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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/9/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/9/19

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/9/19 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7/9/19

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:26 pm

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. As you can imagine a lot has happened sine the last a call on Tuesday, a week ago. One of the things that happened on July 4th we did catch President Trump’s speech last Thursday. It did contain some thing that people wanted to see even though we didn’t hear the word “sovereignty” there. Nor did we hear some of the words we thought we might. What happened was earlier in the day we had an indication he was going to say something more privately in the White House between 11:30am and 12:15pm. We did get confirmation that was spoken and it was adequate to give the Chinese waters what they wanted to hear that day. That changed the President’s speech at 6:30pm a little bit so he did not have to go into certain things or certain words. It was a really good time. I hope everyone had a safe July 4th.

Bruce: Up to where we are over the weekend, Saturday, Sunday we had some information about the Redemption Centers. Primarily what they wanted to do. We had one more thing to go or to more things to go on Saturday and Sunday. We were told what they were, by the way. I believe thru process of elimination, that we ended up finding out that the QFS System had not fully connected globally. That was what they were going to try to finish up over the weekend and even into Monday, yesterday. What happened was we had a number of countries that were not connected and were not in compliant with the QFS System. The Quantum Financial System needed be fully connected and operational. Even it came down to the last two countries that needed the connectivity and the compliance. Those were Indonesia and Malaysia. They were the last two to come on board, and they got it done and were in the process today our time, yesterday their time, taking a bank holiday and letting their people know why that is because they were connecting to a new banking system, the QFS. We believe that is taken care of and that is out of the way.

Bruce: Now, what we have heard happened yesterday was our Treasury Secretary made a trip to Big R and had taken care of signing off on everything that needed to go thru. Maybe one last signature. Maybe one last approval. Now, we are at the point right now literally, I believe, Reno is waiting on the Green light. We understand the people in charge are poised and ready for things to take place. Even though we thought we were going to get a certain amount started overnight last night, I can’t confirm it happened, but may have happened with certain Tier 3 Group member and may have started for SKRs in terms of liquidation. But the big thrust of everything is still set to go.

Bruce: Now I have times for it. I have heard two to three people talk about later tonight for things to go, not too much later than the Big Call would end. We could be just about where we needed to be. One little side note check to make sure the blue pens you should take, take a couple of them, to your Redemption Appointment make sure the ink is flowing on those. Because they can sit around and pretty soon you have to light a match to get the ink moving or something like that. So, double check and maybe get a couple of new ones tomorrow.

Bruce: As far as what we are waiting for, it appears everything did get completed. However, this afternoon we were still looking for brand new rates coming up on screens at the bank and the Redemption Centers. As far as codes being entered, our understanding is Redemption Center codes have been reentered. They got entered yesterday afternoon. Some of the banks entered them on Saturday. My understanding is in some cases they needed to be reentered this morning. We are at the point we are looking for new rates to come on the screens and looking for new Forex rates to come up which the latest I heard on that was 8:30-9:00 pm range. They would theoretically be coming up now if they are done, or maybe they still have to populate. That is the latest I ‘s heard as far as forex changing.

Bruce: Beyond that, let’s just say I am hearing 800 numbers could come out tonight. I am hearing they could come out tomorrow morning. It seems as the later it gets at night the less opportune time it would be to get everybody out to put the numbers together to set appointments tonight. However, if they come in, they come in. If it is tomorrow, it is tomorrow. I am hearing things from a couple of different sources that believe very strongly that tomorrow is our so-called revalued day. Tomorrow is July 10th, and that could very well be the case. We just going to have to sort of wait this out. This is nothing Bruce controls. No, I do not have the toll-free numbers yet. I am looking for them though. Really, I had an estimate right before the call as a possibility. That did not happen. Could it happen after the call? Yes, it could. Could it happen overnight later or tomorrow morning? Yes, it could

Bruce: We are in the position right now this thing is pretty much where it needs to be, and we should be ready to start. Of course, when the new rates come up, I was told after those new rates come up on those bank screens, the Redemption Center screens, we would be in line to get the toll=free numbers. So, before the call I could not confirm the new rates were populating, but I would think I will hear something even later tonight.

