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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by JIMINKC) 6/24/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by JIMINKC) 6/24/19

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by JIMINKC) 6/24/19 Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by JIMINKC) 6/24/19

Post by RamblerNash on Tue Jun 25, 2019 10:28 pm

It is Monday. A lot of news and info to go through, and excitement to hear.

I listed the time for the updates so you could get an idea of how crazy things are over there.

Saturday UPDATE for JUNE 22, 20197 AM Eastern – Parliament voted to extend completing the cabinet for two weeks.

9 AM Eastern – Parliament blaims the delay on the  vacant Defense Minister position.

10 AM Eastern – A list of the final names of candidates for the Defense, Education and Interior Ministers has been submitted, confirmation is expected on Monday’s session.

Sunday UPDATE for June 22, 2019The Ministers of Defense and Interior have been announced this morning.

PM Mahdi is stating on Iraqi TV that “Parliament will confirm the remaining cabinet positions.” This will complete his administration selections. [Maybe now the CBI can take care of business since the government will be finalized?]

Monday UPDATE for June 24, 2019This morning,  Iraqi TV was broadcasting that all 4 remaining cabinet ministers have been passed and sworn in making the government complete. However, the Education minister selection “supposedly” will be redone on Thursday. Time Will Tell.

We talked about ministers forever, and whether we needed them or not, or if the CBI will give the okay without them, and if the US would give the Okay without the Interior and Defense Ministers, and now it is over and done. The Education Minister is supposed to be voted on Thursday. He has 3 days to submit a new name for the Education Minister,which is Thursday so they can vote on somebody else on Thursday. He has announced the Govt is complete, because the important positions are now filled. So we don’t have that to worry about. What new thing can they bring up and say has to be done before this happens? I don’t think they have to bring up anything at all. Iraq is doing some things with Interbank to transfer money in-country, over the weekend. So, we know it will be international, probably by the end of the month, as soon as this announcement is made. They will be able to do transfers and wires by the end of the month when this becomes official. That was a big deal for Iraq. Are they announcing the lower denoms and the payment date to the people? No, we haven’t gotten that information. Are they announcing the RV date? No. They won’t announce it, and will just do it, and they just said, again, all reforms will be completed by the end of June. That is one of the reforms they were talking about. At worst case, we have 6 days. MasterCard and Visa want to do something International, and get started the first week of July with a big advertising push, when people get those International Cards the first week of July. So, their intention was to be international by the first week of July. That fits well where we are at.

We have already talked to the Banks today and they were on standby this weekend, and now are on High Alert as of 8 this morning. High alert means they are sitting there and this could happen at any moment. I have 3 of the 5 major banks all say they are anticipating this tomorrow, not today. Doesn’t mean they are right; it is just what they have. As far as stopping selling the currencies, all got the memo to stop selling the currencies last Tuesday, but couldn’t stop until an hour or two before the event actually happens. That is why they have not stopped selling, yet. 800# will come out from no less than 4 hours to a day ahead.

Some idiot put some stuff out about exchange centers being paid, and have signed NDAs. They had to sign NDAs that they would not own any of the currencies, or they couldn’t work in that field. It is not true that they already have their currency and don’t get paid until after this happens.

What brought that up is that I told you there was an issue during the exchange. The issue on the back end of the exchange had to do with bank personnel, not us causing the problem. They explained that to us. It was not US causing the problem. I can’t tell you what it is but it had to do with bank people causing the problem, and justifiably so, bug I can’t tell you what it is. Trying to tell you in a way that makes sense without telling you exactly. They do have to be paid for doing their job, so it had to do with their pay. That was the issue – their pay. They do not have currency. So, that has been worked out. We don’t have to worry about that.

We don’t have NDAs or 800#s yet. In some areas they are sitting in their positions, and some are doing their regular bank jobs, and will move to their positions when it is time.

The only reason they announced the ministers, since they have had them for months, is that they have nothing else to fall back on not to do the reforms, and know, like the bank know, this time it is going through because the US has given approval. It has 6 days to happen. (or less??)

