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 "Disclosing BS" by AK-57 6/10/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Disclosing BS" by AK-57 6/10/19

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 "Disclosing BS" by AK-57 6/10/19 Empty "Disclosing BS" by AK-57 6/10/19

Post by RamblerNash Mon Jun 10, 2019 9:38 pm

We are awaiting a “Great Light of Happiness and Changes for Humanity”…. This is the meaning or at least the desired meaning of all posts at sites like “Dinar Chronicles, Dinar Recaps etc., where the Gurus (Mike Z, Bruce, Zap etc.) are sure and predict that the RV/GCR is going to happen this weekend, tomorrow, or very soon… By doing this they are keeping the auditory in s state which I call “anticipation anxiety”. The sad thing is that everyone of them (Gurus) using only general terms while covering lack of information by NDA (that is the reason that they cannot disclose the facts). This is BS. They cannot disclose the info because there is no info at all. It makes me sick when the articles related to RV/GCR are under “rumors, opinions etc”. This is not a chat site for the people who have nothing else to do and it should be based ONLY on the FACTS not on RUMORS. The process is in stagnation and until today not a single entity or person received funds. How many times I can read in their blogs that in Zurich, HK the exchanged happened, while stating that their sources confirmed those events. Well, I am in this “business” over 10 years (started with historical bonds) and believe me I have my own people everywhere (including elders with their family codes etc.) and nothing happened in Zurich, or HK or elsewhere, that is for the fact. I am following few groups totaling over 5-6,000 members, which are being educated on weekly bases by “educator” appointed by the UST. The information he is releasing is very vague and very often contradictory but the members of those groups are waiting for his “reports” like there is no tomorrow, because they are hearing what they want to hear… Same is with the Gurus. They are giving the information what people WANT TO HEAR. The people who are involved in RV/GCR should know that the process might take some time and please stop that self-deception by continue with wishful thinking. The Cabal still is strong, that is why they can even claim that POTUS should be in jail… But let’s look at the situation and try to understand why there is a delay. I am not going to mention that probably the main reason was signing by the Queen the release back to US taxpayers etc etc. So, why it was not happened a while ago? Keep in mind that US Treasury is a main body to act in RV. And on 3 occasions, which I know, there were attempts to start RV but UST put a brake on it every time. Why is that? The Secretary of Treasury is the answer. 

Steven Mnuchin is a product of Goldman Sachs which as we know is the place where all Secretaries of Treasury and heads of Fed Reserve Banks came out. It is Cabal’s main Financial Institution and as you all know it should be blamed for many financial catastrophes including 2008 events. Mnuchin worked at Goldman Sachs for 17 years, eventually becoming its Chief Information Officer (and as you all know the information is EVERYTHING). Then he worked as a member of the board of directors of Sears Holdings along with the same position at Kmart. His successful activity forced both companies to become bankrupt and Kmart even sue him for “asset stripping”. The professional path of this financial guru is very “impressive” with negative outlook. Now the main question is why Trump put him in place of Secretary of UST? As far of his abilities to sink any well position company or bank we do not have any doubts, but why he still was chosen for that position? The only answer is that Trump was pressured to have him. Maybe he was blackmailed or so, we can only guess. Everyone has some skeletons in their closet, maybe Trump also had (even JFK had few). Specifically I was told that many years ago Trump also visited some island… 

So, Trump is surrounded by morons like John Bolton, Elliot Abrams etc, who are harming our nation with their complete idiotic foreign and internal policies. But the main obstacle for RV to start is Mnuchin. He needs to be isolated or removed from the role of Green Light giver. 

My sources said that Alliance pressured Trump to start RV no matter what otherwise they will move forward without US. The deadline was given – 06.18.2019. Let’s hope that Cabal will be defeated by starting the RV before the deadline. 


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