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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 6/19/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 6/19/19

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 6/19/19 Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 6/19/19

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jun 20, 2019 12:48 am

Replay 515-606-9031 and enter 409029#
Last Fri Highlights: Ray/members have created a 21 pgs. booklet. http://tiny.cc/prep4xchange" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://tiny.cc/prep4xchange">http://tiny.cc/prep4xchange good compilation and what to expect.  Some pages are worksheets.  Not being sold.  T/get it!
Ray/Tony, It’s another great day.  Before Ray gets started, I need some help.  Talked to the guy who did that intro-song on his own.  Thought it would be great if he showed up to all our mtgs/events and do that so everyone could see it live.  He told me he’d pray about it.  Those in chat room please let him know.  The fact he did that.  Got our song, Gman volunteering what we’re doing.  I’d like to meet and greet all of you.  Just get him there!  Tony/Iraq had planned on count on Sat.  This morning saying, he will do it next week.  An hour ago, received info he has the 4 names and will give to Parliament to make the decision.  Legally by the end of June is their limit. They are too close and ready to go.  Money in ATM’s, everybody knows about the coins.  Telling them on TV this is about to happen.  People are tired of hearing “about to happen”.  Saddar is telling them to stop the “currency auctions” where all the corruption is.  Is that the real problem or the excuse, until we’re ready to go?  We did talk to this person and he agrees the banks have been processing people.  He gave us a number above 5k people!  Problem is it was an issue just doing 5k people.  How the process wasn’t working and making changes.  Banking people were processing people but not as smooth as it should have been.  Couldn’t imagine 50k people.  Still expected any day, any time, by the end of the month.  We’re tier 4 internet group.  Have some business to conclude others on the back of our start.  Without a doubt do all the “contract rates first”.  If you want it go first within the first 10 days.    Tony’s suggestion:  Got info on Fri from the bank.  This happening, and what we’re waiting for.  Was asked not to talk about this.  This isn’t me talking about what is about to happen.  Just let it happen.  On alert and standby.  Beginning of every week trying to see how much they can get done.  Goal to have the release by the end of the month.  Asked for rates, nothing yet.  Got a bunch of texts about the call.  Love your enthusiasm, but don’t get too excited.
Ray/updates: Mon: member has personal resource who worked on plans back in 2012.  Call tier 4 was for this week.  Reported back and mention he was intricately involved in 2011 and 2012.  Said our time was imminent. 5-6 million purchased Dinar.  10-12 million….Tue: Iraqi signed docs.  Earlier this morning.  Central Bank to stop the currency corruption, ending the corruption and the release of the citizens wealth.
Questions Mon, June17, 2019: https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65630315/questions-for-ray-cc-061719/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65630315/questions-for-ray-cc-061719/">https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65630315/questions-for-ray-cc-061719/ (Warning: Ray said on Q&A, if you’re not asking a question you’ll get kicked off!).
Dwayne: Pls clarify Q&A from previous calls.  It’s been said exchanging into a current trust could protect funds from some taxation.  It has been advised that if you don’t already have a trust, wait and work with the trust experts to create after the exchange.  However, could this cause taxation of our exchanges have made into separate non-interest-bearing accounts at the time of exchange?  Is there a grace period after the exchange to create a trust for taxation protection?  Is it still your recommendation that we reserve 50% of our exchange until taxation can be confirmed?  Ans: False, we never said that!  Right. R/if it’s taxable it’s taxable.  Trust won’t prevent you from taxes. Tony/always been told it would be non-taxable.  Info today, somebody involved in the process says this is non-taxable event!  Better safe than sorry.
Bita:  On Friday’s call you mentioned a bank note.  Did you ever find out what it said?  Ans: Tony, they were talking about the bank memo wanted verification.  About them preparing.
Jannilew: Yesterday on OM I asked Ray this question and he didn’t know the answer.  So, forgive me Ray, but Tony, can you shed some light on this?  We have heard the communication that the Iraqi government to the Iraqi people instructing them on the use of the lower denoms and the master cards, etc.  So, you know if the governments of Viet Nam, Indonesia, etc., have been preparing their populations for their currency revalue, as well? Seems like they should be doing the same thing.  Ans: Vietnam has been doing it quietly.  Put out some articles.  Talked about it for years.  Recently one of the other Guru’s came to the realization “it’s true”.  We just haven’t been following it.  Should have already happened in Vietnam.  Will happen on time.