Ify – harambe posted this in chat today:

Bloomberg: Zimbabwe’s Dollar Returns, a Decade After It Became Worthle ss

https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-24/zimbabwe-s-dollar-r" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-24/zimbabwe-s-dollar-returns-a-decade-after-it-became-worthless">https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-24/zimbabwe-s-dollar-r eturns-a-decade-after-it-became-worthlessWe are just talking here among friends and know this is not financial or legal advice in any form or fashion.Now with that disclaimer out of the way, with Zimbabwe announcing today to stop using a multi-currency system, are you seeing this as an opportunity to buy more Zim notes? T – I am not seeing it as that opportunity; it is an opportunity for us to exchange what we have. Again, they went back to 2009, is what they said. This opens up what the bank has been saying. Now, they can’t use USD over there. There has to be a fixed exchange rate for the dollar with the zim. This gives more leeway for the banks to do it. I know they are going to do it. They are scheduled to do it. They have already done it here in the last month. They are taking the zim, so this is even more exciting about Our Govt wanting these notes to use as Reserve Notes with Zimbabwe, going back to the original agreement. This make me feel even better about exchanging our Zim when we get there.

Or with expected rate exchange of the Dong (possible min .47 to possible 2.00-2.22), might it be best to just stick with buying more Dong notes, as the best overall currency buy/sell in these speculations (with consideration that dong currency is stable and already internationally traded currency) ?

lena – Tony, is there any law in Iraq that says because they have three of the four ministers sworn in the currency will change it value?? T – they have 3 of 4 sworn in, and saying they have a completed Govt, so the next step is to RV the currency, and I just got confirmation from a bank VP that they are expecting to go tomorrow.

kyvonne2 – Will there be one 800 number for the entire dinar community or different numbers based on regions? T – we have answered that for days, weeks, and months. I must not be answering it right. Ray – who knows at this point? I don’t remember now. T – one for each Region. You have to be there for 6 months. Hasn’t changed from what we have said in the past.

SunStar – 1) Tony or Ray, do you know what the dinar rate is in country in Iraq… T – I told you Wednesday, the actual rate will be within .15 of Kuwait. Within .15, is what we will see to start with. Banks will start with a Sucker Rate so they can make money for themselves.

2) With the nomination of the defense and interior minister, to be totally official does it have to go into the Gazette for final completion… T –they are sworn in, so I think it is done.

Tndr – You’ve mentioned the politics and naming of the ministers are sort of a go along with and listening to whomever is directing the announcement timing of a new rate and due to something that means it is better to wait.

Can you identify other directed time wasting instructions Iraq may be told to follow we can keep an eye on?

Obviously there are large reasons for waiting to give the go….is it due to banks still figuring out the best way to manage exchanges or a geopolitical problem that must be managed first? T – I don’t think either one is an issue. Banks resolved their issue, we have a Govt and stable country in Iraq, so we are waiting on the perfect time of day, between 1 and 3 a.m. East Coast, before 8 in Iraq for their business day. We have worked with that time for years. It could be tomorrow morning like they think it will be. If not tomorrow, more than likely it will be Friday. They are geared up for tomorrow.

Patty – Hi Ray and Tony you said when the cabinet members are done we will then go, do we have to wait on the education minister for us to go.

Shaman – I have a “friend” that is going through a mean spirited divorce; and my friend was hoping to get the contract rate. They are currently ‘separated’ but my friend wants to use 100% of the Zim funds for humanitarian purposes – Do you have any suggestions on how to protect those humanitarian funds? R – An article surfaces last week, and I talked about it Sunday on Open Mic. A man got married in 2004. 2009 I think they filed for divorce. 2011 he bought a lottery ticket, during the separation, and the divorce had not been finalized. 2013 the wife fought to get half and did. They were not legally divorced, and from his $30M share, he had to give her half. You folks who are separated, check with your state and see whose property is whose, if the divorce is not finalized. If it can reach like that, then you don’t need to be exchanging in your personal name. That is the only way I know. Not exchange under a trust. You need to un-own it, by selling it. The spouse will only get half of your selling price. If who you sold it to puts a trust together and puts you in charge of it, that is the end of it. T – I have a friend going through a divorce for 7 years, and he has a girlfriend. He has dinar, and so does she. He will have an issue on both sides. You better be thinking about what you are doing, both men and women.

