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4 -  "GCR: Following Events" - Insider Anon Intel Update 6/17/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"GCR: Following Events" - Insider Anon Intel Update 6/17/19

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4 -  "GCR: Following Events" - Insider Anon Intel Update 6/17/19 Empty "GCR: Following Events" - Insider Anon Intel Update 6/17/19

Post by RamblerNash on Tue Jun 18, 2019 12:17 am


Following Events

Once the “trigger” transactions (Dubai 1 – Reno T3) herein after D1-T3 releases are completed, there will be several other activity paths that are started.

Path #1 (Exchange Center Path)

Within about 24 hours after the release of D1- T3 Reno T4A will start. This involves 2,200 individuals being provided the locations of Exchange Centers to which they may take their currency for redemption. These 2,200 individuals are referred to as the "Test Group." The processing of their currency will enable those operating the Exchange Centers to evaluate the adequacy of their procedures with this first group of actual sellers presenting their currency for redemption at the centers.

It is currently estimated that it will take about two weeks to complete this evaluation and make any changes or additions to the operating procedures for the Exchange Centers.

At the conclusion of the evaluation activity, the 800#s will start being released. Once a holder of any of the basked currencies gets the 800#, he will be able to call that number and set up an appointment at the Exchange Center closest to his place of residence. At that appointment he will be able to present his currency for redemption.

Path #2 (Currency Redemption Path)

There are a total of 27 files in the first block of currency files that need to be closed in order to provide the quantity of ZWD needed to satisfy the first Contract the Chinese have with the Zimbabwe Government under which ZWD will be exchanged for the assets that were used to back up the currency.

Immediately after Dubai 1 & 2 are completed, the additional files in the remaining 27 will be processed.

After these first 27 files have been processed progress will continue in redeeming the currency in the backlog queue. That queue is sorted with the largest (dollar value) file at the front of the queue and the smallest file at the end of the queue.

Path #3 (Global Settlement Path)

About 48 hours after the completion of the D1-T3 releases have taken place the releases of the Global Settlement will begin. The Global Settlement involves a number of different elements such as Farmer's Claims, Fines and Penalties, Prosperity Group (Clyde Hood Data Base), and others like Leo Wanta.

Path #4 (Release of Funds Path)

As quickly as the D1-T3 release has taken place, an intense effort will come into focus with respect to the removal of the Court imposed block on the thousands of bank accounts around the globe that are to be used in funding both the currency and Historic Asset redemptions. Good progress is now being made with the court to enable this to take place. However, it will not be possible to secure all of the documents needed to present to the court until after the D1 closing has taken place

Path #5 (Historic Asset Path)

In order to begin the redemption of the Historic Assets (HA) there are several prerequisite steps needed before the redemption of the HA can actually begin:

A. There are required Logistical Steps that need to need to be accomplished:

1) Setting up the Global Headquarters. This location has been selected and is available. Finalizing the establishment of the location and bringing it into an operational status is essential.

2) Review of readiness of all Compliance Teams needs to be assured with additional training as needed. Bringing these teams into an operational status will be essential as well as the scheduled a activation of additional Compliance Teams as required in accordance with the general schedule.

3) Opening and or reactivating regional offices on a global basis as required to meet the scheduled facilities “ramp-up” plan will need to be undertaken.

4) Review readiness of Equipment and Flying Redemption offices and crews.

B. Upon completion of step 5A above, the next step will involve processing the HA held by the Six Dynasty Families. Completing this project will eliminate a title cloud that now exists on all Chinese HA. It is estimated that it will take about six to eight weeks to complete this project.

C. Upon completion of 5B (above) will enable the beginning of the general redemption of HA. It is anticipated that initially, the largest files will be first in processing queue.


P.S. This is the most reliable information about the GCR. Everyone in this activity should know the truth.

UPDATE: QFS was activated for payments on 14th ET for Dubai 1 closing.


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