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MilitiaMan: "We both know the pony show is coming to circus now" 6/12/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MilitiaMan: "We both know the pony show is coming to circus now" 6/12/19

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MilitiaMan: "We both know the pony show is coming to circus now" 6/12/19 Empty MilitiaMan: "We both know the pony show is coming to circus now" 6/12/19

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jun 12, 2019 10:53 pm

Samson » June 12th, 2019

Abdul-Mahdi: The cabinet must be completed before the end of the legislative term of parliament

11th June, 2019

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi stressed on Tuesday the need to complete the ministerial cabin before the end of the current legislative term of the House of Representatives.

"The remaining cabinet must be completed before the end of the current legislative term of the House of Representatives," Abdul Mahdi said during a weekly press conference attended by the Information Agency .

He added that "the government is committed to the implementation of all paragraphs of the government program that it set during its formation." LINK

MilitiaMan » June 12th, 2019

Samson, talk to me!! Lol We both know the pony show is coming to circus now.,, Play the musical chair as long as everyone is still dancing? Talk about milking the proverbial camel to the last drop.. Kinda sad and embarrassing from such a proud people? Wow?

Mahdi, all proxy? Over a year now? Clearly the Paris Club has a foot on a neck or two.. CBI has them accounted for.. Yet, the last leg needs to be attained . Imo Will you do it when the last chair is taken? Or when the formation of GOI simultaneously gets sorted during the transition of MR..

The wall is clearly painted now. The paint shows that the FML is law and yet to be lighted. The date has to yet to be told, but, since 15 days is past for the fml to be law leaves us 13 or 14!!!! Imo ……yep they are broadcasting imo – MM

Rommy » June 12th, 2019

It is way past time to give the citizens what they need and totally deserve! 

Popeye7 » June 12th, 2019

They have endured much... Thank you MM for posting your thoughts... Too much is being revealed, and yet the rate is being concealed...

Fuze » June 12th, 2019

Does anyone know when the current legislative term end in Iraq? Thanks. 

Shangdoodles » June 12th, 2019

My understanding from Delta is that the end of the current legislative term in Iraq is June 30, 2019 ... But ... keep in mind that the last couple of days in June fall on a weekend ...

Don961 » June 12th, 2019

Coming soon .. The launch of electronic travel cards for Iraqis

Wednesday 12 June 2019

Baghdad / Al-Sabah 

The Central Bank of Iraq will soon launch electronic travel cards for citizens in order to assist travelers in the payment of external expenses.

In a statement received by Al Sabah, the bank said: "It is part of our strategy to gradually guide citizens to use electronic payment tools instead

Cash payment will be the launch of electronic travel cards for citizens », noting that« cards
Electronic travel that will help travelers in the payment of expenses

External purchases, hotels, treatment and study and also contribute to increasing the ability of banks to attract customers towards modern banking services ».

The statement added that «the cards will also provide additional benefits to its holders, including the purchase of the dollar at 1200 dinars and security during travel and avoid theft and loss 

Payment of all currencies and all over the world, plus access to privileges

Additional exposure by banks such as access to business halls And discounts.link

Strongcbm » June 12th, 2019

woooooooooweeeeee .... If this ain't an announcement I don't know what is ! ! !... They telling the citizens they'll be able to come to my hometown McDonalds and stay a the Hilton or Motel 6 with more purchasing power...maybe at 1 to 1 hmmmmmmm.. and with a secured account so that Bubba can't steal their info and buy himself some rims...LOL ....IMO....

Scorpio1 » June 12th, 2019

Though this show INTERNATIONAL usage, it is still at a PR 1200 to 1 usd.....we wait. The inchworm is an inch closer.

PompeyPete » June 12th, 2019

wow Transparent and ON TIME what are they telling us They are READY.......THANK YOU SAMSON

Samson » June 12th, 2019

The Central Bank is the first institution in the State of Iraq to issue its final lists on time

12th June, 2019

Completed international auditing firm Ernst & Young (Ernst & Young) audit final financial statements of the Central Bank of Iraq for the fiscal year 2018 in the legal deadline the end of March 2019

The Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Iraq: The Board of Directors of the bank ratified the lists issued with a positive opinion (without reservation), which shows the level of transparency in which the bank works and the efforts in the presentation of activities and processes, and the level of disclosure of this institution

Adding that the disclosure on time and "positive opinion" generates important impressions of the institutions and international banks that deal with Iraq, and this is working to encourage investors to deal with financial institutions and banking in Iraq as long as the sectoral control body (the central bank) Silence

The Central Bank is one of the first institutions in Iraq, which annually fulfills the requirements of preparing and auditing the final financial statements on time, which gave the bank a prominent position among the central banks in the region


Iobey777 » June 12th, 2019

What??? You mean they did something "on time" ? Uh...what's the rush, CBI? Got something else to Finish? Well, IMO..It's way past time!! Do it!!

DELTA » June 12th, 2019

12-06-2019 01:18 PM

Economist: The auction of currency at the Central Bank is useful only for the corrupt

The economic expert Bassil al-Obeidi, on Wednesday, the continuation of the work of the Central Bank of Iraq to auction the huge wrong currency in the history of Iraq, noting that the auction of the currency does not benefit only the corrupt and the banks of civil authorities of the window.

"The auction of foreign currency, which is carried out by the Central Bank of Iraq, can not be relied upon in the floating currency and is one of the most serious mistakes in the history of the Iraqi economy."

He added that "the auction of the currency will not benefit the national economy and wasted large amounts of money, but it is beneficial to the corrupt and private banks belonging to the influential in the state."


Doc.K » June 12th, 2019

That's a great reason to stop the auctions

Iobey777 » June 12th, 2019

DELTA!!! WOW!! IMO..this article is telling them they have to stop the auctions and quit feeding the corrupt!! Time for the auctions to go... IMO..another sure sign they are about to RI!!

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