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Al-Zayadi: Health insurance contradicts privatization trends DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Al-Zayadi: Health insurance contradicts privatization trends

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Al-Zayadi: Health insurance contradicts privatization trends Empty Al-Zayadi: Health insurance contradicts privatization trends

Post by claud39 on Thu Jun 13, 2019 9:40 am

[size=36][rtl]Al-Zayadi: Health insurance contradicts privatization trends[/rtl][/size]

Thursday 13 June 2019

Al-Zayadi: Health insurance contradicts privatization trends Alsabaah-13968

Baghdad / Mustafa al-Hashemi
The Minister of Health, Dr. Abdel-Hassan Zeadi, stressed that health is a basic need and that it is appropriate to link it to the economy through the adoption of the health insurance system, which greatly reduces the burdens of the Ministry of Health and rationing its budget to contribute to the development of the health situation of the country.
He said in an interview with al-Sabah that "the enactment of the health insurance law may contradict the state's tendency towards privatization and involve the private sector in the process of development and development of health reality."

Financial allocations
"The first reading of the law in the House of Representatives, the establishment of a fund for health insurance and the formation of a new government body, which means increasing financial allocations from the budget and opening the door for spending can be provided by the insurance sector to reduce the burden on the government through the work of the health insurance system.
He pointed out that "the idea of ​​establishing state funds was abandoned by the European countries since the fifties of the last century because it contained suspicions of corruption, as well as the health reality of Iraq currently continues to follow the totalitarian system that is inconsistent with the general orientation of the state."

Ease of burden
"Article 5 / III of the second chapter states that the law aims at reducing the financial burdens on citizens and reducing poverty." Health insurance can alleviate these burdens and alleviate financial burdens on the state as well.
He added, "Article 33 / I of Chapter 8 (the Ministry of Health announces the start of work according to the self-financing system in all health institutions), noting that" this article contains a clear contradiction in terms of coverage of citizens with security, Do you receive payments from health insurance? "

Insurance companies
"The law dealt with the role of insurance companies operating in Iraq marginally without addressing the ways of partnership with the health sector, and this is contrary to the government program provided by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi in terms of non-involvement of the private sector in all 
Joints ".
He added that "health institutions and government hospitals are currently working below the required level in terms of providing services that are not related to insurance, stressing the need to develop the government health system, through the specialists to submit their ideas on the development and expansion of the use of information technology, but" before judging the ability of Institutions and hospitals to deal with the requirements of the health insurance system must be known to this system
 And its scope. "

Government program
Al-Zayadi said: "In its program published in Al-Sabah newspaper in September 2014, the government offered to adopt the system of health insurance for all citizens and apply the family doctor's system, but this system was not implemented, despite the efforts now to legislate the health insurance law."
The most recent and broadest practice of health insurance in Iraq was the cooperation between Karbala Specialist Hospital in Karbala and Al-Reham Insurance Company (private company) since May 2016 to provide comprehensive health insurance for all members of the Abbasid threshold for an annual insurance premium of 175 thousand Iraqi dinars per person It covers the full treatment of the individual and compensatory limits for medical and therapeutic expenses up to (6) million 

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