at once. They will go to jail……They need to oversee things that has never had oversight before……So all Treasuries will have oversight by Interpol and everything will be public….nothing hidden …not private behind the curtain stuff….

I trust the treasury afterward…..i do not trust them now..no way…not after what they pulled last Friday. . …..

Q: Your thoughts on Lagarde stepping down????

MC: The IMF, The BIs and Lagarde will be gone as soon as this occurs…..they are rats…..she knew what would happen and left.

MC: You should be happy that we are about to start fresh and start new with this new financial system and getting rid of all these rats……

MC: What happens next is : the Authorized Chinese from the white dragons will come to me via the protocal in place……with the Treasury and military representatives and the bank of china Rep. will present me with the laptops to release the codes to all the treasury lockboxes around the world to release the gold.

When this happens the Indian nations, farm claims, cmkx, F&PS , PP’s should probably have instantaneaous access to their funds/accounts  to distribute.. instantly or within a few hours.

At this point my job is done…and everybody including Interpol takes over.

Q: Will Trump prolong the RV because of the upcoming election

Q: Do you think all this will happen soon.

Mr C: I think it will happen very soon. Trump and the Treasury cannot afford this situation with the Chinese with this situation in Ohio this weekend which the fraudsters stole 4.5 trillion stolen from them and commited treason against the republic of the United States.  …The Chinese are not happy because someone just stole $4.5 trillion dollars from them …… and I feel this reset will happen very soon now.

A couple years ago the rats were warned not to interfere in this anymore or they would be taken care of forever….I’m looking for a few bodies to show up soon.

MZ: I believe Mr. Trump will be very motivated now to release this reset.

At about minute 40:00 Mr. Cottrell goes into a history lesson and fascinating story about what happened several years ago leading up to where we are today….be sure to listen to the replay for this and all the details the highlights do not cover

There is also a Q and A with Mr. Cottrell after this. Questions about jubilee debt forgiveness, cabal, mortgages and much more.



Member:  Mr. Michael Cottrell wrote his college thesis on correcting the world financial system, and this is the background for this GCR.

Member:  Chinese took OVER Duetshe Bank, all had actors REMOVED, now No more back door banking, anywhere!

Member:  In talking about the stolen $4.5 T via Paulson at UST from the Fed in Richmond, (Wanta's money xfrerred from BoCh - Singapore) .. this video explains it all ..
 https://youtu.be/XnV8-k49Kyc  .. also, this doc --   https://eagleonetowanta.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/US_Treasury_FederalTax_Payouts.pdf
MZ: No evening stream tonight…I need to meet my daughters new boyfriend,  Nexy stream is at 10AM est Thursday Morning


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