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MarkZ: "We are still at high alert…..but news is all over the place" 7/1/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "We are still at high alert…..but news is all over the place" 7/1/19

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MarkZ: "We are still at high alert…..but news is all over the place" 7/1/19 Empty MarkZ: "We are still at high alert…..but news is all over the place" 7/1/19

Post by RamblerNash Mon Jul 01, 2019 10:32 pm

MZ: A number of 4b people got flown back into Reno today. They got that heads up last night

MZ:  The rumor from Reno  is we may get a release after 8pm Reno time tonight

MZ: My DC and New York HSBC people are looking at Friday the 5th for the release for 4b

MZ: Mr. C has not been processed and he is planning on coming back on to clarify a few things.  Over 40,000 people viewed that video this weekend

MZ: Iraq does not have a new live rate on the streets as of yet.

MZ: We are still at high alert…..but news is all over the place

MZ: I still think it’s a perfect storm for this RV/GCR to happen at anytime.....banks are failing everywhere....they have to get this reset out the door now.

Member:  Everything appears to have reached the Tipping Point we’ve been waiting for. Paedo/human trafficker arrests, G20, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, coming housing collapse, yellow vests, Hong Kong.....We are so close

MZ: I agree

Q: Why would anyone from 4B be flown in anywhere?

MZ:  they would be flown in if they already had their exchanges set up in Miami, Atlanta, Reno and Chicago.

Q: Has the live rate been established?

MZ: I was told it has

Q: What Tier is congress in?

MZ: Most of them are in Tier 4A which absolutely seems wrong to me .

MZ: There is a rumor Trump signed an important document at 4pm today

Q: How many times does Trump have to sign off on this?

MZ: I agree….So please take it as a rumor with a grain of salt….

Member:  Mark Mark Mark the paper Trump signed at 4 p.m. today was the HR 5131 regarding the IRS

Member:  4pm Signoff was the IRS Bill

MZ: There seem to be a number of people over the weekend copying and pasting stuff and saying we said things we didn’t say…… making stuff up and said we said it…..it was insane.  There was a lot of misinformation /fake news out there.

MZ: I hear other intel people had the same problem so somebody is deliberately posting fake news…

Member:  Mark - you are correct - the cabal has several agendas!!!

MZ: I am a bit salty today…..At this point we are all sick of the PTB and all these delays making us all look like a bunch of liars.

Member:  We All Are Salty MY Friend. I Just wish they would not Fake You Out So Much!

MZ:  I received so many nasty horrible emails this weekend …I thought about sharing some with you all…but deleted them…..and I want to thank some of the mods and my friends for keeping me encouraged and keeping me sane…you make the negativity thrown at me more bearable.

Q: I thought other countries started exchanging last week:

MZ: Yes we heard a couple countries jumped the gun and exchanged certain people…..but it did not get down to the common people level.

Member:  There were a few countries that jumped the Gun last week, when word was released that UST finally entered their codes to proceed with GCR

Member:  president Trump just tweeted ... he will be interviewed by Tucker Carlson tonight at 8pm on Fox:

MZ: President Trump is the only administration actively wanting this reset

Member:  I recall Trump saying, he will get the US out of debt while he’s President. The RV would do this and he would be a shoe in the 2020 election.

Member:  More Just now: President @realDonaldTrump signed a bill that delivers $4.6 billion for humanitarian assistance and security to our southern border.

MZ: Hope we have lots of good news by tomorrow. see you all at 10AM est

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