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 Baghdad is moving to prevent the import of damaged American cars DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Baghdad is moving to prevent the import of damaged American cars

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 Baghdad is moving to prevent the import of damaged American cars Empty Baghdad is moving to prevent the import of damaged American cars

Post by claud39 on Fri Jun 07, 2019 7:45 am

 Baghdad is moving to prevent the import of damaged American cars


 Baghdad is moving to prevent the import of damaged American cars 15537

Economy News Baghdad:

The talk in Iraq has come close to the implementation of a decision issued by the Border Crossings Authority last year to prevent the import of damaged American cars. Iraq is one of the first countries in the Middle East to import this type of car because of low prices after the imported cars are maintained in the country of origin, or in another country known as intermediary countries, before entering Iraq.

The newspaper said the "New Arab" London, an official in the border crossings, saying that the decision, which will be implemented within two months, and to prevent traders and people from importing damaged cars coming from the United States, explaining that "border crossings" had already extended the import until the end In August.

He stressed that the Authority will not extend the grace period, despite the presence of considerable pressure from traders who have relations with political parties in order to push the Authority to reverse its decision, on the pretext that the decision may cause a significant rise in car prices.

Abdul Qadir Al-Rawi, one of the owners of car dealerships in Baghdad, said preventing the importation of these vehicles would cause great harm to importers. He added that the purchase and shipment of these vehicles takes about three months, and that such a decision could cause losses to importers who bought Large numbers of the car may arrive after applying the resolution.

He pointed out that the prevention of imports will cause another crisis is the accumulation of cars on the border, pointing out that the cars "American inbox" became better than cars sold through Iraqi government companies and institutions, which are mostly imported from Iran, China and South Korea.

He criticized the decision to ban the importation of American cars, which will hurt a large group engaged in the sale and purchase of cars, indicating that the decision may push him and others to seek new work, as a result of cutting off their livelihood.

The affected vehicles, or so-called "American inboxes," are the term used for vehicles that have been hit by traffic accidents or drowned by floods in the country of origin and are sold at low prices compared to the same types of vehicles.

The views of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives on the decision to prevent the import of US cars damaged. The member of the Committee on Economy in the Iraqi parliament Riyad al-Tamimi that the file is involved in several factors, including safety in the street and the amount of vehicles entering the country and the extent of Iraq's actual need for them.

He said that "factories must be returned to collect cars to work in Iraq, it will dispense with a lot of imports," warning, at the same time that the decision of prevention comes under political pressure or to achieve benefit to those who do not benefit the Iraqi economy.

"We as a committee of economy and investment support that we have an Iraqi industry companies working to strengthen the economy, and at that time we will be contributors to prevent the entry of any mechanisms or cars to Iraq."

A member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Salam al-Shammari said that the decision to ban the import of cars represents an important step towards maintaining the hard currency so as not to leave the country to take advantage of the States and harm the Iraqi economy, stressing that a report issued by the Central Bank of Iraq showed that the value of what Iraq imports from the United States A large percentage is the value of purchases of cars. He explained that "Iraq annually imports cars with fictional amounts, many of which are damaged cars being repaired locally or in Dubai or Jordan and this harms Iraq."

According to the analysis of the expert on the Iraqi economy Ammar al-Saadi, the decision to prevent the import of damaged American cars is not possible at present, because large proportions of traders and consumers rely on this type of cars, because of the low purchasing power of citizens.

He said the used car is of American origin and does not exceed one-third the price of the new Korean or Chinese car, although the latter is more durable despite being used or damaged as a result of traffic accidents.


He stressed that the support of deputies and officials of the resolution is a great contradiction, most of the convoys of politicians and officials are American cars as they succeeded in dealing with Iraq's difficult climatic climate, considering that the decision will benefit the cars coming from other countries such as China, Iran and Korea.

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