B4REAL – If I exchange into a trust can I then move money into other trusts without tax consequence? R – yes, but it is not straight-forward.

707 – expresses gratitude to Tony and Ray.

Tony – people can’t sell currency unless they are licensed to do so. You don’t want to get caught doing that. There were groups who got in trouble. R – they sold to make a profit, but you can sell to get rid of it. I view it differently. I think I am right. But, check with legal. If you aren’t commercially selling currency, a one-time deal, I think you can do that. It is a one-time transaction, like selling a car. And you will be selling it for way less than it is worth, anyway.

470 – 404 – in the opening, 3 of 5 major banks anticipate this tomorrow, then you got another text. Is it now 4 of 5 banks? T – no, just a different part of the country. Still waiting for two more. I try to go to each one of them. In some banks, I have 5 people in different states, and I try to see if they all got the same memo. And then I try to go to different banks and see if they got it. So, some don’t get it at the same time. So far, 3 of 5 major are on the same page as tomorrow.

C – Friday there was speculation to the 72 hours timeframe. T – 72 hours runs out tomorrow.

C – the banking personnel created the issue with the 5000. Will we be faced with it now?  T – those 5000 didn’t have an issue. The issue was on the banking side, the other side of the desk. They weren’t happy. They are being made happy, I guess. They can’t buy dinar, etc. but they have a way they got compensated on that issue.

C – news from Iraq, a movement to topple Mahdi and allow Abadi to come in. Is that a possibility of what may happen? T – no, and I don’t see that happening. It was part of the theater to get to this spot, but I don’t see any grounds to remove him, since he completed the Govt, and reforms.

Shirley, a birthday. Song.

360 – with the bank people as the problem, will they be paid in dinar? T – no.

C – When we get to the exchange, and bring up Fractional banking, and they don’t have a clue, do we need to leave and come back and give the rate time to go up? T – 9 of10 are just employees and don’t have a clue how banks work and how much the bank makes on this. This – fractional banking, etc., is to let them know YOU are knowledgeable about this and give you a better deal. Other than that, they will try to give the cheapest deal.

C – so when we make the appt, and the the 800# operator knows how much we have, they should send us to someone competent to deal with that level of currency ownership? T – yes. If you have $100M, you should be sent to someone capable of dealing with that $100M, and he will have more knowledge than the guys dealing with less money. He will know more how the bank works. Will he be authorized to do more than the guy handling less money can do? Yes. Nothing changes. The rich get richer.

C – so we shouldn’t have the same experiences of others going in, since when we go in we know what we have going in, and they type of person we should be dealing with, and if we are not, then we have to decide if we are in the wrong place, even though that is where the 800 operator sent us? That is how we decide if we are comfortable dealing with who they send us to? T – if you are not comfortable, don’t do it. Make an appointment with somebody else who has more information how this is operating, so I can make the right decisions.

C – article republished from ESPN on how to say no to family members – was on Dinar Recaps. He was a man who had signed a contract to play for the Dallas Texans. Take a look at it. Sobering article. Made millions, then was drained dry by family and friends. T – they are your worst enemies. Think you Owe Them money. They don’t think you worked for this money. You will have to create a new environment and have new friends. They won’t be able to do what you can do now that you have money. I like my friends. But, everyone is going to go through that, on some level.

281 – Seems like we are at the end. Have you talked to the committee guy? T – no.

C – is there anything on our side that may change after filling the two ministers? T – personally, I don’t know of anything to stop this. The ministers were complete months ago, and the US concern was who they would be, so we knew it was resolved. It was a time issue, and we are at the end. Banks have approval. Rates were locked in, and they think they were the final rates. They paid over 5000 people before they stopped. I believe we are here.

C – Mother’s 80th Birthday is this week. Do you think I should go, or wait till next week, due to what is going on at this moment? Birthday dinner is Saturday. T – There is no way I would miss my Mother’s 80th Birthday. So, what is there to debate?

C – husband said to exchange a couple dinar and come home. T – just go. That is just me.

C – hopefully, this will happen before I leave.

972 – Danny in Dallas – last Wednesday’s Update, a follow-up from a person saying it was imminent. Something about final numbers being in, 5-6 million bought currency, and gifted to millions more.

