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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by Azhombre) 7/12/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by Azhombre) 7/12/19

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by Azhombre) 7/12/19 Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by Azhombre) 7/12/19

Post by RamblerNash Sat Jul 13, 2019 12:23 am

· TNT (Mon): T/banks believe it’s this week once issues resolved. Banks authorized offer up to 10% interest on your money. Giving rates based on amount of currency. People with least amount of currencies get highest rates! Info from one bank, different people, different locations Have a plan for what I shared with you. Rates haven’t gone down. 

· TNT (Wed): Trying to standardize rate. Another 12-24 hours to complete. People with SKR’s contacted again today, and also Pending Deposits. Saying they would be liquid by Friday! Some banks had 30 cent difference what their exchange was to offer coming out the gate! Top banker said: Bankers are not your friend. Doing their job. Don’t be upset, they get paid by the bank. Bankers job is to make money and your job is to keep your money! Let’s see who does their job the best. Multiple banks saying it’s still going. C/when’s G-man getting his pink slip? T/supposedly he’s going to have it on Friday! 48 hrs. from today your money will be liquid. Groups will be paid out later than you because they have “paymasters”. 

· TNT (Thu) updates in forum by Ray: SKR holders are receiving notifications of “funds availability” by the end of this week. Reportedly, banks have received permission to start setting appointments for SKR holders and “documented” high volume exchangers. Undocumented exchangers will “follow suit” afterwards. Of course, Time Will Tell if any of this is 100% accurate. A bank source is reporting, “If you are a currency holder, you should receive exact information on where to go for your exchange by Friday.” 

· Tony (Fri): Another fantabulous Friday! Let’s just answer the questions. We’ve been working today. It’s all good. Pending deposits to go live from a guy. Had 40-50m, paying him a portion. Notified get the entire amount one time from now until Mon. Probably going to go today. Access to the whole thing at one time! Good. All of the codes are in again. Doing weekly/monthly codes. Now all of the CBI and UST’s update the codes of all the countries. Two locations in USA. They were implemented this morning. Availability for the RV to occur through out the weekend. There is a window (weekend). Given a definite time when everybody should be activated. Each bank does not have to start at the same time. Up to each individual bank. They are at standby. At exchange locations, waiting for this to go. Said the whole world should see this by Friday or Saturday. Green light is up to each to go when they want to go. System is go! Payout told today: go to the bank, document in front of you and sign it without reading it. They will give you all your money, structured payouts, but cash money will be limited each month. How much cash you can get? Can get cashier’s checks, money orders, etc. however much you want. Who needs $500k cash in their hand? Understanding limitation apply to people with $5m USD or more may be limited to how much cash they can have each month. Nothing to be concerned with. Don’t know about individual payouts. Heard numbers are going to be great. Most exchangers have rules and regulations. Ready to go, sitting on standby. Waiting for something to occur, supposed to occur right before the call. Maybe during the call, definitely after the call. Could be doing another call this evening or tomorrow morning. Everybody says it should be going live. R/Canadian friends use the same 800#’s. T/will redirected itself. Shoot out to where they need to go. Worked on that system for years. Still waiting for more info. Should have waited another 30 min, here we are. 

Q & A: 7/12/2019:

· 2Much: What type of biz entity would you suggest setting up that include benefits (such as health care) for those who are a part of it (me)? Ans: (R) Not sure what they’re asking. T/do a group medical plan due to pre-existing conditions. Everybody gets a salary (family), you and 4 friends start a business. Go to work when you want. Going to pay for medical ins and have tax deductions, etc. R/you don’t need to start a business to have employees. You could be sole proprietor and hire “employees” for a group plan. Some folks have employees work around the house. Be creative. Employer having employees with a group plan. 

· Beamer5: I gave my girlfriend 2 Zim notes of 50T. Will they ask her for receipt when she goes to exchange? Can we bring a friend to the exchange table even though that friend has already gone through her own exchange? Don’t feel comfortable going by myself. Ans: T/who gives their girlfriend millions of dollars? They don’t ask for receipts for hundreds of dollars. R/don’t think it’s going to be an issue. Can’t bring a friend! 

· Blue Angeles: Have the lower denoms been spotted on the streets yet? Are they being used? Ans: No, haven’t seen any pictures, nobody talking about it. 

· Jungle Jim: What does your committee guy say when you tell him what the banks say about taking the Zim and he tells you it isn’t going? Ans: R/that’s what he says. 

· NewMoney28: Are the large currency holders in yesterday’s update referring to those who already have relationships with banks or wealth managers OR those who the Treasury has identified as large currency holders? Seeing we’ve been told that they are tracking those of us who have the dinar. Ans: R/People banks know about. 