Tp40:  We have heard that lower denoms are out.  Can you explain how they are being used if we haven’t had the rate actually change yet?  Ans: They haven’t been used.  Put them out but not enough to matter.  Can’t change the rate and nobody has lower denoms.  Using their old money?  Why would you take good money and buy old coins?  They are going to put them in circulation (new law in 2012-2014), authorized them to put the old coins back into circulation.  Exchanging.  People have them waiting for the moment it changes.
CoachT:  You gave us the suggestion to purchase shoes from Payless and give to homeless shelters, orphanages, etc.  My wife and I went and purchased $1k worth of shoes for kids and adults for just under $200.  Payless’s last day here is this coming weekend.  I want to thank you for suggesting purchasing and giving them away.  It was one of the greatest feelings of joy I have had in a long time.  Thank you.  Ans: Tony/I did the same thing, every size, girls, boys, men’s, & women’s shoes.  Loaded up back seat, opened up car and handed them out to everyone on a Sat.  Did it the next Sat also.  Great feeling, for pennies help humanity!
LifeBPerfect:  Did what was anticipated with the currency last Fri/Sat occur then or since?  Within the utopian design of giving, is a foundation allowed to pay for education/training of an employee of the foundation?  Does that training have to be directly related to the foundation’s purposes?  Is it considered self-serving, particularly when numerous foundations will have only one employee?  Is the top salary a foundation can pay limited to $250G?  Ans: Yes!  Guidelines you have to follow.  Yes.  Don’t believe limited to that.  Missed the objective.  No large salary.  Control vrs ownership.  Small salary with large benefits, vrs large salary with small benefits.
Phyllis88:  For the Zim, if they offer a structure payment or I request 90/10 for 25 yrs at 8% interest.  Will I get the 10% up front if the 90% is for humanitarian projects does that mean the interest that comes in quarterly is also for Humanitarian projects?  Can I use the quarterly interest for anything personal or humanitarian?  Ans: We don’t know the answers to those types of questions.  Tony/suggest Friday and again today if there were issues (stopped the process because of the 5k people, some had tempers!).  I suggested to them they let us know what the problems and solutions were, in advance, so we wouldn’t go thru this again.  Educate the people before they go to the exchange.  Need to know actually what the issues were.  Right now, they have been told what’s going to happen without the details.  The 800#’s won’t be given out until a couple of hours, a day at the most, before this goes live.
Ify: Two members had info about buying back Dinar.  TV/offering $850 buy back for 1 m dinar.  2nd said bank note world sent message offering currency swap- $100 w of Zim for 50k Dinar.  Ans: T/they can be actually buying it back. They may know what the value will be!  Could be buying it back because have people have layaways so they can fulfill all the layaways they got paid on and not go to jail.  Either their supplier has dried up or they can’t make the layaways.  Not doing you a favor.  If still selling currency, you’re the idiot selling it back to them.
404/CIA Lady! C/CBI auctions.  Get wealth back to citizens.  How frequency are those notices mentioned.  T/Today was the 1st day broadcasted.  When you get 1-2 m upset the entire govt collapses!  Don’t want to see that this close.  Give them the courage & power.  We’ve always said the ministers need to be done.  Auctions (corrupt) need to be stopped.  Banks have always been telling us it doesn’t matter, we’re doing it anyway.  Doesn’t matter what’s going on in Iraq.  That’s just for show.  Iraq has to have a reason for not doing it (US/Treasury).  But Iraq needs to do something to look like they are in charge.  As soon as this really goes, it’s all going to look like it was their decision. C/5k people processed with glitches, are additional exchange centers added to handle, or get people prepared.  T/didn’t say anything about the location.  So many issues with only 5k people, making changes for 5m, 50m people.  C/more the process itself.  T/yes.  C/we know it’s on the horizon!  T/it could be today!
360/Vancouver, WA. Any news of Maliki?  T/nothing at all.  R/today “eddoc” couldn’t post.  Will hold his humor down.  Process still the same?  T/don’t know what the issue was.  Communication is the key.  We communicate a lot more than they do.  We could pass it on beforehand.  Maybe we get it, maybe we don’t.  C/in medicine we call it a “medical trial”.  They could take some of us for a test group.  T/they just took 5k of us and didn’t have the info out.  Not the info we’ve been getting the past 10 yrs.  Don’t know what the problem.  Solve the problem by putting out the right info.
