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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 6/10/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 6/10/19

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 6/10/19 Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 6/10/19

Post by RamblerNash Mon Jun 10, 2019 9:52 pm

REPLAY NUMBER 515-606-9031, PIN: 409029#

  • Fri (6/07) Comments: What’s really going on (1) waiting for the 100 notes.  Info today said don’t even worry about it.  With the new international cards, they can go international and withdraw from machines.  Saying it could go any moment in Iraq.  In the US banks saying it could go any moment and we don’t know why it hasn’t already.  Could be today, tomorrow, next week….Some states have 7 steps they’re going thru, some have 5 steps. One guy may do everything!  All are consistently saying, make an offer, then negotiate.  Don’t let that money go out that door….    They’re going to make an offer and then negotiate an offer.  You’ll have an opportunity to put into practice what we’ve taught you.

  • Ray/Tony, Opening comments: quiet weekend.  T/everything is still the same way unfortunately.  Hearing it could be any minute.  Banks still on alert.  Iraq still waiting for the 100 notes but say they don’t need it. Banks still saying it could be any minute right now.  They wouldn’t like it on a Monday due to banking catching up doing their books right. It could happen later today.  It could happen when we get off this phone. We Do Not have 800#’s, have Not been given any time frame when to receive them.  I’m absolutely going to get them.

  • QUESTIONS MON, JUNE 10, 2019: https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65611747/questions-for-ray-cc-061 019/

  • Crileyhome: If there’s a continued delay with the Iraq govt making final decisions with vacant positions, why should this delay the RV?  Most of them aren’t used to teamwork and democracy, plus most are corrupt (as compared to other countries).  Does it really matter who is “in charge” in Iraq?  Is this “smoke and mirrors” because the banks are still not ready and trying to assure all things are in place?  Ans: T/ever since Mahdi got elected, they were supposed to get the gov’t correct. Even when hundreds left the country because the thought changes were going to take place.  They complained and returned and getting gov’t positions again. Mahdi said he would clean it up later.  We waited for months, this admin waited to see who was going into those positions.  They wanted our choices, not Iran’s, because they’re going to run the country.  Waiting for the announcement.  Saying they have the names.  Heard yesterday they we’re going to do it in the 3rd session.  Then yesterday.  Today supposedly today take the vote.  Haven’t heard yet.  News from top contractors in country: Iraq has green light.  Banks still saying they’re doing Zim.  Abadi is supposed to be in charge.  They never submitted all the names.  No leadership to make the decision.  All sitting there doing nothing.

  • Gman007:  Why is it that the govt people keep lying to the Iraqi people about what they plan to do and never follow through?  How can any of them have confidence in their govt?  It’s hard for me to believe that everybody is corrupted…Seems like someone will stand up for what’s right and move their country forward.  People are telling you this is going to happen, and it doesn’t.  That can be very frustrating as well.  Hope you have some really good news today.  Ans:

  • Remeo215: Called my bank today (one of the top 3) and was told authentication of currency is no longer done in their branch offices.  Their current policy is to collect the currency and send it to a Central location.  Do you know if this will be the policy for the banks post RV?  Will the redemption centers be able to authenticate and document authenticity on site?  Ans: T/supposedly everybody at the exchange centers will have their money counted and authenticated.  Smaller branches will take your currency, count it, send it out, then authenticated.  Most will have it done while in process.

  • Jiminkc: Will you be letting us know what the banks’ 5 step and 7 step exchange checklists contain, soon?  If we are on the same page, it would make the exchange easier for them and us.  Ans: I have the original 7 step process.  Confirmed it with banks.  5 & 7 step process, depending on the bank and how much money you have.  Don’t know if I can go over that.  I’ll have to look in the right place.  Let me ask first and find out if I can even do this.

  • KC:  How much longer can they keep putting the RV off?  Ans:

  • Tp40:  I understand you get your info from the Committee and various other places, but who can make the decision to complete the RV process now?  Are there any reliable resources we can go to and get info as to when this will be happening?  Ans:

  • Nicole19: Ray, can you pls supply us a new up-to-date list of bank perks we can expect and what level of wealth do we need to be able to utilize them.  Ans: Ray/don’t have any list of bank perks.  What we have in the forum is what we have.

