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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet Pts by AZhombre) 7/1/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet Pts by AZhombre) 7/1/19

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet Pts by AZhombre) 7/1/19 Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet Pts by AZhombre) 7/1/19

Post by RamblerNash Mon Jul 01, 2019 10:23 pm

·         Ray/Friday highlights: A person attending a private exchange mtg for a “determined date” learned of th screen rates.  Dinar $3.65, Dong $1.25, Zim 35 cents.  New millionaires are hitting the banking community acquiring low interest loans, regardless of low credit scores.

·         Ray/ Sat evening update: SATURDAY, JUNE 29, 2019:  Monday’s Parliament session should yield the confirmation of the Minister of Education.  A “special” meeting with the CBI is planned for Sunday in Iraq. The following are expected to be in attendance: the former Financial Minister, the US Treasury Secretary, the UK Treasury Secretary, Dr. Shabibbi and representatives from the IMF and the World Bank. [hmmmm, I wonder what THAT could be about?]  Late Friday night: Some US banks are anticipating release of 800 numbers on Sunday for the purpose of making appointments for Monday.  Saturday afternoon: The “scuttlebutt” is rapidly spreading across the community…..Time Will Tell if they are “finally” correct this time.  Saturday evening: Some banking employees are being told to report to work on Sunday…[huh????] I’m liking this.

·         Ray & Tony: Good morning TNT.  Was supposed to completed in June.  But it is Iraq!  Just read from an email he received, being criticized he’s never was right. This is a govt worldwide thing going.  Plenty want it being done.  It’s not done because things happen.  Plan one thing and something else happens., Tony doesn’t control it.  Millions of people who listen and not 500 people donate to this call.  Nobody is forcing you to listen to this.  Somebody sent me their opinion.  Listen guys, here’s the good thing.  I know NY, NH, NC FL, TX called in exchange people yesterday, took their phones away from then, etc.  Several different banks brought them all in at 6 am in the morning yesterday.  Nothing happened.  They are back in there again together.  Can’t leave the bldg., can’t make phone calls, etc.  Had mtg on Sunday, taking Dong, Dinar, Rupiah, Zim just told taking the notes we have!  Briefing yesterday discussed.  If you have a humanitarian, you will get a higher rate.  They have a plan and give you a higher rate on Zim.  Just put out by the banks.  Again, the banks still saying this is what they’re doing.  Last week guys who exchanged last week: Supposed to be liquid.  People called over the weekend, told come in I’m going to go ahead and do it.  People are doing things today.  Only problem if there is one.  New governor supposed to be in by Sat.  However, saying extending it until Oct.  Do we need that?  Is that why we’re not going to the bank this morning?  Is it just a smoke screen?  They know who the CBI governor is.  If it doesn’t happen, I’m expecting it on Tue.  Better to be ready than having to get ready.

·         Q & A: Fri, June 28, 2019:  https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65671319/questions-for-ray-cc-070119/

·         Jiminkc: Is it possible the rates will fluctuate higher or lower than the “locked in” rates of last week?  If so, in what direction, even before going on Forex?  No doubt, you have quizzed your bank people about what you described as fees done for the sake of “greed”.  Will that still be the case for us as opposed to the first group?  Were you talking about the exchange/transaction fee, or was it the spread “buy vs sell” charge, or both?  Will they really negotiate for no fees, etc. with those with lots of currency or have they been told to take a hard-liner approach and get “something” for their service?  Ans: yes, it’s possible.  Will go up and reach its peak and come down.  Could go low and eventually go where it’s supposed to be.  I forgot to talk to them about fees.  Let me contact him. Hold on, I’ll make a phone call now.

·         Cre2play: Based on the call on Friday and Tony’s reaction to those who were able to exchange early regarding fees and schedule payments.  Are the banks concerned that with this increase in fees and structured payments that there would be negative side effects such as people not leaving their money for the wealth managers to invest but taking the money outside of banking circles to other investment firms?  Ans: Don’t know what the banks concerns.  For me, usury fee is ridiculous.  Tried to find out over the weekend.  Will see if others exchanging today will be charged those ridiculous fees.  You can always put your money somewhere else.  Investments, funds, they are going to put it in the bank at the end.  Their choice or your choice of banks.  Banks are always going to what they are going to do.  Tier’s 1,2, 3, etc.  But you always have Credit Unions.  Ray/structured payouts comments:  If I’m walking into an institution with 10m worth of something, and want to exchange for same amount, I …. A structured payout is just preventing you from getting all your money up front.  There are companies that will buy your structured payout at a discount.  Better, you can still tap that value at the bank w/loans.  Tony/I’m not concerned with structured payouts.  Just ridiculous fees.  1% or less is ok.  If they tell you they’d give you $35m for your Zim note.  But $2 without it.  So, you’d rather give up millions just because you have to wait some time?  If you have so much money, did a structured payout on $40m.  I want my interest compounded on my total. There may be a very good reason the banks are doing structured payouts, putting currency out over a period of time into the economy.  May be about the monetary system.  Banks have limits to build up to figures.  I’m upset about the fees.  Ray/if I succored you into structured payouts, I definitely wouldn’t pay interest on it!

