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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 6/28/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 6/28/19

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 6/28/19 Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 6/28/19

Post by RamblerNash Sat Jun 29, 2019 1:48 am

Wed highlights: …scheduled to go no later than Sat.  …15 cents of Kuwait where it’s supposed to end up at $3.29.  Anywhere from $3.35-$3.75 range it will come out at.…I made a deal, a “% of the people to get the contract rate”.  This (X #) many people will get the contract rate.  Now it was suggested they do the same % of the contract rate to total amount.  Before I did this I asked them how do you get the contract rate?  Said: Just ask for it, when it’s gone, it’s gone.  Or agreed to a % of each person’s money.  In March they had a package but weren’t allowed to open it.  They won’t know until an hour before going live.  By that time, we should have some sense of it…. Should have gone 8am yesterday (Tue 6/25).. They’re working on something.  Didn’t go at 8am this morning (Wed 6/26). … Saturday is their backwall to have this done at the bank.  It’s going to be a great weekend.  Did I cover everything?  Ray/DNA’s!  T/supposedly the treasury and banks have different opinions of NDA’s.  Who’s going to support it?  I do know people who have exchanged and signed NDA’s.  Neither one of them want to enforce it….Things could change.  Ask for the contract rate, etc. Say I want it all.  Trying to get it out the first 10 days so they can be done with it.  I’ll know an hour before, or as soon as they open the package at the exchange center and will know how and if they are doing it and will let you know.

·         Friday/Ray & Tony: Good morning TNT.  Hope this is “thee” last Friday.

·         Ray/Thursday update:  Morning time:  Ali Allawi is announced as the new Governor of the CBI.  The Minister of ED was rejected today, and new names are to be submitted.  Parliament has received a candidate name for the Minister of Ed position, its anticipated to pass on Sat. Afternoon time: Parliament alleges that naming the new CBI governor will be delayed 3 months.  A person attending a private exchange mtg for a “determined date” learned of the following screen rates.  Dinar $3.65, Dong $1.25, Zim 35 cents.  New millionaires are hitting the banking community acquiring low interest loans, regardless of low credit scores.  Some bank employees are being informed to plan to “work” on Saturday (when they usually don’t).  some banks are expecting a large influx of “banking services” activity in the coming days.

·         Tony, were looking for exchange taking place Wed thru Sat.  Thu, no alert, today Fri on “high alert through the weekend.  On alert up until the 3rd of July.  Off standby for the 4th thru   … Scheduled to happen tomorrow morning (Sat) at 8 am.  The bank notified people and called in people no longer working at the bank to come back to help with the exchange.  Some people in TX came back to help over the weekend.  Supposed to be there today.  Yesterday evening they called them and cancelled them.  Things change fast.  Will send a driver for you.  Everything is ready to go.  Delegation in Iraq, all meeting on Sat.  Banking people.  Over there, they think it will go Sun morning.  Bank upset it’s not going and changing.  Can be between now thru the 3rd.  Wanted it tomorrow but may happen on the 1st.  Know of few who had appts M-T, told them funds were to be in their accounts.  Told money would be available Mon.  Doing Dinar 3.65 (former those who exchanged, and soldiers leaving the country), Dong 1.25, and Zim 35 cents.  Our committee guy said $3.71.  15 cents of Kuwaiti.  Anybody who completed their exchange could not buy any more currency “double-dip”.  Guy did $40m and paid him out in a “structured payment”.  % up front and the rest paid in 12 months.  They were going early, bank used money to pay a higher amount of fees.  We might have to have an issue with that.  I can see a ridiculous fee for those going early, but once this goes live, we might have to have a conversation.  (Tony reviewing info).  A bunch of stuff going on.  They are still doing a lower number of people.  I think it bodes good for us.  Bringing people back to help that haven’t been there a year.  Setting dates and times.  New CBI governor.  All proxies to go away June 1st.  How are they supposed to vote?  A lot of things still happening.  Smaller numbers going through today.  The “privileged” are privileged!  Look for it to happen over the weekend.  Finalizing things and should go, saying over there would be done on Sunday.  Bunch of situations.

