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 "Why Would Anyone Need More ZIM?" by One of the Little Guys 6/26/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Why Would Anyone Need More ZIM?" by One of the Little Guys 6/26/19

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 "Why Would Anyone Need More ZIM?" by One of the Little Guys 6/26/19 Empty "Why Would Anyone Need More ZIM?" by One of the Little Guys 6/26/19

Post by RamblerNash on Thu Jun 27, 2019 2:10 am

Ok this has always bothered me. If the ZIM is truly going to pay out at anything close to 1-1 why do people need more than 1 100T note? Why are there whales who have mountains of currencies? If we are moving into a new paradigm where the meek, or us little guys, will be those running things after this happens why would those who obviously have way more money than we do right now get preferential treatment? Won’t that put us right back where we are now? It seems to me that if the new PTB want a level playing field the ZIM should be limited to one 100T note per person or household. Why would anyone be allowed to redeem hundreds or thousands of ZIMs???

One of the little guys

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 "Why Would Anyone Need More ZIM?" by One of the Little Guys 6/26/19 Empty No Joke

Post by Rex Dog on Thu Jun 27, 2019 10:57 am

This is a really great point.  After years of being exposed to this circus of thieves, who have taken what was supposed to be a wonderful thing and tainted it.  The so called brokers, buyers, Paymasters, currency dealers, group leaders, group organizers, call hosts, intel providers, etc., etc. just found a way to make money off of the thing.  They feed the gullible what they need to hear.  Just enough to get in their peoples’ pockets and take what they don’t have to give.  It is truly a textbook version of an addiction.  The enablers give everyone just enough to keep the victims hooked and coming back for more.  Desperately giving hard earned money to get another so called “intel” fix.  It’s despicable.  One question to think about...if you found out someone was giving your child just enough heroine each week for let’s say a $10 allowance, knowing that it would devastate their lives emotionally and physically, possibly even kill them, would you allow your child to be exposed to this?  Hopefully your answer is hell no.  You’d  get your child help and involve law enforcement.  Would you consider that heroine dealer to be a kind, caring, loving humanitarian? Hopefully your answer is no again. It’s greed! So why do you keep letting these folks have such a grip on you as grown adults?!  If you have any of these currencies, which you obviously do or you wouldn’t be reading this, consider this your wake up call!  Ever noticed whenever, no matter how infrequently you’ve bought a lottery ticket it lists the number for the Gambling Hotline on the ticket?  It’s the same thing!  Stop being self made victims, crying about it and putting yourself in financial peril.  Quit paying your drug dealer (aka. Intel Provider) and figure out their so called today’s news is just stringing you along.  There is life after being a cult member, trust and believe I know. If this thing is going to happen, it will happen.  Nothing that ANY call, Skype room or guru tells you will change that!  If you legally acquired your currency, it’s yours period.  Do yourself a favor and quit feeding the dealers your money!

Rex Dog

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