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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 6/4/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 6/4/19

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 6/4/19 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 6/4/19

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jun 05, 2019 10:59 pm

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. When we do Intel, I gather Intel from several sources and I discern what appears to make sense or appears to be true or there is a consensus of Intel that is pointing toward something specific we try to get as many confirmations as possible on something.

This is just the way it has been working for the last 15 years for me being involved in this and 8 years with the Big Call.

I just want to say that even though yesterday I was told we should receive the toll-free numbers and yet again today I was given two times to look for the toll-free numbers.

Upon further inspection and further information, it became clear we were not going to get them today. That was what I was able to learn, but it doesn’t mean the same something is about to be said for tomorrow.

Brruce: Here is another expression you can put on that T-shirt of all the expressions we have heard or read over the last 16 years. This is one here: This is our week. Don’t worry about it. I have heard that, and you all have heard that. You might even have heard me say: This is our week. Don’t worry about it.

Well, I have heard that expression enough, but eventually that expression is going to be meaningful. So, I will let you deal with that column of expressions that will no longer be used. No longer applicable, erased, deleted. I imagine we got 30 to 40 set of expressions we can put out there and never be used again. It would be a cool T-Shirt especially if there were no real indicators what we were talking about.

Bruce: We are getting some pretty good information about what has been going on since we had our call last Thursday. It is so strange because when I hear something or get some information that sort of supersedes what I just got over the weekend or it may be a little bit different but it is fined tuned. Okay, it is tweaked and it makes more sense, or now it is Okay, I see where they are going with this. That is what tends to happen. Some days are great. I mean even Sunday morning was tremendous. We had a lot of good information on Sunday morning. Certain times of the day it might be a little slow, and then it picks up. That is what it is like.

Bruce: I am going to say this. The banks and Redemption Centers have been on high alert in what we would call Red High Alert for a little while now for several days.

There are things going on with packet deliveries since last Thursday, and yet we are not going to set our watch by that nor do we have to wait on that I found out. Now, it seems that the opposite is true. It appears that the toll-free numbers coming out are the trigger for everything else to be paid.

This could be groups. This could be cores. This could be SKRs funded. This could be everything going. Whereas we thought the toll-free numbers couldn’t come out until blah blah blah. It seems more like blah blah blah cannot be paid until the toll-free number is released. Now, that is coming from pretty strong authority.

Bruce: I would say what we tend to get is pretty strong when it comes to what is going on at the local bank level, at the Redemption Centers level. That type of information tends to come in periodically. and that is very helpful.

I know for example we tend to start with Iraq. We tend to go to there. I know on Sunday we had some confirmations I believe 3 that Iraq and Iran had both revalued their currency in country. We did see some rates on the Iraqi Dinar that were very good, but those were in country. Those are not the rates we are going to have on the front screen of our banks. The front screen rates should be a little over double what those rates were.

Bruce: Now the strange thing about it is as many times we talk about Iraq coming with a rate or Iraq putting this in the Gazette, or doing this, or doing that, my understanding was they did make it known that their lower denominations were available in their ATMS.

They let it be known their currency was gold backed. Yes, and it had revalued. Here is the thing. We still are not going to know about that or get that rate until it is really time for us to go for our exchanges. They are keeping that from us I think until the very last minute. Until they can’t hold it back anymore because we are already there doing our exchanges in the Redemption Centers.

I am speaking about Dinar specifically. Same thing with the Dong. The Dong is going to be right up there not too far from the value of the Dinar, much closer than we all thought. We still are not going to know what that rate is unless we have people that are seeing the bank screens which we do, and we are see that, but t is not going to be known publicly out here until after we are already in.
Bruce: Now, for some people they say: What about the Zim? You realize the Zim is not going to be on the front screens. It is not happening. It is on the back screen, and it is right where we said it was. What I am suggesting is that you do not worry about it. Just don’t worry about the rates. They are going to take care of themselves. Okay?

What you really need to be concerned about is your presentation, how you come across, your projects, and that kind of thing. You will just fine. You do not need special documents. You do not need forms. You do not need anything like that. If you have Trust information, if you have your Trust and it is already made out, great. Bring it. That is fine, but you do not have to sweat it even if you do not have all of that. You can put together at the time of redemption a very basic barebones skeleton trust that they can provide for you so you do not walk out of the Redemption Center without it.