·         Q & A: Fri, June 28, 2019: https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65661590/questions-for-ray-cc-062 819/

·         Mamo3: Where do the banks overnight deposits go to.  Who is paying the daily 1% the banks get?  Ans: Federal Reserve paid the 1%.

·         Crileyhome: The banks and UST trying to decide who will implement and enforce the NDA for contract rates.  Some of us are not interested in contract rate.  If this is going to prolong the RV, can they consider those not interested in contract rates to proceed to exchange?  Ans: (Contract rate) Won’t prolong the RV.  It did stop everything in the past, will not now.

·         Dham6270: “It’s in the bank’s hands”, indicates the treasury gave them the green light last week when 5000 exchanged.  What are you feeling if we don’t get the go ahead this week?  Ans: You’re negative!  The bank did give them the go ahead.  When you don’t do it when you’re authorized to caused problems.  They anticipated something be done before this that didn’t get done.  We’re still at a go.  Wanted it completed by tomorrow.  Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

·         Larry1: When we get the 800 #’s do you think the phone lines will be difficult to get on to make our appts?  What is the status on taxes?  Ans: No, they know how many people.  May not get thru the 1st time but will the 1st day.  You will get thru.

·         SmwhrnTexas:  In reference to everything being done in Iraq and the banks now having control, I’m wondering if you know who’s kept the process from going last Sat and then again on Tue?  With “the banks now being in control”, is it still the UST?  Or has the UST given the banks everything they need, and we are waiting for the banks to release it?  Ans:  it was the banks.  It was something they were dealing with their people and now ready to go forward.

·         Kmathis444: Are either of you exchanging into a trust?  Ans: Ray/I do manage a trust that holds foreign currency.

·         Edwoottron: Do you know if someone has to sign an NDA if they just want to take the “regular” rate?  Ans:  No

·         AZhombre:  Gentlemen, 2 quick questions: (1) On Wed Tony said he thought we were 90% there.  I’ve never seen it appear this close in 10 years.  Tony, what more does it take to be 99%?  (2) I also said I want to create a little “friendly competition” between 3 banks managing my money.  You answered my question with: “don’t tell them they are not getting all your money!”  For some of us it will take all our money in order to meet the criteria amount for contract rates.  So, once I’ve exchanged, can that bank renege on their rate if funds are later distributed to 2 other banks to create the “friendly competition”?  Some of us want our cake and eat it to!  Ans: I don’t know if that’s what I said.  Over 10 yes, I’ve seen it 99.9%.  Yesterday we were within a day.  Saying this could go any minute.  Sun in Iraq.  Banks says high alert until the 3rd of July.  This could go!  They are ready to go.  I don’t know what rate you have to get the contract rate.  Bank will give you the rate at that time.  Are you going to exchange it all right now?  I’m not going to give you a rate on what you might do, just on what you do.

·         Blue Lion: Ray, will you be sending out info after RV…via the same format that you’re sending out your current training info, or will it change.  And if it will change, how so?  Ans: Ray/ a new data base.

·         Storm: Any updates you can give us regards to the IMF projects, availability rates, terms, etc.?  Ans:

·         BassetzRus:  Birthday song request for his wife!

·         Itw: Is Kuwait in this basket?  Ans:

·         Godslittlegirl: You’ve expressed many times you have heard it won’t be a taxable event but put aside 50% just in case.  Was it a taxable event when Kuwait RV’d years back?  Ans:

·         Brod: The people they are asking to come back to the bank to help with the exchanges, are they retired or people that were laid off and are unemployed and which bank is it?  Ans:

·         Live Callers:

·         206/Seattle, WA
·         360/Vancouver, WA.  T/ We’re telling you we’re on alert until July 3rd.  Somewhere in that window it will occur.  C/plan for additional fees in this process?  T/I can tell you what’s been going on and we can all get upset.  There is going to be a fee.  We talked about it for years.  Told no need to negotiate a fee because it’s 1% or less, or exactly the same fee today.  When I hear the % and amount has changed.  I know many would be willing to pay it to go early.  Some people are going to be upset about it.  I don’t like what’s going on.  Instead of getting you all upset, let me be upset.  C/don’t lose your “stuff” and be a reason to be put in the back of the line.  Remember your manners so you won’t be put in the back of the line.  What is the amount of a “significant amount” put’s you at the front of the line?  T/surprised someone got structured payouts on only $40m.  Different banks will be able to do different things.  Supposedly $50m was a significant amount, and you’d go to Abbot Downing.  C/Rate on Dong surprised you?  T/only because it was .47 to $2.20.  They did there’s and they got this number is a good thing.  C/you’ve always commented some people don’t want this to happen.  T/It’s happened because of greed!   Tony/somebody texted me already: “We can’t worry about what we can’t control.  Look at the big picture”.  I’m looking at it if it’s fair or being taken advantage of.  No, you don’t have to take it or leave it.  If people agree with it, that’s fine.  Privilege has a cost. Somebody taking advantage of people who don’t know better.  When you go 100 or 1000x’s that rate, that’s taking advantage of them.

·         303 Denver, CO.  C/ Rates in US.  T/US soldiers leaving Iraq are getting is $3.65 rate.  We’re getting same here in the USA.  Only way to get higher is contract of $28.50.  Rate same for everybody, so watch the Forex rate as it goes up if you don’t take the contract rate.

·         610 Allentown, PA, Gman.  (TNT ad removed)

·         281/Houston, TX.  C/Structured payouts? IMF looking for qualified investors, $10m?  Still available. C/structured payouts?  T/payout monthly over a year or more.  C/anything you can’t say, in your opinion what you’re T/is there anything I can’t say…… I can tell you should be done by July 3rd.  Sunday is June the 30th, so it should be on time if they do it Sunday.  Banks are on high alert and could start tonight.

·         951/Riverside, CA. C/spread fees?  T/Hopefully they’ll give it to us with the 800#’s, or groups going in earlier will tell us.  Shouldn’t treat people differently.  We’ll see where we’ll go.  C/reviewing notes but didn’t know “spread fees”.  T/we’ve talked about negotiating it. Ridiculous if higher and scaring people into having to do it.

·         760/Oceanside, CA.  C/If we negotiate, do we take the risk of losing the contract rate?  T/why would you lose if you got the contract rate of $28.50?

·         281/Houston, TX.  C/Zim question.  Wouldn’t there be documentation from Treasury with Banks and what bills they will accept?  T/what if the banks aren’t confused and just you?  C/committee guy says something different than banks.  T/There is something in writing.  They know exactly what they need.  Banks are saying they are taking it.  Somebody is confused.  As of this week somebody I know exchanged and won’t have to give it back.  “Don’t borrow trouble that ain’t yours”.  C/The rule of not buying anymore currency?  T/once the RV happens, you can buy more!

·         423/Chattanooga, TN. C/structured payout?  T/could be for the total of all your currency.  Right now, they are having it for the Dinar.  These people are privileged.  Fees are ridiculous and forcing them into structured payouts is ridiculous.  No or little notice. They’ve been building up to this over 90 days.  No surprise.  Everybody knows, just don’t know.  Gotten down to the next 48 hours.  Could do it at 5:30p or tomorrow morning early.  By doing it on the weekend avoids all that.  We just don’t know when.  I’ve been told the bank was the hold-up last week, the CBI is going to flip it.  People meeting over in Iraq.  C/are you worn out in this journey?  T/I do calls all day and all night.  When we say “goodbye” here, I keep going.  Coming to an end.  C/Non-disclosure agreement?  T/who’s going to be responsible?  After 90 days they’re not going to care.  When people complain they can say it was 90 days ago.  C/don’t say anything?  T/I can tell you people who didn’t get the contract rate still had to sign an NDA.

·         732/Toms River, NJ.  C/ 35 cents on Zim, with 6 zeros off?  Exchange something under $10k.  T/there’s no restriction when it goes live.

