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Frank26 And Delta Have The Members Fooled Looking At The Cabinet! LOL 6/22/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Frank26 And Delta Have The Members Fooled Looking At The Cabinet! LOL 6/22/19

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Frank26 And Delta Have The Members Fooled Looking At The Cabinet! LOL 6/22/19 Empty Frank26 And Delta Have The Members Fooled Looking At The Cabinet! LOL 6/22/19

Post by RamblerNash Sat Jun 22, 2019 11:44 pm

Dinardiva1 » June 22nd, 2019

Parliament raises its meeting to next Monday! so no vote on open cabinet positions this weekend? Interior/defense ?

Lonestarcowboy » June 22nd, 2019

~kick.........clang clang clang....clang

Suzie » June 22nd, 2019

Did I hear that proverbial can going down the road again? Like Lucy and Charlie Brown, pull the football away. Think we'd all learn by now, they do what they want when they want, period!

AnotherMailman » June 22nd, 2019

They have until June 30th. I expect them to take every second possible! They never do anything early. 

GodLover » June 22nd, 2019

Unfortunately this may not be the case since they are possibly going to extend the current legislative term an additional month. I am hoping they don't find the "need" to extend imo.

Whatever » June 22nd, 2019

Just a thought here, but would Delta come and say words like "Imminent" fully understanding what a bunch of slackers the guys in parliament have been, currently are, and will most likely continue to be?

IMO Maybe there's way more happening with the seating of these ministers, at least I hope so! I'm trusting Frank, WS, Delta and teams because words like imminent do not mean weeks from now, or depending on this or that...It means all factors have been scrutinized and time that has been leveredged out has been considered, and here is where it's at.

As in now. I have waited over 12 years for this myself like many here and if we had a penny for every can Iraq has kicked down the road, we'd all have been well off and funding our projects long ago. IMHO

Samson » June 22nd, 2019

Find out about foreign and Iraqi gold prices in local markets on Saturday

22nd June, 2019

Publishes the prices of foreign and Iraqi gold, in local markets, on Saturday, (June 22, 2019).

The price of a single 21-pound gold of Gulf, Turkish and European gold sold 215 thousand dinars, while the purchase price was 212 thousand dinars. 

As for the price of one kilogram of 21 Iraqi gold sold 201 thousand dinars, the purchase price amounted to 198 thousand dinars. Note that the single weight is five grams. LINK

Doc.K » June 22nd, 2019

Well,,, looks like their money is worth a WHOLE LOT MORE !!!! (smile)

JJimmyjj » June 22nd, 2019

No kidding. That is either a bad translation, or they just let the cat out of the bag

Don961 » June 22nd, 2019

as highlighted .. this is for a 5 gram bar of 21K gold ... around 40 bucks/gram @ current prices

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