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Dr. Dinar Update: "Dinarland, the Land of Confuse-Zim" 7/2/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Dr. Dinar Update: "Dinarland, the Land of Confuse-Zim" 7/2/19

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Dr. Dinar Update: "Dinarland, the Land of Confuse-Zim" 7/2/19 Empty Dr. Dinar Update: "Dinarland, the Land of Confuse-Zim" 7/2/19

Post by RamblerNash on Wed Jul 03, 2019 10:12 pm

So, here we are. The start of yet another July. July, 2019, no less; and we're still sitting here broke.

Without an RV. Without a completed GCR. How can that be. Who in their right mind ever imagined we'd still be here.

Half way through yet another year. A year that, like so many others that came before, began with such promise, only to be left with that same ol' Dinarja Vu feeling we've had for the past decade and counting.

Yep, back at the end of 2010, throughout Dinarland all we heard was we'd never get to 2011 without "cashin' out" our dee-nars. Oh how wrong they were.

And to make matters worse, back then all we had to concern ourselves with was the simple RV of the IQD. That's it. Nothin' crazy about that.

Dr. Dinar Update: "Dinarland, the Land of Confuse-Zim" 7/2/19 A-dr-dinar_orig

How much easier could it be. Wham, Bam, Thank You #43! Even if he didn't mean for it to be for you and me.

And Thank You too, Shabibi. We'll gladly take our $3.41 and run, off to the Car Dealerships and Zillow we will go.

But hang on there fellow Dinarians, not so fast. Oh no.

Turns out there was something else in the works. Much more "stuff" lurking behind the curtain than we were aware of.

It was about that time we began to hear the rumors of the "Rise of the Dong".

Say what!?! Now we have Vietnam involved in all this. Whose crazy idea was that anyway!

They quickly explained it away, saying China was going to move all of their manufacturing to nearby Vietnam, thereby creating more "living space" for their ever expanding population.

Who could argue with that kind of logic.

Not to mention all of the newly discovered precious metals lying dormant under all the Vietnamese rice fields.

Talk about Fields of Dreams, couldn't fit any better into this storyline if they tried. Almost as if they made it up.

Do I even need to mention all of the as yet unfracked oil awaiting just offshore. Who knew.

And believe it or not, it all made total sense. Which, when you think about it, is more than confusing.

At that point, as it is now, making sense was anything but the "norm" in Dinarland. So that alone was plenty crazy. Which fits right in.

But that was pretty much the last craziness we heard about the VND. Well, besides the rates of course.

Don't even get me going on the rates, for all the currencies. You'll think I'm crazy.

Since then, the VND has been a "regular" in the first basket. No questions asked, just another piece of the GCR puzzle.

Sure, they said it would get crazy at the end and it was definitely getting awfully crazy at that time, what with numerous people saying this would be our last broke weekend, week, after week, after crazy-filled week.

Therefore, it must finally be the end. Right? After all, it couldn't get much crazier than it already was, could it?.

Not so quick there Currencyhopper. Enter the Zim. Aka Stage 3 Crazy.

That crazy, kooky, printed on 20# standard office copy paper, festooned with "I Promise To Pay Whomever Is Crazy Enough To Believe In This Lotsofzero's Stuff" in the upper left hand corner, Three Rock covered, multi-purpose Monopo-money.

And heeeeerrre we go again! Cue the crazy rumor factory, workin' the late shift.

Highest numerical value in the history of currency. Demonitized back in 2009, currently sold as a "collectible", recently "reimagined" as a Bond.

Zero's on; zero's off, a multiplyerin' we will go. You name it, rumor upon rumor, the Zim is awash in it.

The only thing we haven't seen (yet) is an actual photo showing an Alien Clone wearing a gold tie having recently arrived "on planet" from his home on Mars, "to go" bag full of Zim notes and receipts, heading off in an Uber, on his way to an Exchange Center somewhere in Area 51.

And believe me, I won't be the least bit shocked when we do see it. After all, we've pretty much seen and heard everything else.

The one semi-consistent rumor in all this, having been shouted from the rooftops for the past decade plus, is that this RV/GCR thing will happen "suddenly".

As in one second it won't be there, and without any prior warning whatsoever, poof, there it will be. Suddenly.

Any day, any time. As if they have it all planned out.

Which, to be honest, I highly doubt they do. I think they're pretty much wingin' it..

And right along with that statement is that this so called "suddenly" will happen when we least expect it.

Least expect it? Seriously!?!

How is that even possible. At this point I think all of Dinarland is fully expecting it. Each and every second of every minute of every day. And night.

Perhaps they should change "when we least expect it" to "when we least believe it".

By that I mean it could very well happen tomorrow, but we've heard it will so many times that 99% of us no longer believe tomorrow even exists, let alone that this RV/GCR thing will happen tomorrow.

Yeah, if there is a tomorrow, the sun will more than likely come out somewhere but the RV/GCR, that's still among the great unknown.

And believe me, it will take quite a bit of convincing to get us to believe otherwise.

Hopefully, after having given it some time, allowing it to sink in, we'll all get the soo-prise of our lives, shouting "GAAA-LEE... SHA-ZIM!" as we exit one of over 5,700 Exchange Centers, none of which are located any further than an hours drive away from our drone-surveillanced homes.

I still believe it's not a matter of "if" but of "when". So above all else, be sure to enjoy the ride.

And remember, the "eye in the sky" will be watching you all the way from your home to the Exchange Center, so be sure to leave early for your scheduled appointment and be certain to obey all traffic laws and whatever you do, no speeding.

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