R – 5-6M purchased foreign currency, and 10M have been gifted foreign currency. We don’t know if that is accurate, but that is what that  person’s source said, about the dinar. T – years ago, we had over 10M, and another source said over 30M. Those were the numbers she was given by someone involved in the process. He did say there would be at least 5M new millionaires, I think was the number. (Tony said it was 7M on that call.)

C – I would think the contract rates would be in our reach.

C – you thought the dong wasn’t available after last Friday. I bought some from a currency dealer Friday. T – they got the memo to stop selling but it turned out they can only stop selling an hour or two before the event. That could be at any hour, like midnight, when no body is buying and the Rv could continue after that.

383 – Sec. Mnuchen headed for Bahrain, about 45 min from Baghdad. Will that play into what we are hoping for tomorrow? T – I don’t know his purpose. There won’t be a big hoopla about this. He doesn’t need to be there for them to make an announcement. I think it will just happen. Iran is well-aware of what is going to happen to the them due to the sanctions. Iraq is aware of what it going to happen with them, and how their lives will change, too.

303 – chit-chat about what “Dynamic” means in Dynamic Duo about Tony and Ray.

C – redemption centers – are they fully functioning banks? T – they aren’t because people can’t walk in and withdraw money. But, some of them will be at banks. There will be private banks that have always existed, in Office buildings that have always existed, with the bank name on it. It is just not a regular bank location. They are private banks, and some will be used as Exchange Centers. Some are at old Walmarts that have been set up for this. Here is what you are looking for. You are looking at someone at the desk who can bring up my account. That is what I want to see him do so I know he is connected to the bank, and if that is the same info I have about it. Now, as he does the transaction, I want to see it show up in that account. I don’t want to be told it will show up tomorrow.

C – is there advantage going to those, instead of a bank branch office? T – yes, the 800 will send you to someone who can handle your amount. That won’t happen at a bank.

C – will all the capabilities of the main bank that owns the Exchange Center filter down to the exchange center? T – I would think so, but the exchange centers are there, short-term. They are there to do these transactions, not normal bank business.

C – the NDA is between me and the home bank that owns the exchange center? T – The person you are doing the exchange with. There may be multiple banks in one exchange center.

C – Dos that cause a complication, or will the 800 send me to the bank they would encourage me to do business with within that group of banks in that exchange center? T  – they may ask who you want to do business with.

C – will WF be able to exchange all the currencies I hold? T – They are going to expect you to exchange all the currencies you hold. The 800 will total your money and send you to someone who can handle that.

C – after the meeting, if we go to an exchange center, they will direct me to a Wealth Manager to do all the set up for where we place money? T – they will make an appointment for you, while you are there.

C – will that be the same day or another day? T – the last person got an appointment for the following week.

C – what if I need money right away? T – go to a branch to take care of those things.

T – Everyone is so positive that it is done this time. I will be shocked if it doesn’t happen.

610 – Gman in PA. Donation guy

678 – comment about marriage. Common Law marriage, 6 months or more in the same house, in Georgia, so would get half. T – it is 7 years in most states, I think. R – we were kind of joking, but it is something people should be taking seriously. Make sure you know the legal ins and outs of what you are doing, or plan to do, after the RV. After the fact will be too late to change anything.

423 – Good news today. The 5000 who exchanged – did they get the sucker rate? T – yes, unless they got the contract rate. That was up to them.

C – is a bank going to send the NDA ahead of time so we can get through faster after we have had time to read it. T – we heard it was coming out but haven’t received it. Maybe it is a question to ask them today. We will ask if they will intend to do that.

C – have the currency auctions stopped? T – not until they announce the RV.

C – Regions Bank. When the RV happens, will they be part of it? T – there is a better than pretty good chance based on the people I have talked to from Regions.

C – we have to open a new account so it is not mixed with old money? T – yes, and you should have paperwork, receipts, after you exchange.

C – not a problem to wait to open one? T – they want your money.

C – will we get an alert, or just wake up to it, if it happens tonight? T – depends when they call. We will send it out when they ask us to send it out. If they want people in in two hours, we will do that. We will set up info on our site and tweet it out to people so you can make calls. We will set up calls for everyone, like this one.