·         Ladydi675: Has there been any indication of the timeframe when the entire amount of our exchanged funds will be available to us?  I read 20% would be available within 24 hours and we should have a percentage/number in mind that we would need over 90 days and over 6 months.  Ans: T/no.  You were supposed to get 10% the 1st day.  Black card if over $10m.  The rest liquid in 48 hours.  If you agreed to a structured payout, different.  They gave out 25-30% right up front, structured the rest over the year.  Done with several people over the past 2 people.  Down to $40m.

·         Nwn: Can an adopted child be included in this trust.  Do stepchildren have any rights under this trust?  Ans:  Ray as far as they are designated as such.

·         Pinkshell:  What is the best avenue…  Ray/Private Charitable Family foundation.  Moving money to a foundation creates …….

·         Hosackr:  Is the RV one of the reforms that   Tony/said all completed.  I don’t see anybody calling for him to be released from office.  Parliament gave him until 1 Oct to complete the filling of posts.  Thu and Fri said he was done.  Mon there was something else.  Proxy is good.  Know who he is.  Defense & Interior resolved.

·         Oneeyerose:  still limit on the Zim.  T/guess not.  But if there is a limit and they won’t let you do it, send it to me.  I’ll get it done.  There is a way, trust me!

·         Live Callers:

·         865/Knoxville, TN.  “CIA Lady”.  Ridiculous fee?  T/hopefully for only those trying to move at the front of the line and everybody.  C/release? I was told it was to come yesterday.  A different bank said today.  C/reference with those w Zim, 90 days funding approval.  T/was a 90-day process and Treasury and Zim had to approve project.  Based it on that.  Just got that info yesterday while in training while waiting for this to go.  Trying to get info right now.  C/one source still not sure Zim on the table?  T/have 2 top tier banks training yesterday said doing this.  C/mtg in Iraq?  T/they did meet, everything green light including Security Council.  C/expecting any news blackouts over there?  T/they were giving us the info that was on TV.  The internet was down and will be down weeks.  A great time to do it to get a head start when it’s down.

·         360/Vancouver, WA.  Humanitarian projects for Zim only?  T/yes.  That’s who it’s supposed to be with.  Just got yesterday you’ll get a higher rate if you have a humanitarian project over there.  Definitely ask for the details! C/have banks said yes or no receiving a structured payout?  Treatment?  T/I don’t know w fee, structured payout, small among they started with structured payout starting at as low as $40m.  They went in Fri and stayed there until 1am.  Went home Sat, back 6am Sunday.  Taking their phones when the come into the door.  Desk phones being monitored!  C/discussion calls from non-valid source.  So you have a suggestion of validity of #’s?  T/I’m not making my appointment the same way as you guys.  I’m one of the 5 getting 800”, if you see them posted on our site, you’ll know it valid.  If you see them on TNT, or come out from a tweet from Ray or me, you know they are the numbers I got from the bank.  Waiting yesterday.  A different top-tier bank said we should see them today.  They are right at that point sitting there ready to go to work!  C/remember to pay it forward if you can’t donate to have TNT calls now.  Good intentions create karma we want for the long run.  More optimistic I’ve been with caution.  It will happen!  With that attitude no panic or depression if it doesn’t.

·         Tony/taking another call.  If you have an account with the bank, no fee charged at all.  If you don’t they’re going to limit it to 2% (the most they can charge).  Going with that rather than the ridiculous fee those people had.

·         303/Denver, CO.  How many Dinarians?  T/told 10 m with last administration.C/based on 25k notes?  Last week you stated the Iraq Dinar would be within 20 cents of the Kuwaiti Dinar.  Caller thought the Kuwaiti Dinar was a better purchase.  T/we have too many people who are coming home from Iraq with the same numbers.  We are talking to people who have received their exchanges already they are getting $3.65 per Dinar.  C/the Achilles heel, you want to believe.  T/I didn’t want to get involved.  $28.50 doesn’t make any sense to me.  Until I got a call from DC saying this is true!  Some people got as much as $100 for their exchange.  It’s not about me wanting me to believe.  C/and you’ve seen bank accounts this happened?  T/go to the bank and do your exchange or sell your currency and move on!

·         303/Denver, CO. T\hope you’re not related with the other 303!  Don’t see dates on my Zim.  T/should see AA208-2009.  C/that’s ok?  T/ok. C/anything else if exchangeable?  T/100T – 50T notes was told to get and tell you to get?  C/you have any grey hair?  T/no, I have all grey hair.

