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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet Pts by AZhombre) 7/15/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet Pts by AZhombre) 7/15/19

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet Pts by AZhombre) 7/15/19 Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet Pts by AZhombre) 7/15/19

Post by RamblerNash Mon Jul 15, 2019 11:48 pm

·         Tony (Fri): limitation apply to people with $5m USD or more, may be limited to how much cash they can have each month.  Nothing to be concerned with.  Heard numbers are going to be great.  R/Canadian friends use the same 800#’s.

·         Mon 7/15/2019: Good morning TNT, another Monday morning.  We do have some Dinar updated information.  Have a real good friend for 25 yrs.  I left PTR, started TNT, my good friend built our site.  Put up the page for everyone to sign-up for events, and 800#’s.  Unfortunately, that guy had a heart attack and passed away this weekend.  Thank you to my friend.  J.M. Palmer.  

·         Ray’s weekend updates:  Some exchange activity in limited locations….

·         Tony/we expected updates by noon today.  Locations are fully staffed.  Some banks have their people on stand-by, other banks have them sitting.  Told “just ask for the contract rate”.  One bank said contract rates depended on how long you’re leaving your money at the bank.  They will ask how long you’re going to keep the money in the bank.  Dong 47 cents and contract rate $2.27.  IQD $28.50!  The larger banks will offer you depending on how long you leave it in the bank.  No limitations on amount!  Some banks are on standby.  Exchanges did occur over the weekend.  

·         Q & A: 7/15/2019: https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65711947/questions-for-ray-cc-071 519/?w_r=1563206769

·         Pinkshell: I would like to buy a house (as) soon as I can after RV, but I want to use OPM (other people’s money). I have found one I like however I want to be the best of us and don’t want to do anything stupid. Do you have any words of wisdom for me? Ans: let the bank know when you exchange.  Tony/you can borrow all that you want.  I’m going to buy a $10m house.  What interest is that bank charging you on that house, and what interest are they going to give me when I leave my money in their bank.  Do the numbers.  If you don’t have $10m don’t buy a $10m house, same if $1m.  Somebody has to pay the taxes and maintenance on that house.  You’re going to sell it at a loss.  Don’t spend more than you can afford to.

·         Nicole19:  If I bring in 1 million Dong and the rate is $1, what can I expect to receive from the bank?  Ans: Ray, call the bank right now.  They are going to quote a “sell rate” and “buy rate”.  When RV happens, the numbers will be higher.  Buy rate is rate you bring currency in to exchange. T/you do the numbers and do what makes sense to you.  If sell rate is $1, the buy rate might be 70 cents.

·         Jiminkc: (1) What do bank personnel tell you in response to the Committee Guy saying that if they take Zim, they will have to take it back, essentially claw back our funds?  (2) Does the Committee Guy say that the Government is going to claw back all previous Zimbabwe exchanges, including from dignitaries and politicians?  (3) Is it possible at this state the UST and Banks haven’t agreed what will be done?  (4) Do you have a bank contact who is high enough to know what has been decided?  Ans: Tony said there is no “claw-back”.  Tony/the rate they are paying people now is $3.65.  These are the rates you should be given when it comes time.  Call the banks every morning and know what they are before you go in.  Negotiate for all of it (contract) if you want.

·         Beamer5: Can I bring my Financial Advisor to my exchange?  All I’ve told him is that I’m ready to receive a large investment and will need his expertise at the bank.  Ans: T/NO!  You cannot bring your financial advisor to exchange process.  Not going to be involved in the exchange rate! (Asked same question on Friday’s call: “I gave my girlfriend 2 Zim notes of 50T.  Will they ask her for receipt when she goes to exchange?).  Can we bring a friend to the exchange table even though that friend has already gone through her own exchange?  Don’t feel comfortable going by myself.  Ans: T/who gives their girlfriend millions of dollars? They don’t ask for receipts for hundreds of dollars.  R/don’t think it’s going to be an issue.  (Can’t bring a friend!).

·         True4ever: Does the “bus lady” have a CDL license to operate her short bus when picking up other TNT members?  I just might need her services…Could the 800#’s possibly come out in the weee hour of the morning?  If so, will you then at that time contact us to release them?  Would we then be able to schedule our appts immediately afterwards?  Ans: I’m going to release the 800#’s the moment they tell me to release them.  If I get them at 3am and told to release them at 5am, I’m releasing them.  I’ll tweet out all 140k, so everybody gets it at the same time.  If other info, will say go to our or their site.  Intention to have people in the bank 2 hours after that number is released.

·         SunStar: 1) Are banks still full speed ahead over the weekend on the SKT cash-outs and do you know of anyone that has SKR’s?  2) Are the banks and call centers in the USA still on High Alert?  3) With so many banks going electronic in Iraq, would you say Iraq is up to speed and ready for international transfers?  4) Rayren, is there a limited amount of funds a foundation must have to start and operate?  Ans:  T/absolutely, or we wouldn’t be doing this!  R/I don’t know of any limited amount.

