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 "My challenge to you" by Hope Ranger 7/12/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"My challenge to you" by Hope Ranger 7/12/19

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 "My challenge to you" by Hope Ranger 7/12/19 Empty "My challenge to you" by Hope Ranger 7/12/19

Post by RamblerNash Sat Jul 13, 2019 12:13 am

If our thoughts generate energy that goes out into the aether, the empty space that surrounds everything In the universe that we think of as air or empty space, that is itself energy, and those thought energies effect that aether to draw to us whatever it is we are thinking about most what are we creating with all of this up and down and empty promises of the GCR happening today from all the gurus? Think about it like this. The empty space that surrounds everything is not just empty space it is vibrant energy we just can’t see it. So, we have this energy coursing around us constantly and when we think something, especially if we think it with emotion, those thoughts cause a ripple in the aether around us that travels outwards for a very long distance. Gregg Braden says they have actually measured this energy from the heart, thoughts with strong emotion, at kilometers away from the person experiencing the emotion. That is just from equipment that we have that CAN measure it. It probably goes much farther we just do not have equipment that will measure it. In other words, every thought we have that is connected to emotion within our hearts causes a ripple in the aether that goes outwards from us for a very long distance. It does not matter if the thought is positive or negative. The stronger the emotion we feel when we think a thought the stronger the energy that is generated by that thought. Throw a rock in a still pond. You see the ripples. Throw a bigger rock and you see bigger ripples. Same with our thoughts.

Now with all these failed predictions from the gurus telling us daily that this will happen today or tomorrow and that they have confirmation from high level sources, causes us to be disappointed. The level of disappointment will determine the level of energy generated by those thoughts. All these failed predictions, and disappointment we feel because they fail every single time, is generating the wrong kind of energy pushing this farther from us every time we experience this disappointment. The gurus are causing us to push this away from us with every failed prediction. It almost makes you wonder if the gurus are not being fed information by the cabal that is trying to stop this from happening, because you can bet your bottom dollar that the cabal knows this and uses it to their advantage. 

There have been people who have posted about this on IDC like Richard or One Who Knows who we drove away because we did not want to hear what he was saying. Here we are a year or more after he disappeared and the GCR still has not happened. Why??? Because every single day gurus tell us this will happen today. We should see 800 numbers today or tomorrow at the latest. Then when that does not materialize they are expert at coming up with excuses why that was wrong but no worries it will happen today into tomorrow. We hear that every day. I have been in this for ten years and it has not changed in that entire time. Maybe we need to stop reading and listening to what the gurus are saying and just let our minds be full of expectation for this to happen without the constant up and down caused by the daily failed predictions. Maybe if we did this what we are waiting for would come to us sooner because we would not be putting those negative thoughts fueled by strong emotions out into the aether.

Visualize a still pond the water is like glass it is so still. Now visualize throwing a rock into that pond. Can you see the ripples it causes? Now visualize hundreds or thousands or millions of people throwing a rock into that same pond. Can you see the chaos that would create? That is what we are doing every time we are disappointed by a failed prediction. If everyone stopped listening to and reading everything the gurus say for a week and all we did was think and feel the expectation of this happening, we could possibly make this happen very fast. But it would take a group effort and I doubt that everyone reading this would be able to stop reading and listening to the gurus. I know for my part I read very selected posts when I have time, but I still feel the disappointment when the predictions do not happen. 

My challenge to you is this. Stop reading and listening to the gurus for one week. Sure, check the websites to see if they post the 800 numbers that will be big and very noticeable when it happens, but we don’t need to read every word the gurus post. Let’s just stop reading and listening to every word the gurus post for a week and see what happens. 

Hope Ranger

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