  • Chasey2006: If you plan to give the utopian way but currently have no operating entities, do you think there will be time to set everything up after exchange or will it be too late for the benefits, such as tax reduction?  Do you think the stock market will crash before we see this?  Some of us are aware of the 13 bloodline families that are in charge of movies, music, tv, finances, and politics.  Do you think that they are behind this RV not taking off, not wanting others to get a handle on that kind of money?  Maybe the end of the world before revaluation.  Any thoughts?  Ans: Yes, you will have ample time and not too late.  Unless the RV happens in Dec and you exchange in Dec.  If June, ample time. Don’t think the market will crash before we see it. T/they are doing things in the market to cause it to go up and down.  People are concerned about the real estate market.  Not that bad yet.  T/I thought only 7 families ruled the world!  Article out today about Indonesia shutting the next 9 days while they re-denominate their currency.  I thought was good.  Some of you seen that all our gov’t is going to replaced.  People in power losing their power and money.  Does happen in a country but not on a global scale.  Everybody should know by now who owns the Federal Reserve. If you don’t Google who owns the Federal Reserve. Options come up.  Click #3, a tree shows what 7 families own it.  Pres isn’t supposed to have any power over the Fed Reserve.  Taxes are paid to the Fed Reserve/those families.  The bulk of the money is owned by the Fed Reserve.  19 Trillion dollars are owed!  Bulk is owned by the Fed Reserve.  Print “fiat” money, loan it to the gov’t.  They get paid interest on it.  Then put it back in the market.  Paying interest on their interest.  Bernie is the only one who got caught.  Crypto currency, no different.  It’s a “pyramid scheme also.  7-13 families own the Fed Reserve owns 30% of every federal bank in the world.  If they already own and control all the money in the world, who is going to overthrow them?  And why would they let it happen if it’s going to give them even more money?  When they are still going to own the currency and have more, why would they want to throw them over?  What is going to change.  They are going to multiply by 8 to 10 times more.  Don’t see them letting them put it in place like that.  At what point do we tell everybody all their money is worthless.  Who can make that kind of change all around the world at one time?

  • Divine Me: When we exchange, will we be getting fiat or asset backed USD?  Another intel person says we can’t redeem Zim because of the sanctions placed on Zimbabwe.  What do you know about redeeming Zim?  Ans: You’ll be getting “green dollars”.  Nothing is going to change. No difference at all.  Whether asset backed or fiat currency, what is the rest of the world doing?  You’re getting the same money everybody else is getting.  Don’t have green and blue dollars.

  • Karenmsi:  Assuming the U.S. is the one to give the RV “go ahead” and Iran has vast quantities of IQD, therefore would benefit from and RV, in the light of the current increasing tension between U.S. and Iran, what is the rationale for an RV at this time?  Ans:

  • Live Callers:

  • 865/Good Question Lady! C/ you referenced “you would talk about it”.  Did you finally come up with info on Indonesia?    Tony/no way to get around it now!  T/was given a copy of the exchange procedures how they’re supposed to go thru the whole process with you.  Sent it out to a couple of banks for verification.  Sent it to people who went thru the exchange process.  Sometimes it was 7, sometimes 5 steps.  Yes.  Person who gave it to me just told me I could go thru it.  Have members text me saying “don’t do it” and asking why?  They said confusing, etc.  Caller, it has been broached.  Posted in the forum?  Was thinking about going forward with you right now. Caller offered to get off her noisy line!

  • T/Exchange Bank Script: (1) Pre-exchange; prior to bank arrival, appointment, phone call, confirmation email about the appointment.  Different sections.  One bank said one person doing everything at one spot. Depends on how big the bank is.