·         214/Dallas, TX.  C/Not happy all on structured payout but will live with it.  C/main deal on structured rate?  T/they don’t want anyone else to know interest rates, compound interest, perks you didn’t get.  C/length of NDA.  How are they having an end-date on their NDA’s? People who already exchanged with 90 days NDA.  We could know when this is supposed to go!  T/their end date is 90 days.  They should show us the verbiage on the NDA.  I might feel confident in doing that.  They might not want to take a chance on their future.  That’s why they didn’t give me their NDA.  You’re asking something else.  They don’t feel comfortable doing that.  “he doesn’t want to send the documentation”.  If people don’t feel comfortable I can’t make them do it.  C/thought it would give us an indication when it happens.  T/might not be 900 days but when it RV’s.  C/was to find out their end date.

·         214/Dallas, TX.  Danny from Dallas. C/contract rates?  T/anything is possible!  The highest rate available for anybody was the “group rate”, made it the contract rate of $28.50.  C/do we need to refer to the TNT Group?  Are we in a situation we may not get it without referencing?  T/was told all you have to do is ask for it: I want the $28.50 contract rate.  You don’t any name, internet site, etc.  It’s the internet group paying attention.  I’m one of the first in here, I want the “Contract Rate”.  C/Dong $1.25.  $2+ for contract.  T/was looking for the $2.20 to $5 on Dong.  Nobody has asked for $5 yet.  Some people were paid over $100.  $28.50 is a great rate!  C/cap out at $570 million.   T/$5.7m fee is more than enough isn’t it?  What I’m hearing is ridiculous.  We could try and say, I’m not going to pay that much.  T/anybody who’s paid attention won’t pay $5m for 15 min of work.

·         973/Newark, NJ. C/makes us wonder what’s going on?  What’s to keep them from double dipping.  T/Iraq has been ready for years but we kept them from going because they weren’t ready as we thought we thought they should be.  Fussing and fighting and one day everybody is in agreement.  They are trying to do it.  Double dipping?  Every time you make a purchase, they’ve been auditing every company selling currency.  If you go back to the bank, etc, they track it and won’t.  Can’t buy before, have to wait until after it goes.  C/if I get my cousin, they won’t know.  T/the issue is when you get caught.  Conspiracy charges 10 years in prison and they take everything!

·         Ray/Tony final thoughts:  I gave the info direct, too much.  Coming down to the end of it.  I see and feel already, personal opinion now.  Greed is the one thing that can ruin this for everybody.  Don’t let it ruin before you go in and please don’t let it ruin you when you come out.  The one thing that ruins everything is greed.  Majority, this is it.  Get as much as you can, but don’t be greedy in life.  Don’t let them take advantage of you.  Hopefully we’ll be talking live over the weekend.

·         Interesting Recent Comments & Questions (a few of AZhombre’s picks):

·         R/members created 21 pgs. booklet. http://tiny.cc/prep4xchange good compilation w wrksheet.

·         R/We all should have a “distribution list” ; X amount of $ or currencies.

·         R/You have options & opportunities, so you can pick the best investments.

·         R/Contract rate won’t be fluctuating

·         T/ We’re still looking for all this to be over by June 30, 2019

·         T/Still must dial 800# with a 5k note, can’t just walk into the bank to exchange it.

·         T/I’ve got 4 banks that are saying they will exchange the Zim notes!

·         T/Heard you can get contract rates on all the currencies I’m going to try on mine!

·         T/You with millions are still going to be able to negotiate.  They don’t want you to.  I’m telling you guys right now it’s going to be how you negotiate is going to be the key to that.

·         T/Iraqi Dinar will be higher than the Kuwait ($3.29) Dinar.  Within 15 cents range.

·         T/The difference between “High Alert and Standby”.  “Standby” within 25 miles and 1 hr. to get there.  “High Alert” is they are sitting there! Banks are doing the delays.  CBI is ready to go.

·         T/From another source we have 30m people with Dinar.  At least 5m new millionaires!

·         T/Once you call the 800# they’re going to send you to someone who can handle what you have.  They are going to direct you to an exchange center or banker.

·         Latest Rates; Dinar: $3.50, $3.63, $4.43, $28.50.  Dong: $0.47, $1.00, $1.37, $2.23.  Zim $0.22 – $0.33 cents.  Afghani $2.39.  Rial $3.24.  Rupiah: $1.08-$1.30 ($1.20).

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 6/28/19 Empty Re: TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 6/28/19

Post by Captain259 Sat Jun 29, 2019 9:21 am


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