Then you will have 60 or 90 days to replace that or amend that trust after you get with your attorney. That is something you should be considering if you haven’t done it yet. It is okay, but nothing to really sweat right now.

Bruce: The other thing is when it comes to your preparation you want to remember the basics we talked about, and that is your 2 forms of photo ID, a bill from your utilities, phone, something with your name and possibly your permanent or semi-permanent address, a passport or drivers license.

They typically know who the Zim customers are. They know who you are and how much you have. That is going to make this much easier. Yet, it is amazing to think that it will help to move things along in Knowing Your Customer portion.

Bruce: Now, in the last couple of days the Redemption Centers have been funneling the USTN currency that we are going to be receiving as cash. They have been unbundling 20s, 50s, and 100s of the new money, and running them through the de la rue machine, record serial numbers, and so on.

Then they have been repacking them in smaller bundles, small packs of 10-100, 10-50s, and 20-20s. So, you got $400, $500, and $400 in those mini packs. They been doing that. That is ready to go. That is new. That has not been done before.

Bruce: There were some large conference calls that were done globally today, this afternoon. There are also new credit card machines that have been delivered to create brand new credit cards on the spot for customers.

We also know for example there has been a call today with Chase Bank and Refidain Bank in Iraq. We know that the Qi Cards are being redone and putting them out as a MasterCard Refidain Bank Card. That is all great for Iraq. That is all cool.

Bruce: We know that there is a promotion with McDonalds to bring out 4 international cuisine meals. This is something they are taking 2 different currencies in Iraq for this promotion at McDonalds.

My understanding is they are going to be taking for a very short period of time of 4 hours and I cannot tell you when this is going to be. I do not have that, but this is supposed to be taking some foreign currency denomination to purchase these 4 International cuisine meals in a 4-hour period.

I do not know what day. I haven’t seen an ad on it. Maybe they will do one. I do not know. It seems coincidental in a way. It seems to be Thursday. I think in Iraq it supposed to be Thursday, and it might be here. It just seems strange to me that is what is going to happen.

Bruce: Now I do not want anybody from the Big Call to take any currency that we have like Dong, Dinar, Zim, Rial, etc to purchase thee meals at McDonalds. It scares me that someone might do that.

Can you imagine if someone takes a Zim note that they didn’t understand the value of it, and they took that and went in and bought one of these $4 to $5 dollars new international offerings. OMG. That is going to blow my mind if they do that. Do not do that. Do not fall as a victim of that.
Bruce: The other thing is we are this close to finalizing where we are. We are so close, and I do feel we are finally arriving at the destination we all been waiting for. I am going to say the next couple of days we should be there. I am trying not to call it. I am trying not to put it out there, but I got very strong information from at least 2 sources that agree on the timing.

I feel like that is really what we need to know right now that we are this close and we will be setting appointments and be going. I think we are going to be there before the weekend. Let’s just say that. At least everything today is pointing towards it certainly by now.

Bruce: When it comes to your projects, we do want to work with you on Rebuild America. We talked about that for months now. I think everybody gets that especially on the last call in more depth, either Tuesday or Thursday call. We are right there where we need to be. This is a great opportunity to just find tune your presentation and what it is you want to convey when you go in. We are looking very strong right now.

The rates are taking care of themselves. New rates showed up yesterday morning. We will have all brand-new rates too by the time we start which will be wonderful. I think we are set. We are just absolutely ready.

Bruce: Thank you everybody for listening. I appreciate your continued support of the Big Call. Thank you for working with Sue on the 1 on 1 presentations. Thank you for checking out the Boomers website by going to: bigcalluniverse.com and check out Boomers on that site. We appreciate it. I appreciate you. I appreciate Sue. I appreciate Bob. I appreciate really Pastor Steven. They are excellent parts of our team. Thank you Pinkroses once again doing a wonderful job with transcription.

Bruce: I am just thrilled we should be there pretty soon. That is another expression we are not going to be using again: We are there. We are right there. We are almost there. I am sorry if I used it because we are not going to use it after this. Everybody have a great night. Tomorrow is Wednesday, and with any success Thursday night’s call should be a celebration call. A short and sweet celebration call.

Thank you everybody for everything you have done. Thank you for staying coherent as a cohesive community as a people that are moving toward the same goals, the same ideas, and really the same plan to get there. Thank you everyone. We appreciate you. Have a great night.


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