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THE BIG CALL WITH BRUCE TUESDAY 6/11/19 INTEL ONLY DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1


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Post by RamblerNash Wed Jun 12, 2019 10:34 pm

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s see where we are tonight, June 11th. We do get things over the weekend. It is not quiet necessarily on Saturday or Sunday. I will tell you one thing though. It is interesting because we do get information yet today was relatively quiet. Oh, until close to lunchtime. Then things started to pop. We started to get things. We started to hear from people. We started to get the emails coming in and the information coming in. I will just tell you that we are kind of at a point where we are looking for some things to take place because today in about a 7 to 8-hour period there was a long meeting with the World Bank. The gentleman name is Mr. David Malpass was put in place by President Trump’s Administration over the World Bank in a fairly recent position.

Bruce: Today we find that the World Bank has AIIB, the Chinese Bank, as a division of the World Bank. It is tied and linked closely to AIIB which is very good. The World Bank is in a new location. My understanding it is in Laos. It is no longer in Washington DC, but there still maybe an office in Washington DC, but I am not sure. It is a positive thing from my understanding also and it might have been in conjunction what the meeting was about, was that individual countries treasuries, those banks have been lined up and connected to the QFS System. It is sort of like they are linked through that system. That was something we think was fairly recent in happening. 

Bruce: I think this protocol working so closely today with the World Bank and also with Steven Mnuchin and President Trump all of this was to put this revaluation in motion sometime this evening or tonight. We have had time frames for 7pm to 10pm tonight EST. We have had time frames from 5pm to 10pm PST tonight. Things start happening out there. We have had these various time windows where we think things are kicking off. There is one thing we got today which was very strong from one of our Forex people. That was we expect the Forex to come up from a dual platform to a single platform in single page tonight was supposed to start at the beginning of the Big Call tonight at 9pm EST. This would also include new rates coming up on the screens and locked in rates. It was sort of a trifecta event was to occur with the Forex.

Bruce: Now, could that have been a kicked off point or trigger point? I think it is. I think taking us from a dual platform to a single platform Forex with the exotic currencies that we know about coming to the main page if you will of the Forex. That is a big deal, a big thing. You have that plus whatever else needs to be done to pay out certain people. I will say this: Our understanding is some people in Tier 4A that had SKRs could have been some Tier 3 SKRs as well, could have received letters from the bank asking them to come in and activate their debit cards with what would have been I think in the $100,000 range. Then they would be receiving full liquidity a few days later. So, a lot of these letters have gone out, but I couldn’t tell you how many. I think that is a really good sign. It shows movement. It shows that the groups are starting to move and maybe with any success there is much larger group that is being taken care of tonight or overnight tonight. This is what we are hearing.

Bruce: The status right now of Cottrell and everything with that settlement I believe they are moving forward. I do not know exactly when that is going to be settled in and he will be paid, but we think it will be shortly. It could be tonight. It could be overnight tonight. We are feeling based on everything we have heard tomorrow late morning could be what we are looking for. Let me just say it that way. It is hard for me when I get information that is pointing to specifically to dates and times not to go right there, but we know that we have been very close before. In fact so close that I have been given actual times that I would receive the toll-free numbers, or an actual time to be ready to receive a heads up call or something like that. We have had that recently a couple of times. 

Bruce: I think we are obviously closer everyday this thing goes by, but I know there are some things that have been mentioned that are out there in the blogs. Some things I think are in correct on timing, but nobody has been right. I haven’t been right. I give you a lot of Intel that is correct and seeming all correct at the time. This RV if you will is a moving target and it does move. Things that were true two hours ago may have changed by the time to begin the call. On the other hand, we are looking very positively toward having this complete. It is just that it is hard to pin it down to an actual tie release of the toll-free number. That I don’t have. It could be something that occurs overnight. It could be something that occurs tomorrow. 

Bruce: I know from the Redemption Center point of view, I know that some of the staff have been going in fairly early and coming back early. Then again, we also know that the intention is I believe for the staff to go in fairly early tomorrow. I think what is going to happen is if we do get the toll-free number, for example, if we did get it tomorrow morning, they need to be there to set appointments up for us especially the Zim holders. That is what a lot of people are in the process of doing. I am looking forward for that to happen just like you guys are. I think we are that close. 

Bruce: For example, we think tomorrow and it might be fairly early in the morning that the Redemption Center staff are going to get a schedule for over the next 9 to 10 day that will allow them to just do exchanges and redemptions of Zim straight on thru. A lot of the Redemption Centers will be 24/7. They will do things late into the night in some of them. In some areas it might be safe enough to go literally all thru the night especially if you are in an area that is going to be busier with more Zim holders. We know the greatest number of Zim holders are in Florida. I would think Florida would be very busy especially in Miami, certainly in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville. There will be a lot of cities that will have Redemption Centers, and they probably will have more in that state than anybody else because they do have the largest number of Zim holders. I believe it is over 6400 Zim holders just in Florida. Some of the other states have more or less obviously we will see how it shakes out.

Bruce: We are looking good for anytime now. Now, I would say we should continue to pray, continue to believe for this, and have faith for it. I am excited Bob because we know a lot is happening. There is a lot behind the scenes that is going on. I think that with what we had over the weekend which was not an opportunity for us to go in, and then yesterday being a Bank holiday in Europe because European Banks needed to get consolidated and set up their Basel 4 compliance. That is what happened yesterday. Then of course we are not quite sure right now where we stand with Deutsche Bank and their demise if you will because of their financial situation they have been in with their derivatives. So, there is a lot of change going on. There are some things happening, and hopefully we will have some clarification on that and some clarification on Commerzbank coming in and maybe swooping in and picking up the pieces of Deutsche Bank. We will see how that comes together.

Bruce: I do believe things are moving very quickly behind the scenes and just maybe we are almost at the very end. I am going to encourage everybody to have a great night, and let’s see what tomorrow brings. We are hearing some things about tomorrow late morning. Let’s see what happens with that. Let’s continue to pray with all earnest fervor for Pastor Steven and his wife Zane for full recovery of medical issues for both of them. I appreciate that very much.

Bruce: Thank you guys for being faithful these 8 years on the Big Call. We thank you for that. Our projects we will lay them out and we will be sending you emails in a couple of weeks when this first goes thru. You will get the best update we can send you of what we are planning to do. So be checking your emails for Big Call Universe emails to come in. Thank you everybody out there. Thank you, Sue. Thank you, Bob. Thank you, Pastor Steven. Thank you, Pinkroses, for doing such a beautiful job with transcripts. Thank you, listeners all around the globe from Big Call country from Big Call Universe. Thank you very much for tuning in. Everybody have a great night tonight. Good Night Everybody. Have a great night’s sleep.


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