  • Walk in, security, 2 pieces of ID(2) Bank procedures: NDA agreement 1st, open 3 non-interest-bearing trust accounts, open 1 operational or bill paying account, and any docs that need to be notarized should be notarized at that time.  Give Business card, exchange and verify currency, complete 3 currency varication forms, offer them the rates, counter offer, do it again, and again, not, supposed to let you out at that moment.  Copy of currency verification, email to go w it.  Wealth Manager says negotiate highest rates, fees, no fees, except that what the treasury is charging and any “services” you want.  Perks offered, different from each bank.  Don’t go buy your houses, vehicles, yacht, plane, because we’re going to do that for you!  We’ll negotiate all that for you; rates, payments, etc. as the bank.  Only problem with that is I think I’m a better negotiated than them.  They’ll go out and get it all done.  Concert tickets, sports events (NBA, etc.), symphony, or anything else.  Get you tickets into political dinners, etc. because it’s representing the bank and easier for them to do it.  Review the confirmation email and any additional services.  Forms in the Agreement to match currency, agreement to provide benefits, excess deposit insurance, and immediate access to your money.  Section 3.  Section 4 sends you to a totally different part of the bank (I’m going to leave that part out).  Section 5 VIP package perks, copies of all perks agreed to.  Agreement forms to provide benefits and email confirmation letter.  Section 6, a FINCIN form they have to do it (informed), verify your information, verify this is a currency exchange and not an investment.  Give you a form that verifies what you saw on the screen.  Supposed to set you up with an appt to return in 2 days or a week. Once they do that part, they sweep all accounts into interbank accounts.  Copies of all signed documents, proof of funds letter that you need, clean and clear certification that you need.  Give you your pre-loaded Debit card, and then people with over than $20 million they have a special-packages and perks they have to offer.  They will give you your personal assistant or wealth manager, who will become your very best friend depending how much money you have.  And that is the list that we have so far.  Came out 5-6 yrs. ago, revised.  For the most part, that’s how the process works. (# 34 on replay).

  • 303/Denver, CO. Asked if they watched MarkZ video. Tony/heard he was backing down on what he said.  They haven’t been holding the 800#’s.  It’s worse than the little boy who called “wolf”.  Nobody is going to believe you when it does happen.  Caller went on and on about Shabibbi and why it won’t happen.  T/had to explain what’s going on. Trying to get people to bring in their 3 zero notes off the street for 3 yrs.!  Education series in colleges, banks, big screen tv’s, preparing them when the notes come out.  They’ve already accomplished that.  C/they are going to have to tell the people, because they have too much money.  T/every week they have been adjusting the prices.  We’re at the end of this.  All of this had been agreed years ago.  They actually told everybody this was supposed to happen in 2014.  But because of the instability and corruption it couldn’t be done at that time.  Counterfeit, money laws, except for the auctions, they have done everything you are concerned about.

  • Ray/I have a message for him.  I told you listeners, I’m never going to let you ask a question period if you come on.

  • 421/2 banks in FL saying they’re not doing it.  Tony/I know SunTrust is doing it. C/what would stop these banks from freezing your account with any kind of bogus reason? T/Only when they’ve had “proof” of the violation have they done something like that.  They would need to have more than that.  I’m not signing it because it’s 44 pages long, and yours is less. They are not coming after you!  They will come after people like me that have too much info.  The average guy will be broke in 2 yrs.  The gov’t and banks don’t “frame” the little guys.  Also asked question about power of attorney since wife can’t participate.  Tony/call the bank.

  • 360/Vancouver, WA. C/wow!  List of 7 things.  Not leaving exchange without knowing the rate we were given.  Is the wealth manager entitled to change the rate we were given at exchange? T/don’t know if they can.  Your next station is going to be the wealth manager, or if you’re $20m+ the wealth manger will be there.  C/clean and cleare doc’s?  T/will have to ask for them.  C/Having the bank buy for you?  T/the bank wants to offer you it’s services, you don’t have to take it.  When I negotiate the price of this house, I get a fee.  Not going to do it for free.  You always have that option.  Not doing it for you for free.  C/appreciate Ray coming out with “now listen….”  Well done today!

  • 386/Palm coast, FL.  What does it look like when this should go?  R/yesterday.  T/Banks said last Friday!  C/When they came out w international cards thought it was a go. T/hope!