· Jiminkc: Who’s saying to give the highest rate to those with the least currency? The banks or the UST? Obviously, banks want the most money deposited with the fewest customers to keep track of. A has 1m Dinar and gets $28.50 = $28.5 mil. B has $10 m dinar and gets $3.65 = $36.5 mil. Or, if given the $28.50 = $285 mil. Which makes more sense for the bank’s bottom line? Ans: T/UST, banks don’t care. 

· Mana40: I gave away several 25k Dinar notes. When this goes, do they have to call the 800# or can they exchange with a teller? Ans: T/anybody who get’s over $10k is going to have to call the 800#. If you have a $5k note, you’re going to have to call. 

· Sittinpretty: You keep saying Iraq is done they have nothing else to do so does that mean the CBI is waiting for the US Treasury to tell them to raise or change the rate? Ans: Yes, they have been, wanting to change rates. Was supposed to go on Forex Wed. Sunday-Monday morning rates should be in Iraq. 

· Mrsfiredeacon: You mentioned to be careful giving large amounts of money to senior citizens for them to exchange, so they don’t lose their benefits. What would you do if your parents had currency and you’re trying to help them keep their government benefits? My plan was to open an acct in my name but let my mother have full access to the account. Will the currency calculator show the rates when the RV happens? Approximately what time does that amount change? Ans: R/they don’t need to own it. If you’re going to be multi-millionaires, why get involved with the gov’t anyway? T/buy a house and let mom live in it. Buy a car, take them on vacations, etc. Give them that piece of mind. Everything you set up isn’t in their name. As little as $10k-$15k can lose their benefits, and now you have to pay for everything. Be very careful when people are getting kind of gov’t assistance. Check with attorney, local gov’t etc.

· Tibird: Of all the people you said you know have exchanged have they all had to sign an NDA? If not, why hasn’t someone been on the call or Forum and let us know about it? They absolutely have signed NDA’s, or I wouldn’t know. Not going to jeopardize getting on this call. 

· CLB: R/not necessary to have before or after. Have as small a check as possible. 

· Tony: Saying Zim notes not going! 

· Happyheart46: R/with Skype it will show your area code. 

· Dillard: R/where have you been? Know of no limit now, if you can exchange them. 

· Saltydog: R/one #, will know when we receive them. 

· Ladybug? T/call the bank right now. Ask what kind of benefits and perks they can offer large depositors. 

· Tony/just received notice they are currently waiting to go! 

Live Callers:

· 850/Houston, TX. C/ What was there demeanor when received info? T/super excited. Given definite window. By this date and time, everybody should be taking action. C/student loan forgiveness? T/everybody running for president is asking for that. If it was going to happen anyway, wouldn’t Trump had run with it. Not going to pay-off student loans for everyone. There’s been prosperity packages for years. Last admin asked Tony for names to receive them. 

· 760/Oceanside, CA. C/do I do my redemption where I lived or where I filed taxes? T/where you’ve lived the last year. C/moving from West Coast to East Coast. Should I cancel my flight? T/Live your life until it changes. If something happens, someone there can help you fly back home on a private plan with your Dinar to exchange! 

· 865/Knoxville, TN. C/how long have folks been in exchange centers? T/weren’t there yesterday, are there today! C/a lot of folks stayed up. How likely need to stay-up until 4am in the morning. T/whoever is doing that, nothing is going to happen at least until 7am. They want the 800#’s to come out and people in the bank at 8am. First opportunity is this evening before it can go. C/Evening? After banks close, Hawaii time? T/has nothing to do with the banks. It’s market closing time! 

· 972/Danny in Dallas, TX. C/banks were trying to get their pricing together? T/their systems synchronized. C/so competition will be in the wealth managers office, with all the pricing be the same? T/different rates, perks, still competing. C/slip me the name of the bank that will help me with my project. T/we only got that from one person and even within that bank I got it from one person, because another exchanger says he will give it to whoever asks. Committee guy told Tony No! Banks say yes! C/time frame? T/give it 3 hours! T/no need to stay up! It’s just going to happen. No need to wait up. It will not be a press announcement or fireworks going off. We will be watching it no purpose in checking all the currency calculators. 

· XXX C/Question on opening a bank. Asked about BIS. T/UST is concerned with BIS. Google owning your own bank, bank brokers, they’ll send you a list of banks in your area available to purchase. Make sure it’s successful before offering to buy it. Tony/owning a bank is not for the average person. Quick way to “go directly to jail”. Easy to buy a bank, but totally different in a judiciary position to operate. Zim notes may have some. A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Lots of rules to follow. Responsibility sets in when you are dealing with other people’s money! 