·         Cyndisaintsfan:  Is it still best to call 800#’s from a “burner phone”?  Ans: T/isn’t no “still best”.  Never told to do that.  Why would an idiot tell them that?  Go to the bank and give them a “burner number?”  Creating fraud?  Scared to call an 800# the bank put out?  What’s the purpose of that?

·         Thehawk:  It would seem the PM position would need to be solid?  What do you think about this potential change back from Mahdi to Abadi and it’s impact on the revaluation?  Ans: Don’t think it’s ever going to happen.  When China did there’s, the Pres died and was alive the next day.  Fake news!  Not going to involve the RV when this close to happening.

·         Too-tall: Now that it’s passed, Ans: T/could that be the 800#’s?  Yes.  Told we should have them today.  Wasn’t getting it from gurus, but bank personnel, committee guy.

·         Skooby59:  R/if it’s non-taxable, it’s non=taxable.  With POA you can do everything for them.

·         Drewzdinar:  Addressed Mahdi.  Ans: T/told you all we have.  I have some questions and waiting.  Asking the banks, hard to get a hold of, are the people exchanging SKM’s are they getting cash.  When are they going?  Can you get me in today? I’m ready.  Asked if limitations on contract rates.  Waiting for info.  Hope we’re not waiting until Wed.  Those are the answers we’re trying to get today.  This afternoon maybe more information than the entire weekend.

·         8too80:  Ray/not totally waiting. Ans: T/some kind of “slow roll-out”.  Top tier client.  $5m+ giving higher rates to right now.  They already know those people were leaving $5m in the bank.  Going to payout the contract rate they know people who are leaving money in the bank.  Yesterday evening they are going to account holders below.  I can’t argue about that.  Hopefully this evening or tomorrow.  Intend getting started sometime!

·         Live Callers:

·         850/Houston, TX.  C/ Said banks getting their high dollar clients taken care of.  What do you think is holding them up?  T/all banks are doing the same thing.  Started on Friday.  Once bank thought they would be calling us last night.  Still processing this morning.  C/skr’s?  T/they are going to get paid when we do.  Flip a switch.  Not going live until we go.

·         312/Chicago, IL.  C/you get to tell me “happy birthday” today!  Played reggae birthday song!  

          was there demeanor when received info?  T/super excited.  Given definite window.  By this date and time, everybody should be taking action. C/student loan forgiveness?  T/everybody running for president is asking for that.  If it was going to happen anyway, wouldn’t Trump had run with it.  Not going to pay-off student loans for everyone.  There’s been prosperity packages for years.  Last admin asked Tony for names to receive them.

·         760/Oceanside, CA.  C/do I do my redemption where I lived or where I filed taxes? T/where you’ve lived the last year.  C/moving from West Coast to East Coast.  Should I cancel my flight?  T/Live your life until it changes.  If something happens, someone there can help you fly back home on a private plan with your Dinar to exchange!  C/question about “slow roll-out” with clients with millions in bank.  T/I don’t know how many clients the banks have.  When they started, stopped, finished, etc.  Several banks are telling me that’s what they’re doing right now.  Don’t know how many the have to do.  Said doing $5m and above!  C/so it’s going to be a while when they get down to my level.

·         360/Vancouver, WA. C/are you aware of any exchange centers in the Pacific NW?  T/no, sure they are there.  C/you said you’d call, make your appt, then tell us?  T/I can’t exchange when you do.  You can call the 800# immediately.  If I have to wait until I get mine, I was joking!  C/give the lowest the contract rate first, would they take up the money?  T/what they’re doing now contradicts everything they’ve said.  Getting $3.65 but also getting 35 cents on the Zim.  Sounds like more than less.  I know some of the higher end clients got 2.27 Dong 0.47 international.  to $3.65.  $8 to $28 for a contract rate.  Been doing since Friday.

·         610/Gman in PA.  (TNT Shill. Ad removed)

·         281/Houston, TX.  C/can you say it will go by the end of the month?  T/can’t.

·         865/Knoxville, TN. C/listen to the replay for questions Tony said.  Keep thinking why it’s taken so long.  Are algorithms mentioned now?  T/you don’t know what you don’t know.  Remember the first day when the bank said it was about to happen?  The only thing they did was the banks “pinged one another”.  They had to do all these things.  They don’t talk about that part now, it’s complete.  All we hear now is we’re ready.  Flip of the switch.  US given the “green light” 2 weeks ago, but nobody is moving.  But they are moving, taking care of their most important customers first.  As long as everybody is in motion and doing it, that’s why it could have happened. They’re tired to be called in to do nothing.  I asked a lot of good questions, just waiting for the answers.  T/Ray, sent you a text!  R/this marriage counseling wears me out!