·         281/Bus Lady/Houston, TX.  C/banks finally got the info, how?  T/don’t know.  Been training, more than one top 10 bank said they are taking the Zim and taking them all.  C/info over the weekend,green light given means giving currency rate for the Dinar.  T/go ahead was to release the Dinar.  C/if this happens this week, how far out for Vegas?  T/I have to get an event planner for 4 little events and Vegas event.  Contact people who want to participate in it.  Will try to get it done within 60 days for Vegas for 4-day event.  Sacramento sooner with not as many people.  C/70’s party in Vegas one night?  T/I’m not coming in diapers with you old people!  I want to have some kind of amusement every night.  Last night the closing event.  Want to acknowledge people everyday.  C/I guess the 70’s is out!  Ray/doing that 70’s party Friday night in Detroit.  Aug 12-17th. Dream Cruise.  City of Detroit puts it on, TNT people on the boat.  All the cars cruising up and down the streets.  “Openmikesdreamcruize on facebook”.

·         972/Danny from Dallas, TX. Last week question on who enforces the NDA.  If they’re not going to enforce the NDA if they don’t bring their spouse?  Any feedback?  T/don’t know.  When you call the 800# ask them.  Told there is an NDA!  C/are our kids needing to sign also?  T/you better have them sign also if you want to share info with them.  They will clarify it with you.  C/generalized trng or instructions packages?  T/think it was.  They’re bringing food into them, etc.  Don’t want info leaked out.  C/1st come 1st served for contract rates.  They might have discretion, adjust requirements.  T/nothing beats a failure but a try.

·         702/Las Vegas, NV. Do you believe this definitely this will happen and when?  T/yes!  Still bringing people in, and last week scheduled people for today.  C/based on amounts, how much is a 100T Zim.  T/based on numbers we’ve been given, one Trillion Zim is worth $35m.

·         Gman/PA.  (TNT ad removed)

·         281/Former Houston Gma. Asking about folks called in.  T/Was told on high alert if it doesn’t go by the 3rd.  People on vacation on the 4th.  A guy was called back from his vacation and sitting at his desk waiting.  C/doesn’t make sense if not doing it.  T/was planning for yesterday.  Might not be until tomorrow.  Original schedule was to have people in yesterday.

·         732/Toms River, NJ.  Said the first week of July.  His speech on the 4th of July has nothing to do with the RV.  When the RV happens, and the other stuff doesn’t happen, what are people going to think.  Remember who those people were! C/future currencies in other baskets?  T/won’t be as good as the Dinar.  Have to have $10 to invest in them.  Anybody can become a day trader.  However, the revaluation will be a timing thing and move must faster!

·         281/Houston, TX.  Trying to be positive.  What are we looking at?  T/I don’t see anybody rioting in the streets.  I’m not looking for problems, etc.  I’m hoping if it goes right now.  The banks will know.  They could call and say put your currency away.

·         765/Muncie, IN. C/ question on avoiding fees if not a bank client.  R/If it happens, I’ll run down to another bank and become an account holder.  Can do it on line also.

·         Tony & Ray Wrap up time:  hold on, getting info.  Let’s wait, see what happens today.  All sitting on pins and needles.  Hoping some banks tomorrow.  Ray/If nothing spectacular happens you will know.  If something spectacular happens we’ll let you know.

·         Interesting Recent Comments & Questions (a few of AZhombre’s picks):

·         R/members created 21 pgs. booklet. http://tiny.cc/prep4xchange good compilation w wrksheet.

·         R/We all should have a “distribution list” ; X amount of $ or currencies.

·         R/You have options & opportunities, so you can pick the best investments.

·         R/Contract rate won’t be fluctuating

·         T/ We’re still looking for all this to be over by June 30, 2019

·         T/Still must dial 800# with a 5k note, can’t just walk into the bank to exchange it.

·         T/I’ve got 4 banks that are saying they will exchange the Zim notes!

·         T/Heard you can get contract rates on all the currencies I’m going to try on mine!

·         T/You with millions are still going to be able to negotiate.  They don’t want you to.  I’m telling you guys right now it’s going to be how you negotiate is going to be the key to that.

·         T/Iraqi Dinar will be higher than the Kuwait ($3.29) Dinar.  Within 15 cents range.

·         T/The difference between “High Alert and Standby”.  “Standby” within 25 miles and 1 hr. to get there.  “High Alert” is they are sitting there! Banks are doing the delays.  CBI is ready to go.

·         T/From another source we have 30m people with Dinar.  At least 5m new millionaires!

·         T/Once you call the 800# they’re going to send you to someone who can handle what you have.  They are going to direct you to an exchange center or banker.

·         Latest Rates; Dinar: $3.50, $3.63, $4.43, $28.50.  Dong: $0.47, $1.00, $1.37, $2.23.  Zim $0.22 – $0.33 cents.  Afghani $2.39.  Rial $3.24.  Rupiah: $1.08-$1.30 ($1.20).

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet Pts by AZhombre) 7/1/19 Empty Re: TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet Pts by AZhombre) 7/1/19

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