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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 6/27/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 6/27/19

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 6/27/19 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 6/27/19

Post by RamblerNash Sat Jun 29, 2019 1:36 am

Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. I am excited to let you all know that we are in a good position, and I want to tell you about it.

Let’s start where we have been since Tuesday which is just a couple of days. We know that the currencies have been sort of there.  We know the Zim was on the back screen.  We know the currencies have been on and off, and we know today when Redemption Center staff left for the day, the screens went blank. The rates came off. 

Why do they keep coming off? Because they are getting ready to reset again tonight and come back up in the morning.

Bruce:  Now we know that when President Trump left a little after noon yesterday for Osaka, Japan, we know he was in a pretty good mood I understand regarding where everything was on our blessing.

We know that he wanted to have this complete in a very real sense by the time I think started even here by the time the meetings took place with President XI and others in Osaka which I believe will start sometime tonight.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they started now while we are on the Big Call tonight because that would be tomorrow morning in Japan, and I think that is the plan that the G20 was to start, lets call it, at around the start time of the Big Call Eastern time tonight.

I believe that we just going to be moving into this phrase, this final phrase where it is possible this blessing is even intergated somehow into the Chinese Trade Agreement.  It could be somehow part of that in a real way. I am not quite sure how it would manifest in there. I think that is really possible.

Bruce:  We do know that we had confirmations that this had started already in China.  We heard about it yesterday, but we did have it confirmed again this morning that exchanges had started in China. We heard it had started in parts of Europe. Not even sure what countries or whether it was in Zurich, Switzerland for example. I believe that occurred, and we heard very positive thing exchanges started in Brazil.

Now, I believe that is very positive sign for us moving forward, and the whole concept of this moving east to west I believe is real and is occurring. Now, we have reason to believe things will start shortly after the call ends tonight out west.

By that I mean the actual paying by Pay Masters to Group participants that are located out west. Adjudicated Settlements will get paid out. I think all of that should occur I am going to say tonight and overnight tonight.

Bruce:  Now, we also believe Redemption Center staff will go in at a reasonable time I would all normal open banking hours I believe tomorrow. Because of that, I have been told that the toll-free numbers should be a daytime event a well as exchanges starting as a daytime event.

So, because of that, I am not really anticipating numbers coming in overnight tonight.  It is possible, but I really think it is more likely to get these in the morning tomorrow.  Now, I do not have that confirmed, but that is sort of the best estimate.  We need get this thing started tomorrow. Nobody hates the term “backwall more than me, but I believe tomorrow is a deadline, a backwall, of some sort.

Bruce:  First of all, it is the start of the G20, and I believe we have to have this rolling when that meeting gets started which is really tonight. I believe we are that close to where even if we start tomorrow which is Friday, June 28, we only have 6 days before July 4th, next Thursday, a week from today.

That would give us 6 full days to exchange. They want that Zim in.  They wanted a lot of Zim in. They actually tried to get half of it in tomorrow a couple of days ago. That is what they wanted.  It is not going to happen, but they can get a lot of it in fairly quickly if we get this thing started in the morning. I am not call it. I am just saying this is what it is looking like at this point.

Bruce:  This is what it appears to be and do not shoot me, but this is where I feel where we are right now is in position to fully receive this and to move forward with our exchanges.

I think it is very possible we get called meaning me with numbers. I think we can set our appointments and start tomorrow. It may not be late tomorrow. It could be before lunch tomorrow. So, let’s see if that does occur. If that is the case guess what tonight is.

Tonight is our last call. I expect that to be the case.  We do calls Tuesday and Thursday.  We probably throw together a celebration call recording and put that out so you guys can catch that if you want.  I hope you would since it be a final send off from each of us.  That is the purpose of it would be.

Bruce:  Sue is exactly right.  Many of you have projects of your own that are positioned very well for the Redemption Centers and do currencies exchanges. You are in good shape. I trust many of you are in that position.

Be very positive about moving forward with your presentations. I really hope that many of you will join us as we move forward with Rebuild America and Veterans Retreat Network.  We will let you know by email how you will be able to participate in that and just how we plan to go forward with our projects.
Bruce:  I think we are looking at a fourth of July that might be very special for us.  I believe we are going to have an announcement by the President that indicates the fact we are truly a sovereign nation again, and that we essential that type of statement is made that is going to essentially reflect Nesara for us.

I do not know how quickly some of those things will manifest on or after July 4th, but I think it is going to be a true day of liberty and independence, I believe, for all of us.  I am excited about that and that is only a week from tonight. That is amazing. I never thought July 4th would creep up like it has on us. 

Bruce: So, rates are off the screens front and back.  They will come back up in the morning, and I believe that everything will be good to go. I am excited about that. As far as anything else for the Redemption process, I think you guys have about everything I brought to you the last few weeks to speak to that subject.  So, I think you are good. 

I think you are good to go. I don’t think you really need a refresher if you have been paying attention to the last several calls. I am excited. Do what Sue said. Take another look at your currency. Feel it. Touch it. Be one with it in a sense because you are getting ready to let it go and exchange it for USTNs and digital version of USTNs.

Bruce:  I am excited, and I hope we get some good reports out of China as far as our Trade deal. I personally believe that the Trade deal is already done, and the G20 announcement of that should take place it will be more of a formality.

I reeally do not look for the President to really talk about the GCR per se. Nor do I look for him to refer to revaluations or anything to that point. This is something that we are in that they want to keep fairly low key as much as we can or otherwise, we wouldn’t have non-disclosure agreements that we will be looking at when we get into our Redemption Centers.  So, I think it is going to be kept relatively quiet as long as it can be.

Bruce:  I hope nobody in this community put anything out on social media. Nothing on any blog sites. Nothing to reflect your involvement in. I hope you really take your privacy seriously and try to stay basically under the radar on how you conduct yourselves, what you say, and better yet what you don’t say moving forward.

I think that is going to be of ultimate importance. You don’t want to be a target in any way moving forward. So, the best thing “Lose lips sinks ships”.  So, try to remember that and keep quiet even though I know you are going to be excited and you going to want to shout to the roof tops. Just do not do it. Shout in a padded room, in an indoor closet maybe. Really keep it quiet.

Bruce:  Celebrate July 4th. Have a big July 4th.  We will be in touch with you fairly soon in a couple of weeks with some information. So, please look for your emails from: bigcalluniverse.com.  Check those. Register if you are not registered with your email.  We will  send out the toll-free number by email after we get it.

So you want to check that and make sure you are registered for that to come.  OF course, you going to want to check your email for updates when we are going to get together by podcasts, or anything that would come to your email about progress moving forward.

Bruce:  So, listen this has been fun over the last 8 years, and it has been wonderful time to speak to many of you and to just basically be in faith together for this coming thru. I want to thank Sue for her delight, positively, her energy, and her beautiful confidence and heart for all of you out there in our Big Call country.

Thank you Bob as well for just the unselfish nature that you have to serve the Big Call country, all of our listeners into the thousands so far. Also,

I want to thank Pastor Steven for having the faith to believe miracle healings and provisions for our listeners.

I just want to thank everybody out there for their support for us on the Big Call, and the fact we do care about you and we look forward working with you in the future.  Thank you everybody again for listening to the call. I hope you didn’t miss anything on the debates. I doubt it. Thank you for tuning in. Good bye.


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