· 707/Santa Rosa, CA. Is Zim going or not? T/don’t know. Guy listening to you now. Tape them end to end and hang them on the toilet paper dispenser. Banks say yes! Tier 1 bank more likely than others to take it. Have people at Wells and Chase say they have been instructed to take it. Let’s see what happens! 

· 312/Chicago, IL. C/advise when signing documents? Any in particular? T/no. How much cash you can pull, out, structured payment. Who reads everything when buying a car? Banks already told us earlier, gave it to you right from a VP, the banks are not your friend. This is business and we are here trying to make money and you’re trying to get money! They will smile in your face all you want. They may be pissed-off because they didn’t get their bonus check. They have a job to do and you have a job to do. T/nobody has the authority to strike out anything (change wording in a document). C/BIS is global authority? T/the banking system. How it operates. Banks always waiting for the UST holding it up. Codes, etc. come from BIS. C/did you know Mon is National Hot Dog Day? T/great day to exchange. Global control is by the BIS. 

· 610/Allentown, PA. G-man! (TNT Shill - Ad Removed)

· 281/Former Houston TX Gma. What’s the beginning time and end time to call 800#’s? T/when you see it is live, you can start calling. When 90% of people exchanging, the numbers will come back down. Supposedly go in at 7am until 11pm at night. Latest I’ve heard was 1am in the morning. Her bank has been closed Mon-Thu, and all the smaller branches were open. 

· 702/Las Vegas, NV. snoring! 

· 574/South Bend, IN. C/ clarification. T/at the location waiting for the go. Codes put in at 8am this morning. They have 72 hr. time limit, it’s all supposed to be going! They all don’t have to go at 5:05. Some will say “we’re just going to start tomorrow morning”. We actually got a time for this to go live. Not here. We’re going to wait until that time. 72 hours, by Monday the whole world is going to know. Supposedly, right now several banks, locations outside the banks in agreement this should happen! 

· 818/Los Angeles, CA. C/in past when transferring money from one bank to another it took days. T/ told not to move more than $500k. Walk into your bank, get a cashier’s check, then take it to another bank. Had another guy with $40m check, no problem. Will get held up the first 30 days. C/after that could move it over. Gifting is per person per annum? R/per annum, with a lifetime limit. $15k now. Your limit is in the millions. T/she has 2 kids, give $15k per person, per annum, and not be taxed. The amount is in the millions $11.4 million in 2019. Doesn’t relate to a trust. R/if not the best way to do it, why would you be doing it? C/asked about trusts and gifting. R/that’s the worst way to be giving money. So, who cares? Need to be learning the better way. Current info:https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/taxes/gift-tax-rate/ 

· 425/Bellevue, WA. Heard you could ask the banks to provide you and your family health insurance. R/check with your bank and find out. T/everybody can contact their bank and find out for themselves. 

· 360/Vancouver, WA. Golden advice from Danny in TX on humanitarian projects. Has anything changed the basic strategies changed? T/no, don’t think so. Won’t give me the details until we go live. Then we can say these things are the best things we can do. We’ll let you know. 

· 301/Germantown, MD. C/listened to older calls and back-wall dates didn’t happen. Why is this info you have know more credible, with specific 72 hr. period? T/Supposed to happen, I don’t control it. The banks themselves are more geared up with approval with codes, and rates. Iraq said they had it done June 30th. Committee, banking system, Iraq, etc, time frames. Set some deadlines. All we can do is go by the info we’re given, activity we see being done right now. People the last 3 week doing transactions, skr’s, given dates and times of all of their currency going live. That’s all we have to go by. C/That time of 7 is because when banks close? T/I didn’t say the earliest. T/putting out examples. Could be 4:45pm. Codes put in, just waiting for it. C/cabinet member tomorrow has anything to do with it? T/was scheduled to go on Wed. Everybody didn’t update when they were supposed to. Removed those people out of the process. One person in each CBI to put their codes in. C/person at treasury says green light? T/2 persons in USA have authority to make this to happen. C/no more info needed? T/waiting for them to say here are the 800#’s, put them out! C/final intel waiting? T/all say waiting to go. When we get the go, you get the 800’#. 

· Tony. Everything is positive. Every committee member, bank, say 72 hours or sooner! 

· Ray/no rush to do anything other than get the contract rate. Don’t have to rush to bless others with it. It can have more of an impact when you give it the best way. A lot of you are focusing on relinquishing ownership. Analyze it. If it RV’s on Mon, don’t have to bless people the next day. Some of you are going to be surprised with this information. Don’t make the wrong move too soon. Giving someone foreign currency or cash is the most irresponsible way to bless them. Learn how to do that with some control factors. Can’t do it when you put $ in their hands and try and tell them what to do with it. Learn of other tools.

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