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KTFA Delta: "BOOOM...….HUGE..." 6/4/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

KTFA Delta: "BOOOM...….HUGE..." 6/4/19

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KTFA Delta: "BOOOM...….HUGE..." 6/4/19 Empty KTFA Delta: "BOOOM...….HUGE..." 6/4/19

Post by RamblerNash Tue Jun 04, 2019 11:41 pm


Samson:  Stop issuing card "Key Card" and replace it with "Master Card Rafidain"

2019/6/4 14:20

KI has announced the suspension of the issuance of "Key Card" cards in the National Pension Authority, showing the replacement of MasterCard cards issued by Rafidain Bank.

The company said in a statement on Monday that RTT had suspended the issuance of "K-Card" cards on June 2, which was issued by the National Pension Authority.  He pointed out that the Rafidain Bank and the company "K" will issue cards "MasterCard" instead of it, noting that the cards "Key Card" issued in the past will be replaced by the new issue of cards, "Master Card Rafidain" within a timetable.

He assured card holders that the replacement will be carried out in a streamlined manner that will guarantee the rights of retirees and continue to receive their salaries normally, and there will be no interruption during the replacement process.   LINK

Popeye7:  Alrighty then!... Sunset in Baghdad will be at approximately 7:08 PM their time... End of Ramadan, and the beginning of Eid al-Fitr...

Lets see what is given to the citizens of Iraq during this 3 day period... Could it happen... As Frank declared last night through Walkingstick's guidance, testing is complete...

Thanks so much for the call, council, and clarity... Now lets make it a celebration... 4 C's... IMO... God bless, and have a great day...

PS... If we add the word complete that would add up to 5 C's... But is that being overly optimistic?... Maybe, Maybe not?... IMO, we shall see..

2Cents:  We have always heard EOY/BOY or "middle of year" is the best time......It was reiterated again last night......On the CC, Frank stated WS asked "when do they come back?"........Frank answered 6/01...........Not sure why as we know they are to return 6/11 with no agenda set...........

IMO, so the question is "what constitutes 'middle of the year'?"...........Frank said 6/01.....???......from a calendar standpoint, i would have to answer 6/30-7/01........However, from a fiscal standpoint I would argue that it is anytime after the sixth month expenses are remitted and prior to the seventh month expenses start to be remitted......

We know that June payroll was completed yesterday and it is questionable whether any other amounts from the budget have been remitted for any month this year or if they need to be yet for June......

I would hypothesize that all June expenses were remitted as of yesterday......We saw that that on Sunday the COM voted to "amend the implementation of the 2019 budget"........

There were no further details.  Was this a vote to make sure all June expenses were remitted as of yesterday???  If so, are we now technically in a period that could be considered "middle of the year"?  .......   IMO   Just some thoughts......

Sunnysandy:  IMO, I 100% agree with your thoughts 2Cents!!!!!!!!!.

June 1st was the first day that the GOI could finish with the (what we call the PR program rate) and initiate/implement/announce (the back wall date of June 3rd) to pay their bills/responsibilities to the citizens and the world via agreements (in other terms, balance their ledger).

WOOOOO HOOOOO, lol! A beautiful plan with the FAB4)

They can now liquidate their citizens at and reveal their brand new fancy Higher Rate (for the EXACT reason you expressed) in the middle of the year fiscal calendar year.

Now, we see Frank with WS okay, express the opportunity to discuss dates and rates, in a limited form. Why? Because Iraq is showing us!!!! BOOM BABY!!!!!!

Look at the Kurds, Barzani invites President Saleh over for his swearing in. WOW! seems like a strong political move and unspoken understanding. Didn't we see the USA Government immediately congratulate Barzani on the election? Oh yeah, how convenient of the UN to step in and say their 2cents about Article 140. Hmmmm. All very convenient timing!!!!!

-Banks are hydrated (Globally)

-Iraq Stock Market will kick back on the 9th

-Mastercards are passed out

-Gazette has the Announcement

-Agreements from many Countries are INKED -- some are implemented at what rate (lol) and MORE are willing to be implemented at the new public rate

-Hecht, McDs is even playing in Global Currency now.... lol

There is so much more to list! Think new Middle East agreements, EU changes of less control in the ME, NATOs rebalancing of power and influence, the diminished control of the IMF in Iraq, the growth of the power in the AMF and on and on!!!!

We need Lobsters Happy Dance Song (right here)!

IMO, we can watch/see that this EID will become a very special one for the citizens! and then us

And including all this (that we see), so much has happened around the world showing closure (Iran, China, England, and many more countries) FINALITY to CELEBRATE at this point in the Monetary Reform......

Thank you, President Trump, our countries leadership team, and our Military.

Popeye7:  Terrific opinion But is it really an opinion, or a reality?...Great Job Guys

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