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Tom Foolery (6/22/2014)

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Post by Sam I Am Sat Jun 22, 2019 1:43 am

A few weeks ago Stryker had a special guest on his broadcast.  According to Stryker he's a fellow Texan named Tom Larsen who goes by "tlar" in dinar forums.  I would like to address some of the nonsense that I heard in this show, but first I would like to acknowledge all of the wonderful people who have made donations to me to allow this blog to continue busting gurus and exposing this scam.

The following people have contributed to DDB:

Tom Foolery (6/22/2014) Black

That's right.  No donations.

Now let's take a look at all of the organizations that have paid DDB over the course of this blog.

Tom Foolery (6/22/2014) Google+and+amazon

Notice that there are no currency dealers paying me ... no membership dues ... no post-RV program fees .... and no "millionaire" seminar revenues.  And the information here has been far more accurate than the information people get on the dinar sites that receive funds from the members.  Just something to keep in mind before wandering over to some guru's blog or forum.

Okay, among other things tlar said that Iraq's budget is based on a rate of 1.16 dinar to the dollar.  WRONG!  It's based on the current rate of 1,166 dinar to the dollar.  Iraqis place a decimal where we place a comma, and every year some guru gets it wrong when they look at the budget numbers.

tlar also claimed that Bush said the war would pay for itself.  I've been waiting for nearly three years for somebody to provide any evidence to back that claim.  For the 100th time, Bush never said that.  There was no plan to snag trillions of dinar and RV them.  It's guru BS.

Tom Foolery (6/22/2014) Tlar+and+stryker
Stryker and tlar

Then tlar claimed that Iraq has $250 billion to back 2.7 trillion dinar which isn't true, but even if it was it would only mean a possible RV of about a dime, yet tlar thinks that the new value is going to be more than 86 cents.He went on to claim that the US Treasury has at least 5 trillion dinar, which I've stated repeatedly is disproved by a federal indictment stating that they only have a nominal amount for daily transactions.  They could have left that out of the 80+ counts listed in the indictment, but they were confident enough of that fact to include it.  
Then he said that nobody knows what "delete the zeros" means.  The only people who don't know what it means are dinar speculators who refuse to accept what the CBI has clearly stated repeatedly.  It means redenomination and it has always meant that, even before the IQD was ever conceived and printed.    

Then the biggest doozie of all, the dinar in bank accounts won't go up in value but the cash will.  What economics book did he get that from?  Revaluations affect all currency - paper and electronic, not that the CBI has stated that any revaluation is forthcoming.
A month after this broadcast when the current crisis hit in Iraq, Tom said that Maliki would be gone within 48 hours.  Wrong again.  He followed up that Tom Foolery with this gem:

"Here it is guys. You can believe or not believe at you own discretion. This my friends is a CIA operation pure and simple the purpose of which is to remove Maliki under the guise that terrorists are over running the country. I know some will say I sound like a quack and some will judge me as such. I don’t care anymore.

Recently the CIA set up an operation that a refinery was supposed to be taken over by ISIS. This was to be a shock to the economic system bringing everyone to the conclusion that this was an attack on western interests requiring western involvement. The refinery was left intentionally undefended and open to invasion by insurgents..

The news originally reported the refinery was taken over by the ISIS. As it turned out an Iraqi officer noticed that the refinery was not well protected so he moved in and brought his forces with him. They repelled the attack by the ISIS and they killed approximately 40-50 ISIS terrorists. The news recanted and said the refinery was back in control of government forces. This CIA plot was foiled.

Three of Malikii generals ordered their troops to lay down their arms and abandon there assignments. All three of these generals have asked for asylum in the US. Had they not done this there might have been a lot of blood shed instead of cities being lost without a shot being fired. What and why did they abandon?

The Kurdish disputed territories and the Sunni enclave cities were given up without a fight. The net result, the map of Iraq has been redrawn. Things that would have never been done through negotiation with Maliki’s government are now corrected. Sunni’s are once again in control of Sunni areas as is the Kurds once again in control of Kurdish towns.

Maliki hasn’t got a clue as to why his army has collapsed without fighting. He is like a chicken with his head cut off running around threatening court martial and executions. The CIA is working their magic. Maliki won’t leave so there is more heat being tuned up.

So what’s next?

Next week the new government will be formed. Pressure is being put on the coalition. GET ER DONE. As far as I have been told, it is imperative that once the government has been announced we will see two things.

The first is world support for the new government in fighting terrorism.

The second is an RV.
For some reason it seems to be extremely important to those in control that Turki pull the trigger on or a little before July 1st.

So that’s what I know. Please by all means, judge me on this as you will. I am prepared to be full of Shiite before this is over. Watch this as it unfolds." ~ Tlar

So according to tlar, the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States is behind the beheadings, mass graves, and barbarian behaviour of ISIS inside of Iraq in an effort to oust Maliki from power.  (While there's no confirmation of the mass graves within Iraq, you can read about similar acts in Syria here.)  I don't think any comment is really necessary.  

Tom comes across as a decent guy who isn't a scammer, and perhaps that's the most dangerous kind of guru because people who might not follow the blatant scammers might be more inclined to listen to a guy who speaks with such certainty about things that they don't understand.  But he doesn't understand either, and therein lies the problem.

There was a time when I listened to gurus like tlar folks, because I was impressed and perhaps intimidated by all the jargon and the overwhelming amount of information that they prattled off.  But when I noticed that they never got anything right I set out to educate myself, and I soon discovered that it's not that complicated.  If I can do it you can do it.  Quit listening to the likes of Stryker, tlar, Breitling, Frank26, Adam Montana,  ... etc. and do your own due diligence.  It's your money.  Don't entrust it to hack gurus that you don't even know.    

Tom Foolery (6/22/2014) Sam+%25282%2529

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