951/Riverside, CA.  C/any more info about the Zim?  T/2008-2009 I was given back then.  Banks said they will take them.  Bring them all, absolutely going to exchange Zim.  Take them in and see what happens.  C/wanted to ask stupid question.  T/Look where that info comes from.  Where would that make sense with the bank?  Stupid they’re going to hold your money.  Idiot telling you that.  With authority comes responsibility, some say stupid things. Tony/listen to everybody but make sense out of the non-sense!  Something I do in life, something you need to do in business, etc.  Go do the next 10 steps, if I did this, what would happen next? Ex, they’re going to take over our government tomorrow and have new notes.  Who does that make sense to.  How would our soda machines, gas pumps, know?  All machines changed overnight?  Same thing of everybody going to jail, etc.  Stupid stuff put out.  Ask if it did happen, what would happen next?  Everybody would be rioting.  Always go to next 10 steps.”  If you want to achieve something, you have to have a goal.  Back yourself down from where you want to be (like the top of the mountain) and start with what you need to get there!
972/Dallas, TX. Danny in Dallas.  Asked for apology from eddoc leaving out Texas.  Sounds like the system was stopped.  T/they did stop, trying to figure out a better system because it wasn’t working out.  Get it out to the media you’re using.  Pricing still the same?  T/asked that this morning but wasn’t given rates.  C/Tax situation if putting more than $50 in each trust.  T/you avoid the tax situation by being in separate trusts.  Are you saying we’ll be taxed?  R/if you tell them how to get around, they will come up with ways to stop it.
303/Denver, CO.  T/you will have more knowledge than them.  Earlier in the call mentioned everything will be done by 1st of July.  T/Madi said all reforms will be completed in June.  By their law he has to have it completed by June 30th, or he could be voted out of office.  Visa and MC full blitz to go internationally.  Before, if not on June 30th will go international. C/have some layaways.  Problem paying for layaways.  T/don’t know.  Yrs. ago you were not able to do that. C/don’t understand paymasters.  T/people involved in groups.  Paymasters will receive their funds and pay-out others.  If not involved, don’t worry about it.  C/idea how to take care of layaways.  T/If I can’t use my money to pay for my layaways, the bank or a relative will do it!
610/Gman in PA.  (TNT ad removed)
786/Miami, FL.  Tks!
573/Columbia, MS. Truck driver who appreciates info. Is 30th of June in timeframe you were given in the past.  T/they’ve been processing these 5k, were to go full-fledge on Tues.  Know someone who was one of the 5k who went thru it.  C/Where were the 5k located?  T/everywhere but Texas!  C/I’ll be respectful to the bank people for helping me.  Thank you for the information.  I want the contract rate, but won’t be the first day, a day drive from the bank.  T/their goal is within the first 10 days.
718/New York, NY.  C/unless the person had $10m couldn’t get involved, contract?.  T/$10m
931/Clarksville, TN. C/best way to give stranger anonymously?  T/want to make enough money to be able to give away $3k/day.  Want to give $1k in an envelope and give to strangers.  Don’t care if they see me, they don’t know me.  I’ll walk away.  You could sit in a college bookstore and watch students given store credit for free books, etc.  T/ I want TNT members to know that other TNT members participated.  Then send it to me, after the RV happens.  Snap a picture of it.  Tony wants to do something with the top 100 donators.
405/Oklahoma City, OK. C/any chance of a special tax, like happened on the oil industry?  T/all we know is they have done a study on economic impact on what’s about to happen, about 7 million new millionaires.  Don’t think they’ll invent a tax for just 7 million people.  I just have dong, will there be a lag?  T/if they lag it for 3 days or more, or 3 hours or more, after I go to the bank to do my exchange, I’ll be the worlds first “trillionaire”.  C/Got in late and hope I’m not asking a ridiculous question.  T/not ridiculous.  You have Dong and can buy Dinar for $850-$900.  Citi bank sells Dinar.  C/someone told me you can’t get Dinar now. T/all go at once.
Wrap-up! Tony/looking forward to conclusion.  9 days left in the month.  Got more information.  On TV saying Mahdi has the names and will vote on them either this Sat or Mon.  When they get it done, we’re done!  He’s putting it out there because he knows.  Plan for your future.
Ray, if something happens before now and Sat, we’ll let you know.
Interesting Recent Comments & Questions (AZhombre’s picks):
R/members have created a 21 pgs. booklet. http://tiny.cc/prep4xchange" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://tiny.cc/prep4xchange">http://tiny.cc/prep4xchange good compilation and what to expect.  Some pages are worksheets.
R/ Don’t put your money into entities too fast!  Look at 3 ways of giving; A, B, or C.
R/ We all should have a “distribution list”.  X amount of $ or currencies.
R/ You have options & opportunities, so you can pick the best investments.
T/ We’re still looking for all this to be over this month (June 2019).
T/With new international cards, they can go international & w/draw from machines.
T/ Still must dial 800# with a 5k note, can’t just walk into the bank to exchange it.
T/ I’ve got 4 banks that are saying they will exchange the Zim notes!
T/ Heard you can get contract rates on all the currencies I’m going to try on all my currency!

Latest Rates; Dinar: $3.50, $3.63, $4.43.  Dong: $0.47 – $2.23.  Zim $0.22 – $0.33 cents.  Afghani $2.39.  Rial $3.24.  Rupiah: $1.08-$1.30 ($1.20).

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