C – rate? T  – it is what should happen on the Forex, because Hedge Funds, and others will try to get in at a low rate, go in and buy, and force the rate up, temporarily.

C – how long will sucker rates last before they go up? T – depends on how long people accept that.

C – so if a bunch of people go in, it will stay there for a while? T – they may try to hide it from people till the 1st so they make money till people find out.

C – I thought the rate would follow the market in time? T – yes, once it is on Forex, the banks will follow that. If it goes before it goes on Forex, they will see how many of you will just go in and take it.

405 – when you exchange, will the actual bank own your currency? T – once the bank exchanges it, they own the currency, and you own the green dollars.

C – taxation. Does our Govt not have to make a decision by December 31st, and give us something showing – 1099 or whatever, by January 31st showing if we owe taxes on money we own before then? Don’t they have to make a decision by December 31st on money received this year? R – Generally that is the case. I haven’t seen too many laws to make things retroactive to a year preceding. It would be unfair to tax someone on something they didn’t know they would be taxed on. I think there might be a Grandfather clause to protect people who have already done something.

C – I just wondered if you could be notified later than January 31st as far as other income that one gets, by law you have to be notified by January 31st or before. So, we shouldn’t have to hang on forever and not know. R – I am pretty sure we will know in short order because there will be too many people who will want that answer and don’t want to wait to Dec. 31st to get it.

C – NDA, do we have to have specific names of lawyers, or CPA, or just the titles showing that for exclusions to the NDA that we can talk to a lawyer, CPA, etc.? T  – We don’t have the NDA so we can’t tell you. Once you look at it, I am sure they will tell you, and they will have you have them sign it and include it and return it, if that is necessary.

C – If a friend is going to the bank to buy currency, and I ask them to buy some for me and will repay them,that is not selling money – foreign currency, is it? T – laughing.  R– no that is not selling; that is just reimbursing.

C – dong rate? T – I haven’t asked the question.

C – how long will you wait to go in after the RV? R – immediately. I will exchange the other currencies and buy dinar. I will wait to go in on the dinar after it comes out on Forex.

C – if you only have dong, should I go immediately, or would you suggest waiting? R – I am not suggesting either one. I am telling you what I would do. If I only held dong, on exchange day I am going in and exchange it and buy dinar, at the new rate, and sit back and wait for it to go up.

C – can still do a contract rate on dong? T – yes.

C – so if the dong contract rate is not what I want, I can wait a day or two, and still leverage that and buy dinar? T – you are waiting for what? For the rate to go up higher?

C – wait for the contract rate to go up so they might give me more. Can I wait a day or more or do I just get one shot? R – I don’t think the contract rate will fluctuate, if that is what you are thinking. Now, if you don’t like the contract rate, or the conditions of the contract, then you are not going to go forward with that activity. If I am dong only, I will try to get the dong contract rate. But, if I don’t like what I see, I am still going to exchange the dong, and load up on dinar – exchange it at the regular rate and buy dinar.

C – if it is .47, and their offer is not much better than the screen rate, is it better to wait, and maybe do more dinar? T – if it is .47, and you want the contract rate, and they say the contract rate is a $1 or $2. The rate is never going to get above the contract rate. The contract rate is not going up. When it runs out, it is over. It is not going up one dime. If the dinar comes out at $3 something, and goes up to $5 something or $8 something, the contract rate is still $28.50. They may try to short sell you. They won’t negotiate the contract rate.

C – max on the dong is $2 something? T – maybe $2.20 or something. Everyone who doesn’t mind signing the NDA, and who wants contract rate on all the currencies, should go in immediately. There are only so many people who will get the contract rate. No fluctuation in the contract rates

What a day! I expected it to be with all the news coming out. The ministers are done. Something we have talked about for years and waited over a year to get done. The banks have met all their qualifications, they met them months ago. The US seems reight onboard and ready to let them go through. The banks are on HIGH alert as of 8 this morning. I’ve gotten it from several states, several different banks. So, we wait. Doesn’t mean they are going in the next 10 minutes or after 5 today. Everyone thinks it could go tomorrow. But, they could go Wednesday, Thursday. They could drag it out till Friday. But, somewhere between now and June 30th I do believe this is over and the party will begin. Relax and enjoy your day. Be expecting it and ready to go.

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