·         281/Houston, TX.  (Bus lady). Was going to pick-up everybody!  Since we’re so late in the game, you’d think there’d be more clarification.  How far down is the info given for us to feel more confident about the Zim.  Claw-back? T/were talking about the Zim but should be with any currency.   There are 7 people on the committee, and 7 committees.  We have a Pentagon contact too.  Their interpretation is one thing.  The banks are getting their leads from the Treasury.  Sat got the call from the Treasury.  Found out they are loaded with Zim notes.  Sorry, shouldn’t have said that.  OK, who’s right, who’s wrong?  Have personal contacts in Pentagon who say it’s never going to happen.  I’m taking it to the bank.  They are giving out 35 cents since Friday and no “claw back”.  R/if you’re worried about the claw-back, I have a insurance policy you’d be interested in. Are there any women making decisions?  R/no! Tony, yes, and that’s the problem. Haha. C/so why aren’t there two transactions now.  Exchange the $5m people and at the same time have another set of people processing us.  They could run parallel in the process.  When I have a “limited amount of contract rates”, why would I give them out that way?  C/any consequences on banks that didn’t start?  T/don’t know.  Never going to be a public announcement.  Once it hits Forex (hopefully by this Wed), no problem.  Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks have different contracts with the US Treasury.  Not operating the same way.   C/do you know the threshold to get the contract rates?  T/agree to leave your money there as long as possible.  Not going to give another part or they’ll change it again.  C/still posting on site?  T/unfortunately not going to bother the family of the guy who was going to do that.  C/next possible window?  T/if they changed the rates, could do it anytime.  Forex mkt.

·         817/Fort Worth, TX.  C/was told to be sure and take someone with you.  Husbands/wives.  Widows, Single parents wouldn’t be sitting w anyone.  Able to change their mind for those people to have someone by their side if not a professional?  T/when you call and make your appt ask them then.  Banks don’t want this to drag out.  When going to Wealth Manager later I advise you to take someone else with you.  If you can’t do it alone, perhaps you could take someone else with you.  Nothing beats a failure but a try.  Ask them, take someone with you.  They may have to wait in the lobby.  C/question on 20%.  T/supposed to get 10% upfront.  $7-$15k cash, black card, within 48 hrs. 100% of your money.

·         954/Fort Lauderdale, FL.  C/exchanging overseas?  T/haven’t seen anything.  Just know our banks here.  Do know in Canada, somebody was supposed to go in on Friday.  C/does currency terminology exchanging same as in the stock market?  Buy rate/consumer pay, etc.  We pay more going in and less going out.  You explained it in reverse.  T/they are buying it from you. C/will our rates as millionaires have lower loan rates?  T/you have $5m in the bank, and get a loan for $5, they still make money loaning it out.  C/will they loan you 100%? (not 80/20).  T/I can’t tell you what banks will structure.  

·         415/San Francisco, CA.  C/what are tier 2 banks?  T/Google it.  C/can you use your own wealth manager along with the bank’s one.  T/why do you think it’s going to be hard to get the contract rate?  We should get it before the other millions get in.  If you don’t like the wealth manager, they pick for you, get your own!  C/reviewed the process, could ask for another wealth manager.  T/by the time you get to your WM you’ll already get the contract rate.  C/thought they would give you the contract rate if you leave your money in the bank.  T/Tier 2 banks, if you ask for contract rate, you’ll get it.  Tier 1 banks say they will negotiate.  T/With a million $ I could buy a million $ house, or buy 3 $300k houses and make $60k/mo.  Can get paid by the government to receive $ thousands of dollars renting to veterans!

·         Tony/very good friend brother Palmere built the place we call home.  Know a lot of people haven’t made it to the end.  Our future could be as early as this evening or tomorrow.  If we get info, we’ll put it in a tweet.  R/we’ll see what happens the coming hours or days.

• Interesting Recent Comments & Questions (a few of AZhombre’s picks):
    • R/members created 21 pgs. booklet. tiny.cc/prep4xchange w worksheet.
    • R/Contract rate won’t be fluctuating.
    • T/Still must dial 800# with a 5k note, can’t just walk into the bank to exchange it.
    • T/Have a plan for what I shared with you.
    • T/are those 13 (banking seminar) events on the same day? R/yes. (see web site).
    • T/Heard you can get contract rates on all the currencies I’m going to try on mine!
    • T/You with millions are going to be able to negotiate. (it’s how you negotiate).
    • T/Iraqi Dinar will be higher than the Kuwait ($3.29) Dinar. Within 15 cents range.
    • T/From another source we have 30m people with Dinar. At least 5m new millionaires!
    • C/Regarding 2nd basket, yrs. back learned: Russian Ruble, Indian Rupee, China Yuan, Mexico Peso, Norway Krone, Swiss Franc, Australia Dollar, and Pakistan Rupee. Changes? (No answer)
    • Former Rates; Dinar: $3.50, $3.63, $4.43, $28.50. Dong: $0.47, $1.00, $1.37, $2.23. Zim $0.22 – $0.33. Afghani $2.39. Rial $3.24. Rupiah: $1.08-$1.30
    • Updated Rates (7/05/2019); Dianr: $3.65, $4.47, $6.00, $8.00. Contract rate $28.50 Dong: everybody can get $0.47, $0.56, $0.87, $2.27 and contract rate of $6.00.
    • Zim: $0.11, $0.22, contract rate of $0.35 (35 cents), & Rupiah: $1.05, $1:08, $1.25.

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