Bruce: So, as far as us getting together, we do miss Bob not being able to be with us tonight because he is flying. I know everybody is staying tuned and watching their emails. I am going to ask that you guys keep close attention to your emails that come from: bigcalluniverse.com. Because we will send out an email that everybody will get the toll-free number on that I get for just a way to get it. We are looking to get started with some Advisory group meetings within a week and then we should be able to stay in touch with you by email as to what our plans are, how we going to do it, and about Rebuild America and Veterans Retreat Network and how we are going to initiate those projects. We have spent a lot of time, a lot of thought, and a lot of work has been put in on those projects. So, we have a head start, but obviously we need this to go before we go forward into it.

Bruce: So, that is really what I wanted to tell you guys tonight. I think you guys have a pretty good handle what is going on of a Redemption Center point of view. We look to get the numbers and set our appointments. Do that thru the Call Center. It maybe automated or we could get handed over to a live person if we are a Zim holder to complete the booking of our appointment. So, know what zip code you want to try to exchange in. Make sure you have a couple forms of photo ID. Get a utility bill where you live to show you have an address. The rest of it is going I think fairly quickly. They do want to get the appointment done in about 48 minutes. It sounds tough. It sounds like there is a lot to do, and there is.

Bruce: I think they are going to leave the other things to do for the next day or several days later like setting up multiple accounts, getting cashier checks, and doing bank wire. You should be able to get some Proof of Funds letters, a few of those at the time of your exchange. You should also be able to get a little bit of cash. They are thinking in the $6,000 or less range of USTNs. You should be able to get up to $100,000 on a debit/credit card right then. Then you will have to let them know how much you will need in the first 90 days or so. The other point is the structured payouts are something they have changed, changed, and changed again. You can set it up or you can go as little as one year. They have lengthened it where now you an take it up to 22 years. For me personally, I like the idea of a 20-year structured payout with a fixed interest that pays out quarterly. That way I do not have to really worry about investments. I got it more or less covered. That is what I am going to go for. Some of you guys maybe looking for something different.

Bruce: The basis of this “new investment money” we are going to have is so large especially if you are a Zim holder. It is ridiculous. You will be able to take a lower rate of o and still make a ton of money every quarter. I think you can take just one 100 T note and see what that would be. Even at say 3% which is 1% per quarter. You do the math of 4% of 100 T note paying you quarterly, and you will find that is indeed a lot of money. So, think about that. I would say we would get perks. It might be 2 or more pages of benefits or perks for being a valued customer. You take a look at that and you decide of you want anything. Perks are not supposed to be taxable to you from what I understand. Everything is going to be evaluated based on what we learn on our appointment. Be prepared for sort of a slam bam type of appointment of 48 minutes. Maybe 12 minutes of reset time for the Redemption Staff before the next one comes in. That might be a little tight. If they did that, they could set appointments every hour on the hour. I know most Redemption Centers will be open to late. Some might be 24 hours. I think most of them are going try get this thing done in about 16 to 18 hours a day on two shifts. So, we will see how that plays out.

Bruce: I want to just thank everybody for being faithful and listening to us, and staying with us these 8 years. We miss Bob tonight. Bob is heading back home tonight and tomorrow he will be back tomorrow evening. With that said, I want to thank Sue. I want to thank Pastor Steven and all you listeners out there in Big Call country and all of you around the globe who are listening. I do want to thank Pinkroses for transferring and taking these call notes for us and making them available. I appreciate that very much. We are looking good. We just have to see when the toll-free numbers will release. I got some saying overnight, and I have one saying in the morning. We shall see where it goes. Everybody have a great night tonight. Try to get prepared, and just enjoy the experience as much as you can. Thank you everybody. We do not know if we will have another all at this point. We do not intend to unless we do a little celebration call. Good night. Thank you again for tuning in. Good bye.


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