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 The Big Call w/ Bruce Anonymous Intel Notes 6/20/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Anonymous Intel Notes 6/20/19

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 The Big Call w/ Bruce Anonymous Intel Notes 6/20/19 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Anonymous Intel Notes 6/20/19

Post by RamblerNash Fri Jun 21, 2019 12:35 am

Bruce Intel - 6/20/19

What we have in terms of intel he is pretty excited even though we've had a couple false starts

There was a conference call all the major banks and other gov agencies from this afternoon until later tonight...a global call..we needed 2 signatures 1 we got the other tonight

The BIS is being reworked and The IMF is not really involved from this point forward

The New Republic Trump spoke about being Sovereign again the Chinese wanted to hear that...the IRS will come under the US Treasury

As far as out west they heard the groups that are based out there are in the process of getting walking money..

Like $100,000 tier4A

The shotgun start will be when we go tier 4B and then 20% availability to money when we go and that could before linch tomorrow and then we would go in on Saturday it looks very good ...the redemption center staff are involved in the training and clean up on aisle 3

From security point of view all is set to handle anything and run smoothly

The redemption process 3 major things they want to hear...are there going to be job creation and do you know how many new jobs can you add right away for the long haul

Infrastructure as for homes, schools. Hospitals, etc..that is the heart of Rebuild America 8671 areas that need us right away

That is what he would like us to get on board with and once this goes and you get all your ducks in a row then there will be an email about Rebuild America to show what they are going and how they are coming along

5000 big call listeners to make a difference in all 50 states in all areas of help to the masses

So many things to be done and the next thing is are you in for longevity with your projects

What happens if something happened to you ..who can take the ball and still run with the projects you are starting

Will you have support staff with all your projects?

If you are nation wide or international then you need a staff that can help with this ...paid positions from all backgrounds

He wants to get help to the inner cities by creating beautiful communities for the people that will make them feel great about where they live this is so important to raise the level how the people will now feel

We are going to make a huge difference and this will allow people to stay in their countries with new jobs, education, improve their own countries so they will love to stay

We are going to network with a team to get this going ...it starts with us by helping other to reach their dreams

There will be a wellness centers for all types of issues for the vets and no one left behind and no vet homeless and no one wanting to end their lives...to help them back into society

Can we help offer a second chance at life...all the retreats will be free of course ...and their families included

He thinks this is as far as we can go without our 800#s and that we will start over the weekend

He is excited to come together in this country and we stand strong and in faith and in unity no matter who you are..bring this country back into unity

This blessing is the first fruits of our new lives...we will see lots of great things over the 4th of July as the true Independence Day

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 The Big Call w/ Bruce Anonymous Intel Notes 6/20/19 Empty Re: The Big Call w/ Bruce Anonymous Intel Notes 6/20/19

Post by roxy22222222 Fri Jun 21, 2019 12:11 pm

So full o crap as usual!

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