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Mr. Brando "Tier 2 Money" Empty Mr. Brando "Tier 2 Money"

Post by RamblerNash Mon Jun 10, 2019 8:42 pm

Free news, one on one consultations with none professionals, free tweets, celebrity guests keeping you pumped to the magical "RV"!

What more can you ask for for the low, low price of $65!

Yes! That's right...$65 each and every month!

Mr. Brando "Tier 2 Money" Scree331

Hear everything that has been repeated over the years!

All of the "Seasoned Investors" have already been there...AND DONE THAT!

Tomorrow, next week, this month are just a few of the things you'll keep hearing.

All this from a mattress salesman repeating the "Other" Gurus!

Dinar Gurus have found a money making niche...off the gullible folks who fail at doing any research.

"A fool and his money are soon parted"

Smart people will get BANNED!!!

Let's not forget about the one time fee of 28.50 per month! LMAO!!!

What idiot thought that one up...

Mr. Brando "Tier 2 Money" Scree332

Don't forget about "George" and the WISE IQD Club Mr. Brando promotes.



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