  • 281/Houston, TX.  C/Do you know how high the alert the banks are on?  T/banks had people at their desks Friday, other banks had them on alert to get to bank within 25 min.  All with no personal phones.  Have changed rates at those locations so they could handle the larger amounts of money. C/committee guy?  T/haven’t talked to him either.  Said everything was completed and didn’t know why it hadn’t happened.  C/could it still happen on a Mon?  T/any day.  Was scheduled for Friday at 3:45 when the currency markets closed.  Then Sun night, etc. hasn’t happened.  C/done before the month is out, or wait until next month?  T/before end of month.  Last week guy said would be done by Thursday. Think by this Thursday.  If not, went past what even the banks said would happen.

  • 702/Las Vegas, NV. Still waiting, when?  T/3 smaller events before Vegas.

  • 214/Dallas, TX. C/question on Zim.  Heard they want their Zimbabwe dollar by Sept, then shift to new currency.  T/they want to bring their own currency into their own country.  Stop all multi-currencies, on par with the US Dollar.  Don’t see them doing away with it once it’s done.  Makes no sense to reinstate then shift to “crypto currency”.  C/keep that also like we in USA use debit cards.  T/7 countries are creating their own crypto currencies.  Not have the same rate as their actual currencies.  It has to be limited to gain power or price.  100 m cut-off.  What was worth $2 on Mon is now worth $15.  Crypto currencies don’t work like silver or gold coins.  Sold over the computer.  C/7 steps sounds like a lot.  T/only if you have to go to 7 different people if you have a lot.

  • 501/Little Rock, AR.  C/how soon can I get money to help people effected by the flooding?  Want to give a couple of thousand to help them out.  T/As soon as you walk out the bank. My goal is to give out a total of $3k per day.  Ray would say put it in a trust and have it distributed, then get the tax write-off.  C/ Damage is so bad, they need a lot of money.

  • 501/Little Rock, AR. C/sitting in a dump-truck working, waiting for the RV.

  • 425/Bellevue, WA. C/hoping to get 10-12%/month.  T/overnight money is called “sweep accounts”, that’s 22% a month.  All deposits put into that account nightly.  When you make a deposit, fractional banking changes from 8 to 10 times and loan it out.  Every time they loan it out, they get to do it again.  You put in $100k, they make $22k off your $100k (you make $1k then made $22k).  They go into “fractional banking” and loan out 10, now have $1m in their bank.  $10k x 20 they make interest off the people the loaned that money to.  You’re the one who got the ball started, I did make it happen.  Are they going to give everybody 10$ on their money.  99% of the world, you’re super special.  Let me make a better deal than the average person:  This is how much I have, this is how it works,….I need you to put me into these types of projects…..basically leaving you 80-90 % of my money….It’s really easy.  Google “Fractional Banking”, some videos are at 8th grade level.  What it means to “sweep accounts”.  You’ll be surprised!

  • Tony/I’ll I can tell you, we’re just waiting for any second, any minute and day.  Laws passed, everything completed, nobody knows why we’re waiting.  Using “ministers” as an excuse.  Everybody is on high alert for today.  I’m going to let the RV come to me.

  • Ray, keep believing.

  • Interesting Recent Comments & Questions (AZhombre’s picks):

  • R/ Don’t put your money into entities too fast!  Look at 3 ways of giving; A, B, or C.

  • R/ We all should have a “distribution list”.  X amount of $ or currencies.

  • R/ You have options & opportunities, so you can pick the best investments.

  • T/With new international cards, they can go international & w/draw from machines.

  • T/ Still must dial 800# with a 5k note, can’t just walk into the bank to exchange it.

  • T/ I’ve got 4 banks that are saying they will exchange the Zim notes!

  • T/ I’m going to try and get contract rate on all my currency!

  • T/ We’ve heard you can get contract rates on all the currencies regardless if you have Zim or not.

  • Latest Rates; Dinar: $3.50 – $4.43.  Dong: $0.47 – $2.23.  Zim $0.22 – $0.33 cents.  Rupiah: $1.08-$1.30 ($1.20).
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